Saturday, October 18, 2008

As Free as A Bird!

Hey readers! Had been wondering where I went? Why I abandoned this blog?
hahaha *perasan*
Well I'm back now! I'm as free as a bird!
Yesterday, after the examiners took our papers. There were some hooligans screaming like mad cows.
As Vanessa and I were walking out to collect our phones. Then again we heard the Hooligans screamed.
as though like SPM is over.

When we were walking out to my mum's car. then again the hooligans scream
Seriously, They are as annoying as hell.
those retarded hooligans I mentioned are the jujurians.

Vanessa came to my house for a shower and we went out.
We met Shammi and Terrence in Ampang point and took a bus to KLCC.
When we were eating our lunch.
Suddenly this Malay lady approached me.
"Dompet kau" *points to my wallet lying on the floor*
I looked down and took it.
Then she went back to her seat.

After I finished my meal, I went to thank that lady.
*omg. Thank you lor! If not I won't be able to pay for the movies and petrosians*
We went to petrosians after that.
Guess what?
When we were in the Space section.
There was a lot of cotton candy.
Vanessa took and gave each of us one packet.
Then I asked the lady is it eatable?
She said" Noooo! It's for experiment!"
LMAO! We put it back! Then I found a tupperware of Marshmellows!
I opened it and smelled it. It smells so good! so sweet!
Vanessa took it and eat it.
We were like! OMG! It's for experiment! What if they added Sodium hydroxide Solution?

As we were heading out of the Petrosians.
We have to take this small ride.
And during the ride there were so many Tv's showing us about petroleum and Malaysians etc etc
Int he ride there are 3 old women sitting in front of us.
Shammi used his watch and offed it TV.
That was hilarious!
That woman was watching the tv!

After that, we sat in the Food court and ordered some drinks
We talked and laughed
Shammi suggested something stupid
he asked all of us to stare at people weirdly as they are walking pass.
I couldn't do it. Laughter kept on bursting out
So Vanessa and Shammi did it.
Shammi was staring at this dude. and He immediately looked away and he looked at shammi again.
That was funny!! If you were there that is.

we went to the movie. After the stupid advertisements.
They turned off the lights.
We started throwing popcorns at people in front of us and buat bodoh.
That was another stupid idea from Terrence.
But It was fun LOL

We went to the park after that.
Sat there and ate aunty annes.
Suddenly one bunch of dudes walked passed us. Guess who are they?
It's the Jujur people! All the guys! As though like the whole class wet to KLCC!
But I have to admit, KLCC was filled with form3 students!
I bumped into Anastasia and this ex school mate.

It was a tiring day.
I went back and read Breaking Dawn then I slept.
full stop!

with Love,