Wednesday, April 29, 2009


ha ha and ha. post deleted. this post is damn meaningless.

Monday, April 27, 2009


whoops. HELLO people Elle here!! I miss everybody@@

Firstly, CONGRATZ to the 4sc1 for winning the Choral Speaking.

And we, the debators *my team* which was sent to UIA for some Debate shit Camp, sadly we did not manage to enter the Octos. But both team A & B manage to win one round.

Many things to talk about, too little time!!

The best part about this camp is.... looking forward to go home.

Ok kidding.

Really, it is fun because we met Super AWESOMENESS Methodist Boys School guys, and they're extremely friendly and fun to be with.

But sadly they gotta leave like, today? And we have 2 more days to tahan wtf I seriously wanna go back since we're done with our debates already.

But I'm staying to watch the Finals.

And then we have to stay another night for the ceremony.

I tried persuading my mother to pick me from UIA, den send me back the next morning.

My mommy sounded troubled and all on the phone, and so I didn't wanna disturb them la.

But suddenly my mother said it's fine if I want her to pick me n all.

Deng, I missed the chance.

Oh, I haven't started with how I suffered here the first day we got here.

We arrived, i was kinda excited to get my room la. I thought sleeping alone was going to be fun since I;m going to have the room to myself, and I can have privacy to wear my clothes n bla bla bla. But didn't know that the room was freakin creepy!! It's like you're alone, and you're safe but you feel unsafe at the same time arrghh i dunno how to explain but it's like that la.

so, first night was hell. Thank you all of them, dinie, dinnish, waimin, iman, stan and effie. Lemme explain why. I cried the first day i got here. I cried 4-5 ffreaking times. They managed to console me and all and cheered me up.

So, thank you guys.

To be continued!

MSN is spamming my screen with multitudinous conversations!!

I know you people miss me.

And the best thing is, I wont be coming to school for the whole freaking week since I'll be back on Wed, and I'm skipping school on Thurs, and Fri is labour day!

So, miss me!!

I'll continue on whenever I'm free.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pupu: Choral Speaking competition

First of all,
I wanna thank Dikshana for lending me her Baju Kurung
and Tamy for the white shoes.

We went to SMA Rawang for Choral Speaking competition.

First, That school was.......

Let's start with the canteen. It smells like toilet. I wonder how do people eat there
and Their Toilet......Looks like the toilet from the horror movie histeria.
I hesitated to pee!
But still I had to peeeee I dun wanna pee on the stage.

We passed by the hall, and saw choral speakers from other school,
I must say they were awesome.

We were group 17.
So we had to wait in the class room

Sadly the hall cant fit all 21 schools.

when group 14 was performing.
We get to go into the hall.

Group 15 was in all boys school. I their topic was child abuse I perhaps.
and, their performance was ok-ok only.
They had no expression.

then next group was us.
group 16 dropped out.

We were the group that is multiracial :D
and I was impressed that the guys are finally doing facial expression and coorperating.
Together we sounded awesomeeeeeee!!

group 18
My favorite performance. The conductor was very good! and they are awesome and loud.
their flaw is.....all malay. (un-multiracial)

group 19
I'm gonna give a big swt face.
their topic was some kind of story which is horribly boring.

group 20
Some kinda child abuse also.
they were good.

group 21
Difference in people i think.
There's this girl that i noticed her facial expression was woahhhhhhhhhh! super good (y)
but they broke few rules though, Like u are not suppose to move ur legs.

After that, The judges was deciding the winners.

Some idiotic people were syok sendiri-ing. Cheering for their school -.- before the results were made.

But They didn't win! :D

It's funny though, they don't have 3rd place.
only 1st n 2nd.

they announced the 2nd place, which was group 21 from sri garing<-- idk how to spell.
They deserved it though, I like their facial expression.

We were panicking like hell, hopind we would win.

Then they announce,
"and the winners areeeeeeeeee................."
"group 17!!!"

We terus screamed! Thasha & Jie ying cried!

Well, We worked so hard for this, without teacher's help :D

here are some pictures of us showing off our trophies. EHHEHEHE
Mind you, I know I look horrible.

Friday, April 24, 2009


another removed post.

Bye Bye people.

I will be away for five days, starting from tomorrow. Today, techinically @_@ Later.

I will miss everybody, and I will (not) miss school. HEHE. I will be missing school! Geddit, miss missing. LOl right.

So, um, I guess I'll still be the only girl, and will be sleeping alone and praying hard nothing will ever happen T_T

And I'll call everyone if I can't sleep or anything.

And I swear if u dare to scare me on the phone with your stupid ghost stories I swear you're not my friend and I will not want to talk to you anymore, and this is not a threat. because you know how chicken am I when it comes to these kinda things.

I swear I will pay Dwayne to f*8* your asses. Ok kidding @_@

See ya'll soon. love you peoplezzzzz

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pupu: Tired, Stressed, + motivated.,

Holy Crap.
I'd been staying back in school till 4 p.m like almost everyday. Usually I sampai rumah then I just dozed off , then when I wake up I terus mandi then pergi tuition.

until like 9.30 pm or 8.30 pm.

I hate Thursdays most. I have to like walk to tuition from school then tuition sampai 8.30 only baru can balik rumah.

den I mandi. tidur.

It's so effing tiring.

I have tons of work I belum siap.
Bio notes have to like pass up on friday. -.-
Komsas ( i dun give a crap) Have to copy 11 babs of synopsis. not those short short synopsis . 1 bab can take up about 3 a4 sized paper okay.

Karangan - belum siap.

Chemistry - belum siap

the only work that is complete is only Math and Add math! Courtsey to Ms, Lau I respect her alot. :D

Sejarah module - empty.

and Exam is like....13th of May. and It's about 3 weeks? OMAIGOD?!

I need to be motivated.

Study techniques? Recommendation please.
and I SERIOUSLY need help with sejarah.
For those who say : Sejarah is very easy, just read, this that this, I don't need your oppinion, It doesn't help me. Because I dun understand a single crap written on the text book.

I need guidence. D:

Any1 who can help me with sejarah. please help meeeeeee T_T

Add math, kay im not weak in add math, I can do pretty well, but after awhile I tend to forget the formula O.o

Bio - Need help.

Chem- I love chem <3

Phy - Need..lil help


So I have this friend. I asked her how many A's did she get for SPM.
I was expecting like 5?

Then she told me she got 9A's 2B's @_@

I mean her pmr. She only scored 4A's. then SPM 9A's

That's like major improvement.

Cause some ppl who scored like straight A's during pmr, their spm isnt that good.

Obviously there's like ppl who scored straight A's during pmr then they score straight A's during SPM like JiMi and Joon yoon they all.

there are ppl who scored like straight A's in pmr then they only score like 5 or 4 during SPM also.

I feel kinda motivated by my friend's improvement. Congrats~ :D


Miss me!!

haha! Well, as everyone know, I'll be very very away from the 24th Apr-29th Apr, for some camp.

Yadda yadda yadda I know I swore to myself that I'll never go to any camp ever in my life until i get out from school (ok fine I actually just swore to myself I wouldn't go to any camp, anymore)

But i swear to you!! This time is different. It's some camp about and for Debate. So, it's kinda like a Debate Camp. But I detest it when people say it's Debate Camp, because it sounds all nerdish and geeky. So, lets just call it a camp for Debate @______@

Or.... we'll jsut stick to the Debate Camp. hmm.

Anyways, it'll be held in University Islam Antarabangsa Malausya (UIA/UIAM).

I'm pretty excited about it, but yet I'm kinda sad to leave.

  1. I'm the only girl. Which means, I;m sleeping alone. If i'm not sleeping alone then I'll be sleeping with a room filled with unknown girls, but still I am considered alone because I will be lonely if I didnt get any friends, because probably most of them will be in their own groups n clicques, and discussing about their debates and all, leaving me shaking forward backward at one corner.

  2. I'll be leaving my awesome friends around. Nothing is fun without them. All of them. Not that Dinie, Waimin Iman and the gang is not fun or what. But, I'll really miss my other friends. Like, Dwayne, Divish Mark Sam Sam and they all. I'll miss bullying them :( Ok nemai since now I have more fishes to fry then HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA prepare to face your worst nightmare Waimin,. Kidding.

  3. What if there are ghost or those THINGS there? I'm really scared and phobia about this kinda things. And seriously I got freaked out by one story my Sister told me last night, and I seriously cannot sleep and I nearly begged her to sleep with me. But she did not. I decided to sleep on the sofa until my sister is done with her online online and porn then drag me to my room. By 1.30a.m I was asleep like a dead log, and around 4.30am Denise woke me up and dragged me to my room. And I tell you, when i went to school, I wasn't sleepy at all and I feel so, freshed. Maybe the weather in the morning, was rainy and cold, I love the rain, and cold. i hate sun. Sun and brightness gives me Sweat and it gives me a headache. Omg im so out of the topic already. but really, what IF??? What IF i get scared in the room alone? I''' be calling Dinie and talk to all of them until eventually I fall asleep, and I don't care bout wasting my credit, I'll ask my mom to reload for me the next day T.T

  4. And, what if middle of the night, I want to go pee Pee? I pee a lot, don't blame me. Blame my super thin urinary bladder and sensitive vagina and my frequent thirst, I keep pee-ing. So, does that mean I have to cut down on peeing now? What if I need to shit, and I go to the loo on my own, and never go out of the toilet because some hand pulled my ass into the toilet bowl and I can't manage to pull myself back up and I just die there?? TOUCH WOOD. Then my classmates which hate me can let out a sigh of relieve and happiness because I'm gone. but don't play play you bitches I'll come back and haunt you til you come down with me LOL

  5. I don't get to eat pork. HAHA ok this is so out of the topic and no link at all. It's been like 3-4 days I haven't been eating pork and who cares I'm still alive baybehhh and fo shizzle I'll be bringing lotsa junk food there and fat myself, and my friends there. I know you that i sayang you allz alot, kan? :)

  6. Lets talk about the good stuff. I don't know which bag to bring there. At first I thought of bringing my luggage, it's not THAT big, it's medium size, but I wont be able to carry it because I'm so gedik I hate carrying heavy stuff. Pfft. So Denise gave me a brilliant Idea, saying that I should just bring the smaller luggage which wasn't the square type, but it's shaped like the normal hand-carry ones only they have wheels and I can pull or push them around, yay, and bring my school bag because it's big enuf to dump all my shits there. No, not literally tou dufus.

  7. erm, I can't really dig out the good stuffs about it T.T

  8. I'm bringing hairdryer, and my kind and lovely husband is borrowing me her hairdryer, because her's is smaller, and lighter. So, I'm lending her my hairdryer, because mine is bigger and heavier T.T

  9. I'll miss my mommy. maybe I'll force her and my sister to come visit me or something and get me some bajus or food, or pork, or my friends. aaah I wanna cry already.

  10. Well, I hope this camp works out great, and wish me having fun there, no bitching n stabbing unless bitching about how stupid the oppos are HAHAHAHA kidding.
    Errrrrr ok til my next post.

Things I need to blog about :


Ergh, Pictures Dinie!! Picturessss.


Eh, I'm lazy to edit it again and add summore.

I will be not-entering class for the next two Thursdays (this week and the next).

I wouldn't say I'm skipping school because that makes me sound so, bad, and, not good.

I wont be coming this week because my mummy is taking me out, to go shopping.

And as for next week, my 'camp' ends on the 29th, which is a Wednesday. And Thursday is like my rest/off day.

So, I'm declaring my own holiday, LOL.

See ya'll!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The day I was Abused.


Yes, they poked me with a toothpick T_T

then they pulled my hair

then they smacke me with my mini super blinged comb, and the result is like this :

took this picture earlier in the afternoon.

I swear to myself I can't even sleep.

Err, well, I think so.

To be continued..

Omaigod before someone come and sue me or this news spread to the whole school lemme be honest you with people la my classmates did not abuse me i know they very sayang me one because i always fat them with food food and more food

and I photoshopped that picture.

No wait, Pupu photoshopped that picture. I only know how to liquify or ruin a picture HAHAHAHAA

and my classmates did not smack me with a comb wtf I smacked them T.T

and btw heres the original picture

Hahaha I know!! it's so exaggerating right?
the power of photoshop!


And that picture, I was pinched by some teacher because I was talking.
TALKING WTF i wasn't screaming or shouting like someone who kena sawan babi also what turf.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't have a topic. I don't know what to put as my topic.

Anyways, it's a few minutes to 12, and I'm not asleep yet. Normally this is not my sleeping time, because I usually sleep later than this, unless I am really really tired. but I am sleepy already, just that, I'm lazy to sleep, because theres so many things to do, yet so little time.

On Saturday, my outing with ze bomb guys and Dikshana, we were in Pavilion, we were in Times, where I bought my awesomely great book, titled, The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-time, by Mark Haddon. He's autistic, so is his character in the book, Christopher.

That book, is seriously one of a kind book, something that I've never read before. His book chapters doesn't start with plain ol' 1,2, or 3's. They start with Prime Numbers.

Enough about that book.

So, after I was left all alone by ze not so bombed guys anymore, they went back, duh. I decided to lurk around Kinokuniya, where I was stalked, and stopped by a beyond utterly weird person in checked green shirt.

While I was looking around, I saw this great book, with an amazingly great cover. Hey, appearance do count K. And I read a bit a bit, and I decided to just buy it, since my Mother was already in KLCC.


Oh-em-gee why am I talking about books now.

Actually, my main purpose to blog now is because I have soo much things to say, and I'm just filling up this blog since Pupu is so darn lazy *smacks butt and run away*, and let me just update you on Pupu's current life.

SHE'S BUSY WITH CHORAL SPEAKING WTF JUST SHADDAP ALREADY AND READ MY POST hahaha kidding but really, she doesn't even step into this blog unless I tell her to :( and I'm serious about her being busy with Choral Speaking. Wish our school luck for the competition on the 25th.

Continueation with my ter-potong story.

I have many things to talk about school also. Apple once told my sister that this blog is filled with bombings and bitchings about people and school, school school and more school.

What turf. I go to school everyday (ok fine fine 5 times a week occasionally 6 times), and school is where all of my dramas start and ends, usually it never ends, and my social life is in school apart from the internet, but internet also I socialize with school-friends! And at home I usually sleep or eat, or hang on the internet or just watch tv. Theres nothing to talk about home, unless boredom boredom and boredom.

I love school, seriously, and I enjoy all the dramas I'm in because school life without all those sugar and spices or ups and downs(like aaall the boring people say), it's just plain boring!

Ouch now that sounds like I go to school just because of friends and not studying, and here I am again, complaining and ranting on my own.

Pfft. Typical Malaysian student huh. Unless you're the hardcore Sejarah type, then you wont be going to school for friends. Ask any Malaysian Students why they go to school for and one of the answers is fo shizzle to see friends!

Ohhh yesssssssssss, my daily routine at home doesn't include doing homework, or revising chapters et cetera et cetera. Because, I do it in school! LOL. (ok fine fine only my classmates can know about this because if I reveal to the whole world about my secret, it will be such an embarrassment and disgraceful of me!)

So, um.... Recently, since Pupu's surprise birthday celebration, I've been fatting myself with food. Seriously rounds after rounds after rounds. This week itself, I've eaten McD twice, Nando's once (even took a bit of Dikshana's leftovers OHMYDOG im so nasty wtf!)

And not to forget, I eat more junk food in school! I'm so mad I know but I'm seriously cutting down on food in school and more water :D

Talk about school, classmates, hmm.

Too much to say.

Too private and too much bitching to do.

Bloggit in Private blog.

It's getting late so I'm ending this post.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

While I was walking alone

Stranger : *stopped me* Weh, aku kenal kau ke?
(translation : Wei, do I know you?)

Me : *thinking, why would a stranger stop me and ask me who am I? Confusedly,* HUH? *While giving my most scared and what the fuck look since he looked like a teenage rapist in the making*

Stranger : Kenapa macam kenal je. Kau duduk mana?
(Translation : You look familiar. Where do you live?)

Me : *Obviously I won't be that stupid to answer where I live. But even if I said I'm living in Ampang, and Ampang is so darn big, the world is small somehow, and probably, who knows we someday might meet again, and that time he might be a real rapist? So, with my stupid face, I answered* Erm, sorry, but I don't speak Malay! *I gave him a smile, showing off my braces. Well, I was acting all friendly unlocal-ish person.*

Stranger : Ooooh, sorry. *To my surprise, he speaks English! No no I'm not trying to condescend him*

Me : It's okay.

Well, this is not something that happen in my everyday life. But seriously, that guy looks soooo scary. When I was walking back to KLCC from Pavilion, theres this bunch of people, more like a group, lepaking at the roadside, and I walked in between Dinie and Dinnish. They look so freaky, and they stare at you one kind, and probably in their head thinking of an orgy. LOL! I mean who knows?

If only I could be like Sookie Stackhouse from the Vampire slash Comedy slash Romance tv series on HBO, I could read minds and bashing up every perverted guy on earth who's a hypocrite. Hmm hmm hmmmm.

Well, to make my wild imagination precise, lemme just, show you a photo which I googled on the internet, somewhat resembles the Stranger which I meantioned above.

Seriously, they look something like this. Like they would just stand or sit in a big circle of friends, and just stare at you walk past them. Scary kKKKk!

And one thing that bugs me. If you people notice that around the Bukit Bintang area, theres a LOT of guys wearing Skinny Jeans. It's been a while the trend's been like that. But I find guys look gay wearing Skinny jeans.

I mean, it looks OK and NORMAL for a girl to wear Skinny jeans because it shows off more of their curves and shapes. But guys, showing off their curves and shapes?? OMg don't that sound wrong?

It's like seeing guys wearing Dresses, and girls wearing tuxs.


Well, I'm done blabbering. Currently tired and moodless.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yes yes, I intentionally skip school today. Not because I didn't wanna attend Seni class today. Well, thats part of it too, but mainly because I was lazy to go to school.

See Denise, now I can teman you to go anywhere you want! yay.

Ahem, right.

Post removed due to circumstances which cannot be avoided. thank u, and thank you for visiting!

Monday, April 13, 2009



It started off with Friday night/Saturday EARLY morning, I slept super early, which is about like 2-3am, and woke up around 10 to get ready to go out with my lonely lovely husband to Pavilion, THEN her surprise belated birthday celebration which I will talk about it later on when I finally received the craaazy pictures.

So after that, I reached home about 12 and finally slept. Woke up the next day at 8am for Qing Ming, and I tell you that unfortunate Sunday was the worst Sunday ever. It was fucking hot, and especially our last trip to the last grave, well not really a grave, but still! They burned those stuff like Indoor, and the smoke and all was everywhere! Lucky Denise was wearing her glasses. At least it can block those smoke away. and the smoke kidna stung my eye. PAIN K.

Came home about 3-4?

Dinner, showered and all, it was about um... 12? Spent so much time on resting.

Woke up today for school, and I swear I was so sleepy I didn't even heard the alam rang.

after recess was hell. I was so tired and sleepy during Sejarah, I decided to like why not rest my head a bit. Soooo soooo tired...

Teacher talking....

still talking.......

and I....... SLEPT.

yes people, I unintentionally slept, until my annoying hair brushed onto my face which sorta woke me up, and its like 15 more minutes to the end of Sejarah class.

I turned back and saw ALL of them sleeping.

Aaah, what the heck. Tidur balik.

See see Gowrii woke me up when the teacher was about to leave.

.................. came home and sambunged tidur until before tuition.

Now that I'm home, im going to sleep again.

Bye people


Since I am (finally) blogging something, I just wanna thank these beautiful people (named listed alphabetically)

- Afiq
-Aunty Carol
- Denise
- Dinie
- Jian
- Meiji

Those who canceled on me

- Ashikin
- Dila Daddy pfftttttt
- Dwayne
- Ji Mi

(Well, thanks for cancelling after I, okay Meiji;s Mum booked.)

thank you people for attending Meiji's surprise birthday celebration. Thank you and Thank Aunty Carol (PUPU's MOM) for belanja-ing us dinner. I really appreciate it, and I will drag my family to go there to eat again. Thank you for being there ok people. I really sayang you all.

As u can see the look on her face................

to be continued.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Growing up

Let me ask you, if you're going to a 'camp', and among those which is going with you, you're the only girl,

hoping for another girl to join the 'camp' with you, but instead more guys join in.

And when U suggest a girl to be in, you we're told to GROW UP.

Fart away.

Because if you havent notice yet, I am STILL growing up.

Pupu: I am very angry and dissapointed.

Will post this in the private blog. thank you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Brother Loving Test

is to show how a person loves his brother.


So, I was super bored in class, so I decided to kacau Divish a bit. I asked him a few questions about him, and his lil bro Venese (Pronounced as Vanish).

So, here it goes.

Elle : So, do you love your brother?
Divish : of course la!

E: Alright alright. So lets say, theres the last piece of fried chicken you both love to eat. Your lil bro is fungry, so are you. Are you willing to let him take it, or you just ignore him and continue on munching on the last chicken.
D : I don't eat chicken wan.
E: *smacks head* Then imagine it, that you both love chickens!!
D : Ok lah. Share lor. I also need to eat what.

E : Okay. So lets say, you promised your lil bro to go out with him. Not on a date, but like a brothers-day-out kind of thing. But then, last minute, your bestfriends ajaked you to go out with them, movies, etc etc. which will you choose?
D : Of course I go out with my brother la dengg! I promised already what.
E : jeeez I geddit.

Dwayne : errrrrrr... *thinks hard* Okay, maybe I drag him to join my friends la.
E: NO can't! You gotta choose between your bro, and your friends.
Dw : *silence.....*
E: Alright, take that as friends over bros *grin

Well, theres more. Ima dig out more infos from them :D

Last one!!

Divish : U kno a my brodder likes to play video game wan ar! He can play until 4.30 wan leh! summore school day u know!
Elle : erk. Oooooo, so, do u join him?
D : sure la! He's my only bro u know ar. If I don't play with him, who else wanna play with him ar? My sisters where got play vid games wan. but sometimes I play with my dad la.
E : hahahahaa oh.

But overall Divish won the whole challenge. See how caring they are?!

I feel so touched now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Dear Beloved Husband.

Before I start my long monotonous speech, I just want to say, Mei, I really love you :D Not in a lesbiany way but... you know what I mean.

Lets see, lemme just give a talk on how I met Pupu.

It was waaay back in 2005, I was 11 then, and Pupu was 12. I was in Christy's then condo, and we we're swimming.

Swim swim swim, I decided to pretend like I was dead...... *hay rolling crickets singing* alright that was lame.

Suddenly, Christy screamed out my name, like really loud, and Pupu suddenly called out my name too! I was like giving my weird and farnay look. Eventually we got to know each other, introduced and all, and we mingled. Pupu was with her then bestfriend, Shahirah (I think)

So, I was stalking Billy on Friendster, then I found Pupu's profile. So I decided to add her, got her MSN address, and we started talking talking talking and talking. Almost everyday I can sit infront of the comp laughing my ass off. But I managed to re-attached it back (muahah another lame joke)

Then it was high school for me, and second year of Pu's high school.

On the first day, I remember where I was. The place where the Indian Uncle used to sell his food, yeah, exactly somewhere there, I saw Pupu.

"Eh!!! I KNOW HER!! *waved hysterically*"

..................Was ignored.

Ok nevermind, I tried again the next day. "EH!!!!! JESMYN!!!! (waves hyterically)." Fine fine, I did not scream at her but I just waved......I think.

Another ignore. Then came a long a new classmate of mine, also one of Pu's friends, she asked me, "Eh, you know Meiji?"

.............."Who's Meiji?"

"The girl you we're waving at."

"oh!! Yea, somehow she ignored me. Sombong la she. Hmmm."


So, there was like a, silent argument, and we backstabbed each other through the back.......Geddit. Back-stab. muahaha.

So blah blah blah, I decided to end all this and I confronted her on MSN. And it was aaaaalll a misunderstanding, so we patched back together :)


We started going outing together. Usually our outing was just the two of us. Sometimes we drag Michelle Lim too.

Then was with Ji Mi, AKA our mummy. Lets skip the Ice-Creamianz thing, it's sooo long and draggy. But I thank Pupu for inviting me in :)


Mei-Ji, we've been through many ups and downs together.

We've slept on the same bed together, humped on each other in the swimming pool, took lesbiany pictures before (=P),

got rings for each other, bought same tops together, been in the same toilet before, shared outfits, bags, borrowed your Charger, watched movies together, movie Marathon-ed, took Rapid KL bus, celebrated New Year's together and with others,

Went to Jason Mraz concert together with Dinie, shared fitting room together, and many many more, too long to list it down.

We've been through all the downs together too. Like how we were with the wrong dudes, and we even fought.

All the arguments we had, I realised, it made our friendship longer.

But now, it feels like we're drifting apart. I don't know whether is it me, or not, but thats how I feel.

So, I am making this post for Pupu's Day, to show how much I really love you (as a girl-friend), and I want all you bitches out there to read this, and know this, so, don't try to be fani fani with me because she is mine yo.

And for your birthday, I got a little something for you.

And theres more to come.

So for your birthday Dinner, just the two of us, I want you to put on a little dress, because I am wearing one lah :)

We're halfway grown ups now.

and for your birthday this year, I hope you enjoy, love it and embrace it, because you can only be sixteen, and you can only have one husband. LMAO.

Happy Birthday Mei :D


Wait for your present k? I ain't giving it to you tomorrow, just so you know. And I already bought it!!1 I swear!!!! LOL!!!!

-Sincerely, your lovely wife ♥♥

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pupu: I'm back.

Technically "I had a dream"

Far in the woods, There were a bunch of friends living together in the hut, which is 5 of them. They were the closest friends ever, every1 of them are like family.

As years passed, They grew up. So two of em' decided to move out. But they promised to keep in contact, So their friend/relationship will last,


These are the 3 people left in the hut. Hooper and Pooper are the ones that left. They went to travel together. Hooper and Pooper they are always together, they do everything together.
As they travel from place to place, They send every postcard from the country that they have landed to Gooper, Dooper and Looper.

Gooper is the most wise of all, He is Funny childish and Smart.
While Dooper is the most passionate, but he is very short tempered.
Looper is the most friendliest of all.

But with three of them together, they are the flawless.

Gooper is always busy but when he has the time, he writes letter to Hooper and Pooper.
Dooper was getting arrogant. He never write to Hooper and Pooper at all. He only replies.(Get what I mean?)
But Looper always writes to Hoop and Poop. be continued

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I dunno

Post deleted -,-

Friday, April 3, 2009


Im so sedih now.

I'm so sad.

I cut myself like twice yesterday T_T

And not to forget I even bruised myself once.

And my Mother found out (ok I told her la) and she told me to apply some cream.

I did, the magic worked for a while.

Today it got worse. Red spots appearing.

Called my Mummy and she said it's internal bleeding.

She said I hurt myself too much.

I guess I did.


Unintentionally :P

HEHEHHEHEE. Suspending leh. I'm not that bodoh to cut or hurt myself intentionally la.

Scene 1

I was doing some paper stuff, holding and molesting each paper in my hands, and suddenly my pointer felt itchy. So i decided to scratch it without looking at it. LOL. And It hurt!! And when I see, theres a cut T_T So I guess it's paper cut, since I was handling papers earlier.

Scene 2

After handling papers, paper cuts and all that shit, I was told forced to clean the plates and all. And some food which I don't have to throw, I needa put it in a bowl and use a cling wrap to wrap it. While tearing the cling wrap thingy, I accidentally tore my skin also, LOL. And it's starting to bleed!! So I kinda screamed a bit asking Den Den for plaster or what!! And Apple was like WHO'S SCREAMING? LMAO.

Scene 3

happends way before scene 1 and 2. It was around everning, and the cleaners was around. I saw a huge (ok very very tiny) green bug on the sofa. So I took the pillow beside me and smack it off! And i hugged the pillow back. While hugging, I saw the bluurdey bug on the pillow!! It's like staring right at me!! (ok I can;t even find the eyeballs so what) and i threw the pillow away, and wanting to avoid the pillow and the bug, I didn't notice a bucket of water INFRONT of me, and BANGGGGGG BUSHHHH DUSSHHHH my feet terlanggar the damn beside my ankle! Lucky it was not on my ankle. That explains why I've been ouching in school.

Not to forget, some of my classmate even laughed at me for being so careless! Thanks to some that actually simpati-ed me. HEHEHEHE.

Then la, I was @ school and I was raba-ing my face, and I felt like a mountain on above my mouth, below my right nose, theres a bump on it. And I was guessing it's a pimple. it is btw.

So I borrowed Christer's mirror, and I was likE WHAT THE HELLLL BLuRDEY BIG PIMPLE!!!!!! And they laughed again. Damnnn T_T

So I decided to press it, and the guys really really sibuk wanna see. Geli lah!!

So I went to sit with Pravin and I pressed my pimple. I know it's bad but my finers r soooo itchy!!

And i pressed,

AND IT GOT BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thank God now it's fine. Im hungry T_T



Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I wanna say bunch of thank yous to Tam Tam Tamy for helping me to complete my Seni Folio for my Illustration section, thanks a bunch, and thanks for helping a bit more with my Final Reka letak ^_^

Next, Thanks to Christer Berubanz for helping me with my Seni Folio also for my Muka Taip section. Cute fonts! And also thanks for helping me do re-draw my Final Box design :D Eventhough it's ugly and the color doesn't match HAHAHA But thank u :D

Next, Thanks to Rajeshi and Vanessa for colouring my Olahan Warna section :D Love you guys.

And lastly, Thanks Pupu for nearly helping me with the colours. Sorry lah but Rajeshi wanted to colour so much ^_^