Sunday, August 30, 2009



Right. Me think so not!

Supper with Afiq&Den @ MCD Petronas!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A taste of Heaven


Remember when I posted about how heavenly McDonalds is?

Yes people. it is, McDonalds Delivery! They are so fast I tell you! Well duh, since Ampang Point is sekentut away from my house, sure lah fast, kan?"

Those were my exact words taken out from the old post on MCD. Yes, they used to be soooo fast, until some time now.

They stop sending my food fast...

And best,


What kind of service are they giving to people huh? And this is so not the first time, but this is the SECOND time!

Ok maybe they have tons of orders coming in. But what IF they forget like another bunch of hundred people out there (besides me)???? Yea yea MCD, just because bazillion trillion (an exaggeration) people orders food from you and it does not make any BIG difference if you don't deliver our food. But have you thought of US??

Anyways, yesterday, I ordered MCD. McDelivery, duh. TWO (hungry) hours later, some dude called me, saying they JUST received my order form?? WTH. I told them to cancel, forget it and I hung up. Craaaaazy!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

zniff sniff

Hows that ^ for a lesbiany act with sister #1?
Can I make this picture through the school magazine?
Lesbian Sisters. Boo narrow minded people :)

Life is nothing but sheer awesomeness despite the nerve-wrecking PMR Trials on the upcoming Monday ^_^

Apart from that, I'd extremely love to congratulate Demi for her new found love =P And.. her being my new bff ^_^ She can be very...fierce, abusive and harsh sometimes =P but I find her very nice to talk to. And when is my turn to have my new found love? *cough cough cough*.

Many things happened lately, and I have no time to blog about it. Or maybe.. I'm lazy to blog about it. but the highlight of the month has got to be the car-crash-slash-accident I got into with my aunties and mother and uncle. it was the worst day of the year, and... and... well, I'm lucky I came out alive.

And not all Malaysian people are mean and selfish okay? during the accident, on the spot, an Indian guy on a motorbike came down and helped us with the door. Since the impact was so hard on the back side of the car, the dent went to the door, and we can't open it. But my side was fine. The Indian dude had to force me out of the car, as I was in a complete utter bewilderment. My aunt and I had a bad bang on the head during the hit. But nontheless, I have to thank the Mr. Unknown Indian man for helping us out. We didn't manage to get his name or what so ever, because he rode off shortly after we were all feeling better.

What a nice dude. Only if all Malaysians are like him ^_^ I'd be inspired =P


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pupu: Beh tahan

Must ONLINE~! felt like months huhu LOL!.
I'm going to MTV world stage weee! :D


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thank God.

I'm just lucky to survive the crash without any injuries.

I must start appreciating life from now onwards.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tempting lah!

I know I know. I vowed to spend more time on my books. But why you people out there have so many...interesting events!

  1. Dinie's Perfume Party

  2. Relatives from Perak coming down to KL. First to celebrate the daughter, Joanne's birthday. They're coming down to KL on Friday, and birthday celebration on the same night. Saturday is a MUST shopping day.
................. But. Dinie's Perfume Party lies on the same day as Shopping day! Dilemma dilemma. I'm torn between two. Either shopping or Party.

But Party = no nais baju to wear, friends going there I'm not close with (except Dinie, but he's sure busy with entertaining people!)... Shopping, on the other hand. I haven't been going shopping much for the past few months! Need new tops, new jeans, and and and... new inner-wear! Really really dilemma.

Oh well. But my decision is leaning towards Shopping.. Sorry Dean :-(

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pupu: M.I.A moment again

This time it;s not because due to my laziness of blogging.
But instead, I'm here to announce that I will not be online till the 25th of August.
Why? you ask.
Good question. Really.
There's no particular reason actually,
I just want to test myself whether can I manage my time without going online.
So, I guess this would be the last post from me
for now ;)


Monday, August 3, 2009

Pupu: Vlogging!!

Will you watch our vlog if we actually vlog?


I forgot....

to dye my hair. I just remembered after hopping into this blog. Oh God. Been such a long, tiresome day today.

Have to face the music, and constantly avoid certain people tomorrow.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things to do... but

very LAZY!

Have to dye my hair to black. But Mommy insisted on using dark brown colour to dye.

Her reason?

1. Buying black colour is wasting money (Rm30, mind you)

2. "Aiyah, Dark Brown can lah! Almost black also what!"

Reason I still have not dyed....

1. Mummy lazy, I also lazy

2. No time.

3. Basically we're just a family of lazy people.



In case you wonder, why my Mother can waste a whole RM30 on a hair dye, and to even dye my hair, well, I used her dye (happen that she bought the wrong colour, so I used it, and it saves money (y)), and I don't go to shops and dye. My mother does it for me (see, more saying money yeah))

Obviously, there are a few many teachers complaining already about my hair. Not that I don't want to dye, but my extremely lame, yet true reasons are already stated above. I mean, I can't tell my teacher that we're a family of lazy people right?! I mean are you out of your mind wtf

Even one suggested I dye it by myself. Another stupid suggestion. Even my Mother made a big fuss about washing the hair after dye, not to touch my scalp, etc etc, and now I have to dye myself? Oh God.

Hey hey guess what my mom is doing now exactly at 2.25pm? She's sleeping on the couch!\ wtf

LOL. Anyways, it's not that I don't wanna dye back and show off how cool my brown hair is. I'm starting to dislike it more since my roots are showing.

Roots = Fucking Ugly

Wait, I could've just said roots are Fugly, but I Frenched on purpose LOL.


p/s : my Mother even said 'Aiyah, I dye the outside only. Inside cannot see one. Malas lah."

Pupu: College Musical

This is basicly a short film made by youtubers.
and This particular Youtuber is KurtHugoSchneider
First Pheelicks Chee was the one showed me a video of them singing Michael Jackson songs.
and It wuz awesome.

MJ songs cover.

but that's not what I wanted to share with you guys.

This is what I wanted to share,
Their homemade video which is as good as normal tv programmes only shorter.
and awesome Singing well by the guy. not the chick. LOL.
With funny lyrics though.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

It's like so sad though, They're not even that famous on youtube.
Sub to them if you like it ;P


Pupu: Crap