Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Am I dead yet?

Hello peeps. I just noticed that most of my recent blog posts is about school school school school and more school. Well, I can't help it that I go to school 5 times a week, and everything wow-i-fying that happends in my life is all about school!

And for the past few weeks lah, my class EVERYDAY kena scolding kao kao from teachers. Seriously all the rants is just the SAME.

1. Not completing homework. Seriously, I admit, I'm one of the hantu-hantu tak siap kerja. But unlike today during Geography, I really really dunno where the heck my paper gone to T.T nemai, my fault for being too clumsy.

2. Never pass up our books, or pass up our books but never complete the work. Another rant. Well, usually I complete my work and pass up, if I didn't complete it what for lah wanna pass up? Make teacher more bising. As long as I complete it, don't matter when I pass it up! LOL.

3. Super bluuuurdey noisy in class. Like duh, cannot help it lah. Especially during Moral today. Everyone was so bluurdey pissed at the teacher. According to Miss Big head Bimbo, Moral is suppose to be an easy and relaxing subject. But it ain't relaxing when she starts to yap yap yap and keeps telling us to shut up when the noise is at minimun level! Gawddddd.

4. The sampahs we make in class and lazy to clean the class. LOL, actually, we CAN study in a not-so-clean enviroment. Because we just don't bother about the sampahs. LOL, sometimes we do when it gets too dirty >.< 3 Jujur bad habits! LOL. And we can't help it but EAT when class starts to bore everyone, and we eat instead of sleeping!! See, at least we don't sleep in class. But we eat to tahan the hunger and stay fresh in class! :P

5. Comparing us with 3Ikhlas and 3Setia. Well, I find this annoying, and at the same time funny. I felt annoying simply because we're not them, and we have our own "habits". All the teachers that rant to us and comparing us with other form 3's, all same rants. Like how we're sooo noisy, and we never compelte homework. Lemme give ya some examples. (I'm not pissed or anything, I find this a great laugh @_@)

During BM,

Teacher : 3 JUJUR! Heish why are you all so noisy? Don't understand BM ah? You know, I enter 3ikh/set, I feel very peaceful! But when I teach your class, I feel so stressed up/tension! too noisy!
Class : *diam diam*
T : And you girls ah! 3ikh girls when they enter class, they sit down quietly and listen, but you girls talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk*drags* non stop!!
C : *errr tahan gelak sikit

LOL. Sorry lah 'cher! We just loveeeee talking. Thats why girls have two mouths :P *faham faham la

Science pulak,

T : Class! Why didn't you complete your work? Do you know, Ikhlas can finish their homeworks completely and pass it up on time! Why can't you follow them?? You're in Jujur, not Setia! You should be better than them!
C : errrrrr *awkward silence.

Many many more lah!

And the ranting and complains we've been getting from teachers. All started from talking, then tegur us a bit, den tegur us more, and start scolding, more harsh scolding, and now yelling >.< aaaah, gettin kinda used to it nowadays.


Besides school, lemme talk about more school. A friend of mine, same as Pupu, well we kinda did something which was meant to be a good thing, but I guess it turned our to be a bad thing!

Since the thing happened, I've been getting cold sarcasms from her, and lucky you Pu for not being there, or else U gotta listen to the harsh sarcasms. Usually when people use sarcasms, I'll sure fight back one. But somehow, this issue la, I don;t feel like fighting back. A-la Beatles. Let it be (:

Like in the morning, when Pu just arrived to the canteen,

Friend : Neh, another jahat(evil/bad) one.
Me : Ala, don't lile that la.

She was reffering to Pupu as the jahat one. Hello, means I'm also jahat la? We're just helping you, and we got called jahat in return. Buat baik dibalas jahat T.T

Then during tuition with Friend, there was an awkward silence la, so I decided to just ask a random question.

Me : So, did u take a nap just now? You look like U just bangun from tidur.
Friend : Yeah, I did. And I even dreamt of killing you! Just kidding.
Me : oh, wow.

Yelah, killing me kan? Takpe! Sabar only.

And in school, in the morning la, she didn't seem like talking to me. She is, but like nak tak nak je. So I asked her la,

Me : Weih, u wanna talk to me or not? You seem like wanna talk but don't wanna talk only.
Friend : No la, actually I don't feel like talking to you also.
Me : Oh? Ok so I leave lah then.
Friend : Ok leave la.
Me : ............................*walks away*

Erk. Well, if dah menyampah sangat tu, say la awal awal. Buat penat myself only berfikir about this stupid issue. Padahal Pu and I was just helping our friend.

Well, Pupu and I as her friend, we've done our part by helping her and looking after her. But in return we kena liddis. Ala The Beatles, let it be. Some day she'll finally understand and hoping that she'll appreciate what we've done for her.

We're just being caring. And sad to say, I guess it's pretty my fault and the whole thing should be blamed on me because I was the one instigating Pu to tell her mother. Well, technically. If pu wouldn't have told den nothing would have happened, kan?

8 years being friends, you think it's worth it to end it all?

Maybe Pu and I we're being too busybody with someones life, but at the same time maybe we over-cared for some friend that we love a lot.

Hmm, alah, I currently dont wanna bother bout this issue now. All I'm thinking about now is finishing my damn Seni folio. Fuckity.

Left two section. Which is my final Box and my Colouring! Damn I suck at it. Im gonna make someone help me again.

Tamy? :(



Monday, March 30, 2009

Why am I so pissed today.

  1. I do not live in Kuala Ampang like some classmate do.

  2. I do not own a car, therefore, I cannot drive to school. If I have one also I can't freaking drive it because I have no license!!

  3. I dont have some sort of driver, or my parents to drive me to school and back home. I only have a bus.

First, I repeat, I don't live nearby Kuala Ampang. I can walk home from school, but I have to cross 2 big roads which is pretty scary, and I have to walk back home through the back way! Which means, I have like a very high chance of possibilities I might get raped or even kidnapped!!!

Unlike other classmates, either they live in Kuala Ampang, which is sekentut away from school, or they have their parents sending them home. Unlike me, my parents are too busy making money while I have to take the bus. The KA-ers can juwst walk home, and plus, they have their friends to walk home together since they live so near, kan?

Next, dah tahu class finishes at 2.25, she can extend the masa as she like!! She even said, "I don't have any trouble going back, only you people are rushing. Ok now lets continue with the paper."

HELLO?!?!? Too many numbers in her brain dah ke? Maths took over her brain ke? She have a bluuurdey car, and I have a Bus driven by a lady which is halfway through her menopause, and she hates waiting for people!! And the she... She can drive back home, if i have a car or living super nearby, I don't mind staying til late or extend my masa.

And the people who live in Kuala Ampang, please lah, be considerate a bit, You're living sekentut away only. You ppl know that it's 2.30 already, then quit asking questions la. Like repeating questions and all. I know ya'll very semangat to do the questions. but please k? Think of others too. Not yourself.LOL.

K whatever, m going to eat, shower, sleep and tuition.


Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'd like to thank Aunty Sherin (Christy's mom), and Aunty Carol (Pupu's Mother AKA my mother in law XD) for spending money on food for the three of us (Pupu, Christy and I).

I enjoyed my stay @ Christy's place, enjoyed my swim and humping on Pupu's back (LOL!), and enjoyed the lunch @ some Thai restaurant, enjoyed my Earth-Hour moment and the wonderful dinner, enjoyed watching I Am Legend (ending sucks gila babi), enjoyed my sleep time and rampasing the blanket away from everyone, enjoyed my brreakfastlunch @ Aeon Setiawangsa Wendy's, enjoyed my another meal with my girlfriends; we ate strawberry and marshmallow dipped in chocolate (fantasticooo), then enjoyed my time @ Bukit Jalil swimming (then again, humping and being humped on each other LOL!) and enjoyed my most satisfying dinner in Cheras (how it feels like home) and the feeling of eating Crabs again, enjoyed my ride back home singing with the girls, and most importantly, enjoyed being pampered with foods.

Thank you all T_T And thank you my mom for bawaking her face to Aunty Sherin's house. LMAO.



Friday, March 27, 2009


going on in school nowadays.

Moral teacher changed............... So sedih k. My this year's Moral teacher is so cute and fun and very fun T.T

I want to bitch summore about school. Many many bitchy things happening around and I've been pissed off so many times lately.


Continue in Private Blog. what I am about to post is going to be super sensitive and offending and insulting (cewah). Kthxbaielle

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I survivied

Seni class today. WOOOT. Thanks to Tamy for helping me a lot :D I really liked ur ginger bread man soaked inside the tea cup, and the large giant biscuit with a fat chubby girl on the top. LOL.

And FYI Tam-tam, I'm using three of the pictures you drew for me. Awesomeness, even the GUYS said it was cute. And Denise's *cough* *cough* said it was nice. WAY TO GO TAM-TAM! LOL.

School was fine I guess. Rained like poops. How nice to sleep hor.

Today we had this Fire Drill, and it was so fucking hot in the field, i can feel my legs burning. Ok it was like an open-air Sauna.

Americans will sure love to tan themselves under the sun. Like seriously, we have original tan. quick, and lasts long. LMAO.

Waimin got burned terribly. He went from White to Dark Brown almost Black, and that wasn;'t racist. LOL.

Before that, we had some STUPID, MEANINGLESS WASTE OF TIME SHIT in the hall, for some lame talk about Safety in school n all. Seriously my leg was cramping. It seemed like the school has got more and more students. No lah, still 400+ just that, we we're forced to sit closely and squishy-ly, my leg hurts like fuck and I gotta bare with it -_- How nice if we were supplied with chairs huh. LOL.

I mean, I appreciate the fact that they sanggup go to our super ulu school, and give a speech, but seriously don't waste ya time telling us shits cuz we ain;t listening yo. LOL.

The fire drill was so HOT k. I was halfway doing my Seni, seriously for ONCE i very semangat and rajin to do Seni. Muka focus lagi tu. Suddenly people started screaming FIRE FIRE!!! and I was like what turf? and people start running down, and baru I found out theres a fire drill. CHEY.

It was OK i guess. Iman was so funny, he became joker of ze year. HAHAHAHAA.

And today, I'd like to wish,



IMAN : Hari ini merupakan hari-kedua bersejarah bagi Iman Faez. 3 Jujur, you know what I mean :P



Wednesday, March 25, 2009







BLOODY 29834924783678326ghjksdfbksdbvjksdbvjksvbjsdkfhl;ashjklshdskdhf!!!!!!!!!!!!



TAEKWONDO ON WEDNESDAY.......................

TUITION AFTER EXTRA CLASSES........................

I feel like it's essential for me to go to the extra classes done by the school.

See, I'm not that smart. My UP1 results all nicely A's, and 2 C.

So, I guess I need the extra learning.

BUT BE CONSIDERATE LA, with the tons of homeworks until I malas buat biarlah kena marah or whatf I dont give a shit. AND FOLIOS.

*curse all the way home*


seni -_-

help me think of a way to skip school???

not skip class pls..

ergh. I officially hate Thursdays now.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing the old days.

I was talking to my old best friend S. And sudden feeling of emo occured.

You see, I don't know how we've met. i can barely remember.

It started with one girl, H, we started as friends when I first moved to Ampang. I lived in Cheras until I was 3. So when my apartment I am living now, the house was fully painted, cleaned, furnished and extra cleaning again, I went downstairs to play at the playground.

Back then, the playground was filled with kids, teenagers, maids and people doing their jogs and walks, and theres many kitty cats around to play with. The most happy hour was from 5-7.

Anyways, I went downstairs, and I saw this girl who looked like my age, short haired and petite. I didn't know her then, so WE decided to go and introduce ourselves, and from that moment, we're friends already and we started playing in the playground.

Years passed, we always lepak in each other's house almost everyday after school. We've been through many fights and arguments, but after a day or two, we're back to happy hour from 5-7.

More years passed, and a girl moved to my Apartment block, and she live jsut right below me. I think I was 11 by that time. Her mother put her in the same school I was in, and she introduced us. It was awkward at first, but somehow S and I manage to overcome the awkwardness because we ride the same bus together to school.

So, I was soo excited to have a new friend in the neighbourhood, I introduced S to H. And immedietly we clicked! Since we're big already, theres no more happy hour from 5-7. Happy hour now is from 8-10/11/12 or 1 on weekends. Somehow, our parent's don't mind us lepaking til late night. That's because our territory is just right infront of our houses, and our patens can easily see us from the balcony.

Many things happen during that period of time. Fights, arguments, backstabbings, having boyfriends, and gossiping. Oh yeah, when the Sports Planet was finally done (it's right infront of my apartment), we started playing futsal. Yes I know it's hard to believe that now because I hate sports nowadays.

Then one day, H brought her schoolfriend over to sleepover, and she decided to "share" her friend with us. Her name is Z. She's tall and pretty, and I've blogged about her before. She joined our futsal team, and we became super good friends after that. We often lepak together, talk and laugh until one of us vomit (like seriously it happened before).

Pejam celik mata, it's 2007 already. Z, H and my first year in high school. S is one year older than us, so you do the math. S moved to Pahang to study in MRSM, Z went missing after her whole family-drama thing, and H and I still hangout sometimes, somehow after that we stopped contacting. It's not like we're not friends, I do talk to her online sometimes, sometimes.

No more futsals, no more gossips, boyfriends and all those fun stuff.

I was talking to S earlier, and I still am now, and she asked me whether I wanna go and hang out together again like last time.

Babe, it's been 3 years since we've met, sit down and talk, or even meet face to face for more than 10 minutes. And suddenly I'm asked to and hang out together. Truth is, I really miss you girls. I miss all the fun time we had. My friends now, they're very different. Not in a bad way. I mean, life is not like last time anymore.

Time flies real Quick, S. and time makes us grow more apart than ever. It's awkward, and things can not be the same like how it used to anymore.


So, Z ans H still remained buddies since they go to the same school. S went to Setapak school, and I'm still stuck here. And to tell everyone the truth, I never go to the playground anymore since 2007 unless I'm just pasing through the field, and temaming MJ and Christy to go kitty hunting.

For 9 years I've been friends with them, and I am still very close to S.

and for 9 years, we indirectly taught each other many things. Like, during that 9 years, I brushed up my BM until my BM was even better than my English, they taught me how to play futsal, we learned about friendship and stuffs.

Things are very different now til we can't compare with when the time we're young. Making friends was the awesome-est thing ever.

But now? Making friends.......... errrr? What languages does she speak? is her English perfecT? Is she a Lala? how does she dress up? where does she go shopping to?

Ergh. so complicating.

- Elle.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yay! Finally, after so long waiting for holidays, finally it's here!

Elle is wishing everybody a happy 1 week holidays! Ima gonna spend my holidays fun-ly, and nothing can ruin my holidays.

I was sorta sick in school. Thanks to a few classmates who forced me to come (ehemmmm), and i was like, half sick. Popped in two panadols during English, after that i was sorta okay. After recess, the non-Malays were suppose to be in the library. We had some activity.

At first, i was like, oh goshhhh not another trying-to-be-fun-but-boring kinda activity, but it was fun! Go awesome. Will blog about it much later when I get the picssss.

So anyways, after school I went home, lunched and all, popped in another two panadols and Sleeep. Skipped tuition, and here I am blogging now.

tomorrow, imma go out to lepakzzzzz. Omgee ignore me typing with alot of z's.

And I'm meeting Dilalalalalala Dodola! I miss my Daddy <3<3<3

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dumb Whispering Eye

Post removed. I dont really hate her now. But Seeing her face makes me wanna slap her more.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lazy people,or living in their outdated world.

Hey everyone. Haven't been updating, well, here's a lil update abt my life.

1. Went swimming/lunch @ Christy's.
- Had fun. Christy's "friend" was there too. he's 8, and annoying. Same as other kids. Aunty Sherin made us relishing mini-burgers and pan mee for lunch. Super awesome. Love her mushrooms (:

2. Old pengetua left, new pengetua arrived.
- First impression was, "Damn, so old!" "OMGEEE why does she look so grumpy." and something like that lah. When she started her speech, I guess she's sorta okay. I hope she won't be so typical narrow minded kinda person. Eew eew.

3. Found out how sexist and lazy Malaysian people are.
- You see, this is gonna be long. It all started with a piece of paper, with my classmates name on it. Well, you know, the name list where you check everyone's attendance like that. So the paper, right, is usually boys+girls in alphabetical order, right? But somehow, this unfateful (it's not even fate wtf) year, the name list is in alpabetical order, but boy's name on top, and girl's name below.

Yes yes that might sound like, "Aiyah, so what, name list only, nothing wan." Well, it is a big deal when it comes to the CHANGES IN SEATING POSITION during examinations.

Past years, we used to seat in alpahetical order, but guys and girls mix.

(Ok well it kinda look like somehting like that)
PINK represents girls, and BLUE represents boys.

So, above is the SUPPOSE TO BE seating position.

Now, somehow the i don't know who decided to change it into like this.

(and again... PINK is for girls, and BLUE is for guys)

OMG I know. At first, I was like, "WTFOMFGWTFBBQ! How typical can their minds get?!" But today, I found out that, they changed the whole seating position, even for PMR/SPM, so that, it's easier for them to mark the papers, and so they seperate us by sex.

So SEXIST, right?! I mean c'mon. How more lazy can Malaysian people get. Just by doing 1 extra job cost so much burden meh?

I honestly hate the new seating position. I like my old one. Nicely at the corner by the door and window. Now, I'm seating right in the middle and 3 tables away from the teacher's table! DAMN! I feel so uncomfortable lor.

tsk tsk. To you people out there (obviously not to Malaysians), you can see how lazy we, I mean THEY are and how sexist THEY are.

4. Exam! Stressing.
- Honestly, I dont know how I did for the exam. I wanna say it's hard, but it's not. Easy also tak. Haih. I don't know, we'll just wait for the results.

- WEEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited. Sort of. Well, I dont know. Stupid exams. OK must start hafaling the lyrics to his songs now lar lar lar.

Well I guess thats all for now.