Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lazy people,or living in their outdated world.

Hey everyone. Haven't been updating, well, here's a lil update abt my life.

1. Went swimming/lunch @ Christy's.
- Had fun. Christy's "friend" was there too. he's 8, and annoying. Same as other kids. Aunty Sherin made us relishing mini-burgers and pan mee for lunch. Super awesome. Love her mushrooms (:

2. Old pengetua left, new pengetua arrived.
- First impression was, "Damn, so old!" "OMGEEE why does she look so grumpy." and something like that lah. When she started her speech, I guess she's sorta okay. I hope she won't be so typical narrow minded kinda person. Eew eew.

3. Found out how sexist and lazy Malaysian people are.
- You see, this is gonna be long. It all started with a piece of paper, with my classmates name on it. Well, you know, the name list where you check everyone's attendance like that. So the paper, right, is usually boys+girls in alphabetical order, right? But somehow, this unfateful (it's not even fate wtf) year, the name list is in alpabetical order, but boy's name on top, and girl's name below.

Yes yes that might sound like, "Aiyah, so what, name list only, nothing wan." Well, it is a big deal when it comes to the CHANGES IN SEATING POSITION during examinations.

Past years, we used to seat in alpahetical order, but guys and girls mix.

(Ok well it kinda look like somehting like that)
PINK represents girls, and BLUE represents boys.

So, above is the SUPPOSE TO BE seating position.

Now, somehow the i don't know who decided to change it into like this.

(and again... PINK is for girls, and BLUE is for guys)

OMG I know. At first, I was like, "WTFOMFGWTFBBQ! How typical can their minds get?!" But today, I found out that, they changed the whole seating position, even for PMR/SPM, so that, it's easier for them to mark the papers, and so they seperate us by sex.

So SEXIST, right?! I mean c'mon. How more lazy can Malaysian people get. Just by doing 1 extra job cost so much burden meh?

I honestly hate the new seating position. I like my old one. Nicely at the corner by the door and window. Now, I'm seating right in the middle and 3 tables away from the teacher's table! DAMN! I feel so uncomfortable lor.

tsk tsk. To you people out there (obviously not to Malaysians), you can see how lazy we, I mean THEY are and how sexist THEY are.

4. Exam! Stressing.
- Honestly, I dont know how I did for the exam. I wanna say it's hard, but it's not. Easy also tak. Haih. I don't know, we'll just wait for the results.

- WEEEEEEEEEEE I'm so excited. Sort of. Well, I dont know. Stupid exams. OK must start hafaling the lyrics to his songs now lar lar lar.

Well I guess thats all for now.



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