Saturday, October 31, 2009

a dedication post

Few days ago.. Before I went to work, I had a few more minutes la. So I decided to go for a quick online trip.

See see I got one new message in my facebook inbox. Odd, because I hardly receive messages on facebook.

In case you can't read the message title (it's kinda blurry). it says :

Only to !Elle and no one else.

I was like, shocked and felt rather peculiar because.. William, sending me a message on fb. Okay so I thought it was going to be something important.. but here's the content!

(.. Click to enlarge ..)

I was sooooo touched after reading it, I could literally shed happy tears. Nobody's said that to me for the apst few days! :( And I really felt like I was slowly fading away and people and friends are gonna like forget about me or something.

but awwww. Thank you William! ANd we will webcam again some other time (:


btw, william, I'm glad to have you as a friend too. :D

Work V

I have the weirdest customers today I tell you.

It's my first weekend, and it wasn't that bad la. Though I was a little bit moved about the whole "damn busy weekend" issue. It's just like normal more-customers day, only.. there are customers at odd hours. Hmm.

So okay, my first weird customer was two men.

One big sized black man. And his friend was an unknown human-form creature. No lah. I just din know what he was. He has this weird slang.

Anyways.. While I was serving them their Mango Salad (see! memory so good), the unknown human form was like, "Yes!! Finally it's here! I've been waiting for youuu!" I guess he meant 'You' as in the Mango Salad because he wasn't that excited upon seeing me. LOL.

Then after that he asked me.. 'Excuse me.. but I was wondering, what is your nationality??"

Okay. that was an odd question to ask, but I guess I gotta get used to it because most of the waiter/waitress here are foreigners, which I don't really wanna know where they're from. LOL.

"I'm a Malaysian, local."

And he sez... "REALLY? but you look like you're from Thailand!!"

"I do?? Okay to be honest.. I don't really see the difference between Thailand people and Malaysians. "

And the black dude goes.. 'yeah yeah!!!!! *semangat berkobar-kobar siotttt* You are right!! Fantastic. Good answer good answer!!"

I was like.. Uhhhhh..... okay, and give my most gelak-tak-ikhlas, as Afiq would usually.. more like always say.

And while I "laughed", he saw my braces and he went.. "Eh!! You have braces. We have same face!" Yea, he has braces on too. But he didn't have to go too overjoyed about it.

Then he asked my age. I [had to] say that I'm sixteen, and he went.. 'Oh!! I am 17!"

I wanted to like literally give my longest swt face ever. but you know. 4 golden point. one of it is SINCERE SMILE. terpaksalaaaaaaah.

Next was another black dude. He started speaking to me in Chinese.

I couldn't udnerstood him at first because I cannot hear him la! I mean.. suddenly a black dude start speaking to u in Chinese. He can't even master his English. wth.

And all he asked wuz... "ni hao ma?" WTF.

Next was 3 Malay dudes. I guess they're the friendliest customers I've ever took orders from and served. Yeps.

But they kinda wasted 15 minutes of my time -___________-

Initially they wanted steamboat. And they asked me whether thye have to cook it themselves, or we do it for them. I mean like DUH sure la they cook themselves kan? And the dudes said, "Aiyaaaa.. if kena masak sendiri then I don't want la. But if you masak boleh ajaaaa!" LOL.

And they were like.. "Eh, Ellise ah? Come join us la!" I was like oh I cannot, actually 5pm my time to balik ady.

And they were like.. 'Oh aiyo aiyo okok! Wah like that lagi la free boleh join us!" LOOOOOOOL.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Working IV - UPDATE

LOL. I missed out on yesterday's. But yesterday nothing much lo. Not many customers, so.. a little bit boring.

Mostly I did shitload of shitty work like drying the cutleries and stuffs. No more staplering stuff. YAY.

And more and more briefing.

Oh ya, one of the dude (ok their names so hard to remember loh!!) he asked us to like.. say "WELCOME!!!" like damn loud la when got customers masuk. So I asked him la, "Must scream ah?"

And u knoe what he said?

"What ice-cream?"

Then Divish and I laughed our asses off la. Which was kinda mean. LOL.

Then we explained to him lor, and he like damn pai seh adi.

Ok today morning lunch and evening not many people. Kinda boring and I wasn't walking at all. I was like... dancing. == dragging my feet instead of walking. very tired la ok! I wake up at 8 every freaking morning since tuesday. *dies

And yesterday was boring also. Tak banyak orang. When tak benyak orang, means very boring wan seriously because u either ended up learning product knowledge (can sleep), or drying the cutleries (legs can break). LOL.

And um.. I was so bored and sleepy, Divish said my face looks dead. Hmmph.

Weekend tomorrow :( But nasib la I work at 11-5 only. =P



I forgot to mention about Raymond.

He's one of the senior staff in Johnny's, and he's a really nice, friendly and adorable! He's from Sarawak. Initially I thought he was from Indo or something because he has that.. slang.

But then he kept asking me about my PMR, the subjects and he talked to me about SPM. And he said he loves sejarah when he was in high school.

I was like... O.o?>!?!? So I asked him, and yea. he's frolm Sarawak. :D

Christer, if u'd join me, u'd have a friend of the same kind. HAHAHAAH!!

But he has this funny haircut. The bowl hair cut. REALLY, NO JOKE. And he's leaving today :(

our Area Manager, mr Daniel moved him to Seremban because there's no senior staff there. So, bye bye Raymond! :D

He taught me a lot of pantry stuff. If it weren't him, or watching him, HAHA, I wouldn't have known how to make drinks n all. Wheeeeeeee.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working III

I think I might start boring you people already because I am talking about my job for like 3 post straight, including this one. Oh well.

I start at 11 today. morning shifts.

I dunno is it me, or is it that foreigners wakes up damn early and shop.

if I get the morning shift, I'll reach TS around.. errr.. let;s say 10.30. And I see banyak orang asing.! LOL.

And my first customers are also ang-mohs.

Nothing much for Day 3. Except banyak banyak like damn a lot of customers.

Okay. I'm off to work.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working II

Aaaah. i didn't get the time to actually blog about my day 1. was effing tired and all I wanted was a nice hot bath, din din, and sleeeeeep. But anyways.. My job as a Waitress isn't that bad at all. apart from having miscommunication with other waiter because of poor language.. I guess everything's good! and oh.. the standing. I don't even wanna remember it.

Day 1.

My job starts at 12pm and ends at 9pm.

My first customer was nobody yet (haha) because I was only taught how to set the table only. Honestly, all these years I've been going and eating at Johnny's, I never knew how fussy they were with table settings. Like, the plates, bowls n all ave to be aligned with each other. The b.b plate and tissues have to be on the line (theres some line on every tables lah). and the chopsticks, which are placed on tissues must be on the left. Cannot close the logo. "Logo very expensive." that's what they say lah.

Besides table setting, I did some uber shitty job, which is standing for a few hours STRAIGHT, staplering like 6-7 books of errr order papers, or maybe wipe a few baskets of errr.. bowls, chopsticks, ladles, plates, etc (which I am still wiping today HAHA but not as bad as yesterday because I switch turns with Divish).

Then I had to serve food/drinks. I still have trouble with the food's name though I often eat there. basically my uncle owns the whole restaurant lah.

I mean, some food looks the same weeei. Like Prawn Fried rice with Belacan Sauce or Prawn fried Rice itself. Both looks the SAME. yep.

and I don't really like carrying the steamboat plates because there are like up to 20 stacks (which I usually divide them into ten-ten, so the stacks are shorter) and make Divish carry them. =P

DAY 2.

Aaaaah. My day today was fine. Funner compared to yesterday. I mean after all the standing and staplering, at least today I don't have to do that shitty job. LOL.

and I met more interesting ppl today (wtf).

My first customer was a table of ang-mohs. I didn't take their orders la (it's kinda tough when it comes to taking orders. I just stood by the another more experienced waiter. (story later a bit).

and um, they are DAMN nice people. before they left, it's like a courtesy to bid goodbye, tell them to have a nice day and please do come again. And this ang moh replied me like.. "Oh yeah sure thang sweetheart." .... I was like stunned, HAHA and laughed.

next was this Aussie couple, middle aged or something. He kept repeating the word 'mate' while speaking (jakun laaaaa).

And then my Mother called (since no cell phones allowed during work kan), and one of the dude, Raymond, he's so cute! Like.. Adorable cute. I think ge's indonesian. Ok anyways, he's so nice la. He told me my mother called and that time I was serving food. After picking the call, this Malay couple stopped me to ask for sauce refills. And he sempat to ask me also. Like.. "so, you just finished PMR is it? waiting for result? How was exam?" I was like.. 'Oh, not bad a." Padahal dalam hati cuak kot because.. nevermind. Then he asked me lah, "How long ahve you been working here?" Then I said lah, "this is my second day, sir. :):):)" And he was like, "Oh!!!!!!! Really??????? (like he was so interested to know wtf). How is it like here? Is it pressuring?" Blah blah. friendly kot.

And next was this.. errrr.. I think he's a tranny? I mean, he's really a dude, but he has boobs wtf. So nevermind. Shim was really friendleeeeeee..

Last was.. errr. Oh! This 4 dudes, who's like.. the softy type. HAHA. And I was kinda annoyed la. When I served their drinks, and they were busy camwhoring (yes, 4 dudes camwhoring), and another dude told me to go on serving la kan. And I had to sya out the names of the drink (essential procedure while serving), and the dude was like, 'Yes yes we know, darling." And his tone was really really sarcastic!! Gawd. Ok nevermind.

I guess that's day 2 lah.

i'm starting a lil bit earlier tomorrow. 11am and my day ends at 8pm.

Oh oh, if anyone actually bothers to come and visit me, do come next week okay? I'll be taking orders by end of this week. So.. Yay. I'm still taking orders-in-training. It's not easy.. trust me.


at the end of the day, I feel kinda lifeless. Because when I get home, I can barely walk (LOL), I go shower, makan and sleep. Wake up the next day, get ready, walk to Ampang Point, have my breakfast @ McD which costs me rm6 everyday wth. and then take a cab/bus to LRT ampang, whichever I prefer.. Must have mood.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


It feels weird the fact that I am working tomorrow.

End of procastination and end of enjoying my shitload of holidays. I get about 3 months of holi, whereas others get two. One and a half to be exact. =P

And earlier I was at my auntie's place, Selayang.

When it was time to go home, Mother said, "Let's go [home] now. Sigh. Work tomorrow."

And I even manage to chip in a bit by saying, "Me too!". Funny isn't it.

My uniform is.. A white t-shirt, like the one I go to school, black slacks, black shoes. I'll be getting my bow tie tomorrow and a vest! Oh, and my name tag too.

I seriously feel like I'm not ready for this yet. I've said this a week ago, and I ended up starting this week.

But anyhoos, Pupu is joining me after her exams. So, hallelujah.

Good luck for exam tomorrow everyone, and goodluck to me. Job.



Yesterday, I accompanied my sister while she drives. It was her so called practice, and trust me, it nearly got me killed BIG TIME.

We were at some turning point, where she was suppose to slow down and turn slowly to the left.

Instead, she zoomed fast and I was literally screaming in the car! She said she wanted to go for a second round and all I can think of is kissing the ground.

But hey, I thought.. Give her a chance, and I did. And I did not die. Or else I’ll be onlining from above. Do they have WiFi above??? *thinks.

So anyways. This is what I ended up doing in the car.


Yep. I brought the laptop down to continue watching my 90210.

But turns out, I can’t even concentrate! Gosh.

I left shortly after, and while my sister parks the car, she nearly got herself killed too.

She need me.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pupu: My Brother's In The Hospital (Update)

Sadly, Doctor doesn't allow him to come back today.



Second update.

He just got home! LOL
Let's see whether he meant what he said! ;)


Pupu: My Brother's In The Hospital

Yesterday, during recess I called my mum to tell her that I had to stay back to help Miss Lau,
and She told me that my brother's in the hospital, he fainted in the morning.

But's he's coming back later in the afternoon.

So what happened was....(According to my mother)

Mum was watching TV, then my brother came out from the room
His face was really pale and greenish.

Bro: " Mum, I love you"
" I Dont wanna snatch PC with mei mei nemore"
" I can never go back to yellowstone anymore!"
" I Don't wanna dieeeee!!"
KABOOM! - He fainted-

Then my Dad called the ambulance.
Mum said it was her first time going into an ambu and she said it was really scary the moment my brother fainted.

But he's fine now.
According to the doctor, He got overdosed with his Asthma pump.
He inhaled too much.

Yeah, that was pretty much it.

I find it funny though.
" I Dont wanna snatch PC with mei mei nemore"
" I Dont wanna snatch PC with mei mei nemore"
" I Dont wanna snatch PC with mei mei nemore"
" I Dont wanna snatch PC with mei mei nemore"

I wonder if that was true.
Well, We'll see later. When he comes back ;)


Friday, October 23, 2009

Random updates.

I've said this once, and I'm saying it again.

This year, is the only year which I missed out on a lot of school days, and not being punctual to school.

I finally decided to move my ass and actually go to school.

It feels rather weird though.. having to iron my uniform, do this and that, getting ready for school. because the last day I went to school (besides today) was the 13th of October. Which is also the day all the Form 3 students were liberated. From war. You know.

Hah. Anywaaaaays.. I've really been an arse at home. Lazing around the hall being a super slothful slug. And yep, going back to school feels weird.

I, once again arrive late to school. While waiting for everyone else to get ready, I decided to play Plants vs Zombies. It's a fascinating game, but at the same time, it's an utterly stewpid childish game. But it's addictive! Seeee.. Even now Denise is playing it. Non stop! Ergh. Damnit.

I looked at the time, and it was 7.17am already. I quickly ran out of the room and rushed everyone.

Fine, I did not.

I told them to take their time, because it didn't matter to me whether I'm early or not, because hello. It's (almost) my last day of school, and I seriously don't bother being early or not.

And usually when I'm late, I have my friends who'd back me up.. by not writing my name. No bribes wan. Hahah.

But today I guess was kinda unlucky for me lah. The prefect ady stood at the gate and winking at me. Signaling me that my name is already written. Sad thing is, he spelt my name wrong, and he insisted my name wuz spelt as 'Alice'. *super long swt face*

Ok lah. Skip the boring parts, went to class, cleaned my locker (it's semi clean now), and then start to look for a way to escape.

by 8.30, we're already like.. at the main road. Lawl.

Breakfast @ Old Town, Ampang Point.

Proceed to McD for hashbrowns. Oh man.

The boys, Divish and Iman, came over and lepak. We watched PS I Love You. Oh gawd. I can watch that movie over 10 million times without getting bored. But one thing sad about it is that.. There's not much tears involved while watching. Not enuf tears.

Iman suggested I read the book, because it's way better than the movie.

I wanted to read it like way long time ago when Denise first bought it. But after some time I figured reading Cecelia Ahern's just.. gay. But I guess I should add PS I Love You into my reading list. That's it. Only PS I Love You. Other books sounds gay. *shudders


It's the weekend already. My job's starting on coming Monday, at 12pm.

I have a few more days to enjoy :(

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pupu: Exam Day 2


13 more days. GOGOGO!


4.30am now and I'm about to sleep!!

I just finished watching True Blood Season 2, and I've been watching all 12 eps for 3 nights straight!!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'd like to wish my sayang, Pupu, GOOD LARK with her finals. :P

And this goes out to everyone out there having their finals too.

Justin, Brandon, (tak ingat who else having exam), and my dearest junior tersayang, Stanley!

All the best people, and after that we'd go hangouttttttt.

And I promised to take my hubby out after her finals :D Pavilion here we comeeeeeeee!

Pupu: Exam Day 1

English. Was...................FUN. Exaggerate the story I wrote.
15-1 = 14

14 days more to gooo GOGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! ;D


Mental breakdown

I don't feel like myself these few days. and urghhh. I feel so messed up!

I feel like overdosing myself with Vitamin Cs. Lol.

Probably because I haven't been complaining and ranting so much like how I always do (can say I almost totally stop complaining and ranting) and this is sooooo not me. And also probably because I've been bottling up all of my angers. Hmmph. This is what you get. Depressed Elle.


I feel like hibernating.

I thought of going to school tomorrow (technically today lah), but at the same time I don't want to go to school. At the same time also I don't want to stay at home. I just wanna be far away. Maybe I should start being invisible.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Skin

Goooood early morning people! And in case you didn't notice the new skin, all the credit goes to Pupu.

She's spent almost the whole morning (it's 4am now) making a new skin. So, say something nice about it!

Scroll down to the very bottom and you'd discover something interesting. I was enthralled upon seeing it. Oh gawddd. Her skills in making blog skins are rather improving vastly! and it is an undeniable fact that I am a proud wife.

And please do not ask why we're so wide awake at odd hours like this.

I'm hungry. McDonalds, anyone? :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

The List.

Hullo! Since PMR is way over (I think I repeated this several times, no?), I have my Book List now! Actually, I've been having the Book List since like forever. Even before PMR started. It's just that.. When I see a book, I will feel damn tempted to buy.

So.. I buy them, and keep them. I don't read them yet. You know, in case I get too addicted. Like when I started reading Twilight several years ago, I read it for 4 days straight and I did not even pay a single attention to the teacher.

And beholdddddddd! My book list.

  1. A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
  2. Hamlet by William Shakespeare
  3. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
  4. Macbeth by William Shakespeare
    (..Yes yes I read Shakespeare! It isn't that badd!)
  5. The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
  6. Message In A Bottle by Nicholas Sparks
  7. The Five People You Meet In heaven by Mitch Albom
    (..Actually I read this halfway only. I was so damn tempted. But I manage to control nafsu HAHA..)
  8. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  9. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain
    (..MUST READ!!..)
  10. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    (..Also MUST READ!!..)
  11. The Catcher In The Rye by JD Salinger
    (..This one lagi damn tempted. I only read until the third page and then I forced myself to stop..)
  12. The Alchemist by Paul Coelho
    (..I own this book since last year but somehow it went missing. Turns out it was with my Mom..)
OMGGGG so many, and now I'm having doubts on myself whether or not I can finish up allll of them.

But hey, Penguin books are damn cheap I tell you! I got to know about it while reading May Zhee's blog quite some time ago.

@ Kino with the sister, I saw a book which has thousand over pages, and it only costs RM8.50! Hallelujah!

Penguin books are mostly popular classics. They have books from William Shakespeare, to Mark Twain, Angela Wright, Mary Shelley, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Anthony Hope (heard of Prisoners of Zenda? hahahah)

Yeah, and no matter how thick and thin the book is, it is still RM8.50! *cheers

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vlogging Day 3


-Pipi & Pupu-

Stalkers. UPDATE

Hellooooooow *loud, yelling scream like how I always greet Afiq*. Since PMR is freaking over, I should feel happy right right right right right?

Oooooh, but nooooo. Some people just got to crush all of my happy moments. Yes, you there. I'm talking about you!

But heeey, although War is over, it does not seem like it at all. Like, at all. After weeks and months of anticipating the day War ends, it doesn't seem liberating at all. I am no longer attending school, and the feeling of it is like skipping school, or just the plain ol' holidays. Monotonous and utterly tedious.

I get up either in the morning or the afternoon, slump myself on the couch, shower, eat and most essentially- go online. EVERYDAY. Unless I go to outings.

Anyways, as much as I want to talk about stuffs, I can't. I knowwww *squeals like a bimbo*. I'm learning how to control my anger now. *thoughts to self : they do not worth my time and energy anyway.*

*reading back my post makes me realize how bad my grammar is ==


OMG. Who's pissing who off now? And if you want to lie, do it to someone who is seriously dumb and naiive.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pupu: Vlogging Day 2


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pupu: Vlogging Day1


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pupu: Good luck

Just want to wish my wife good luck in PMR.
4 more days for her to go.