Friday, October 23, 2009

Random updates.

I've said this once, and I'm saying it again.

This year, is the only year which I missed out on a lot of school days, and not being punctual to school.

I finally decided to move my ass and actually go to school.

It feels rather weird though.. having to iron my uniform, do this and that, getting ready for school. because the last day I went to school (besides today) was the 13th of October. Which is also the day all the Form 3 students were liberated. From war. You know.

Hah. Anywaaaaays.. I've really been an arse at home. Lazing around the hall being a super slothful slug. And yep, going back to school feels weird.

I, once again arrive late to school. While waiting for everyone else to get ready, I decided to play Plants vs Zombies. It's a fascinating game, but at the same time, it's an utterly stewpid childish game. But it's addictive! Seeee.. Even now Denise is playing it. Non stop! Ergh. Damnit.

I looked at the time, and it was 7.17am already. I quickly ran out of the room and rushed everyone.

Fine, I did not.

I told them to take their time, because it didn't matter to me whether I'm early or not, because hello. It's (almost) my last day of school, and I seriously don't bother being early or not.

And usually when I'm late, I have my friends who'd back me up.. by not writing my name. No bribes wan. Hahah.

But today I guess was kinda unlucky for me lah. The prefect ady stood at the gate and winking at me. Signaling me that my name is already written. Sad thing is, he spelt my name wrong, and he insisted my name wuz spelt as 'Alice'. *super long swt face*

Ok lah. Skip the boring parts, went to class, cleaned my locker (it's semi clean now), and then start to look for a way to escape.

by 8.30, we're already like.. at the main road. Lawl.

Breakfast @ Old Town, Ampang Point.

Proceed to McD for hashbrowns. Oh man.

The boys, Divish and Iman, came over and lepak. We watched PS I Love You. Oh gawd. I can watch that movie over 10 million times without getting bored. But one thing sad about it is that.. There's not much tears involved while watching. Not enuf tears.

Iman suggested I read the book, because it's way better than the movie.

I wanted to read it like way long time ago when Denise first bought it. But after some time I figured reading Cecelia Ahern's just.. gay. But I guess I should add PS I Love You into my reading list. That's it. Only PS I Love You. Other books sounds gay. *shudders


It's the weekend already. My job's starting on coming Monday, at 12pm.

I have a few more days to enjoy :(

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