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Final post

Okay, I decided to open up a blog of my own, and stop blogging here.

No personal reason though. I just feel like doing it (for a very very long time), and I can safely say, I'm glad I did this already.

Oh, I even moved a few recent post into my new blog.

Here's the link!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tell me, how can I not jump for joy.. and how can I not like this? :P

(click to read)

FML times ten (update below)

ZOMG I am so busy kkk!

I have so many things to blog about tau! Starting with the baking session Ji Mi, Zy, JH and I had the other day, it was so omfg fun <3!

Then then today I had my cousin's wedding. So many picssssss! Can dieee T_T but it was great la. Met Kai Hung there and Mr Tiew too! Took banyak giler pics. ANd I bought a new shoe.

I've been looking for a new pair of shoes since forever. I wanted a blue Nike one, initially. I found it!! After so long cari-ing and every time I found it, it'll go missing the next day. So sad kkkk. And then I saw this pair of Adidas.. and I immediately fell in love. T_T it was literally like love at first sight.

I was reluctant la at first because it's PINK! But Denise's Reebok (ahem ahem mine now hahaha) is also Pink! So.. whatthe heck la. It's pretty anyway, worth the rm200 I spent on! But it's pink la. PINK. So shocking kan. but it's pretty <3

And school's starting TOMORROW.

I shall go on a vacation too. ♥ hehehe.




Ok as everyone knows that tomorrow is the first day of school for the year, and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows how much I DO NOT look forward to school. AT ALL.

I think I'd rather go to work instead of school.

Even the Banglas and Nepalis I work with treat me a million times better than the people in school treat me. No offense, but that IS the truth.

In less than a month, the bond between us (ceh ceh ceh) is really tight, and I felt so guilty for leaving earlier (unlike someone cough cough). I even had the though of going to work every weekends and public holiday! And my auntie encourages me to do so. Extra pocket money la!

But you know.. Typical Asian family la. Education comes first. LOLOL.

Ok back to topic.


T_T waaaaaaaa.. I seriously feel like crying kkkk.

Pity Nick Lim kena rant. =(

Friday, January 1, 2010

End of 09

This year hasn't been a good year, at all. Despite the fact that many good things had happened, there are still lotsa bad things which also happened, at it did scar me. Deeply.

(ok no emo post!!)

(and no post about what I did in 09) because I have no time at all, and I'm going baking tomorrow! I mean later! =)

But here's what I did for this year's new year. (here's the link to last year's new year. CLICK HERE)

So.. The day started off boring. Like, really BORING.

I slept at 6 in the morning, and woke up at 1 in the afternoon.

I showered, continued uploading pictures (unsurprisingly I'm not done with it yet) and I ate lunch.

After that, I just KO-ed on the sofa. And it was like.. 5.30pm? I woke up again at 7 because guess who came! =D Ok doneed say also you all know ledi. *winkwink

So um, he came and we just lepaked until 9.30 and he left T_T

Afiq came shortly to pick us up, I pan leng-lenged and off we go to Bukit Antarabangsa!

This was really really unplanned. We nearly even canceled the whole planning due to circumstances which is later avoided. =D

So... peektures!

View from the top. Really nice!

Whoaaaa.. Look at the crowd man. Lucky we managed to chip in here and there, and we got a good view too! :)

But since I'm short, my view is very inadequate. I had to shoulder-sit on Ji Mi :D
My strong Mommy! ♥

Yea you can see a little fireworks there. It was EVERYWHERE. About 5 places had fireworks, including the one on the hill. It was so close, almost like hitting out faces. XD It was good! Better than Curve's last year.

 Denise and Afiq ♥
 After the whole firework mumbo-jumbo, we went to berkempen at someone's balcony. Like, seriously.

Mummy Ji Mi!♥

Beloved Uncle Hong ♥

Mummy Ji Mi! If only Zy Daddy was here :(


Walk walk to find for a spot to sit... Sempat lagi on the phone.

Found the perfect spot!

We sat on the windshield-protector thing. Lol!
And before we left, Mummy Jimi and Uncle Hong got free massage from Afiq!

See the look on my face? EPIC.


Shortly after, it was about 1 something already, we left for McD Petronas. The one near MaxValue.
Yeah. I think it's like a tradition la. If you read last year's one, we also went McD.

Nothing better to dooooo...


Initially they were discussing about my case..
Until it turned into a Debate. A friendly, calm one! Lol.
About who's nose is bigger.

And we have a winner already.

Still debating...........

Okay just kidding. They weren't debating about who's nose is bigger la doink what u think we all got nothing better to do? Lol. The debate topic was something huge la. Regarding trust, honesty and more.
I wasn't paying attention at all. LOL.


Ehhhhhhh.. Abang siapa ni?

The night ended with playing cards.

Honestly.. This year's isn't as fun as last year. But I had fun.

Except... *cough* someone *cough* wasn't there.

Boo hoo! :(

p/s : happy niu year everyone!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

3 Jujur 2009

Hi. Yesterday, while I was dinnering with Afiq and Denise @ Sakae, I received a text from Shahfiqah saying that they (her, and Nabilah) are organizing a class party/reunion for 3 Jujur. I immediately replied, "I'm in."

After replying, then only I felt reluctant to go. Even up til this evening. I even had the thought of just.. ditch the party/dinner.

But I went anyways. And I did not regret for a second! :)

I'm glad I attended it. Everyone was nice to each other. There was no ouchy feeling anymore, and I am sosososo glad I get to see everyone's face again.

But to be honest, this year was hard. It was really hard on me, I came home and broke down many times. Many times, I'd find an excuse to tell my Mom that I didn't wanna go to school. Until the extend that when I was sick, I even tried to make myself sicker by not drinking water, 'forgot' my meds, and stuff like that.

I didn't like school because I hardly have friends. There you go, I said it. It's not that I don't know and it's not that I don't realize that the people around me DOES NOT LIKE ME. I do. I just kept quiet and pretended like I don't know anything, simply because I din wanna start a fight or whatever. And it's clearly shown on some people's faces and body language towards me. So, yeah.

Even the friends I had since 7 turned their backs on me. The only friends I had was all guys, and up til now, I love them to death. I told them many times, I don't know what I'll do without them. It's true. I miss them a lot. It's great having guy company with me. But sometimes, you know, they tend to treat me like a guy, or they tend to expect me to think/feel like a guy which upsets me a little. They tend to isolate me too, sometimes. But they meant it as a joke la. I'm sososo grateful to have them. On top of that, they've been so patient with me too. =D. What more can I ask for.

I barely have girl-friends in class. Whenever we're separated by our genders, I'd always be alone, or with Demi. She's the only person who'd actually team up with me, she'll talk to me, sit with me and accompany me. We screamed and shrieked when we met just now, and we even hugged. A big one. :D

Okay, I guess I had enough dwelling about the past and writing this down, because none of this matters anymore.

Today was fun. I'm glad I went, so.. Picture time!! Sorry la if some of your faces tak ada in this post. I bias. =P


 Oh yes! I forgot to mention I was @ KLCC earlier with Tun Hong. We went to watch 3 movies in a day, and we manage to watch 3 movies! Alvin & The Chipmunks 2, Sherlock Holmes, and Avatar! I know I said many times I'll never watch Avatar, but I am totally taking it back right now! Avatar is sososo GOOOOD. But I don't think I'd watch it again. My ass is gonna be REALLY FLAT. It's already flat enuf thank u.

Christer and Waimin.
Together with Farhan, the four of us were the first to arrive. So, we just sat down and started camwhoring. :P These two clowns are the two people I love most. ♥

 Christer Ruben ♥

 Azman. He's such a nice person la. :) And funny too!
But sometimes in class I find him annoying. He sits one table away from me, which means he still sits beside me la.

 Look at how empty it was! T_T

 Candid -.-

 Ye ye. Comel la tu -.-

Look at the way they look at each other! Can you spell cute?!

Christer and Wai Min.
Warning : This post is mostly FILLED with their photos -.-

Me ♥

Pn Solah, my class/English teacher, and Pn Mariatul, my Maths teacher.

Boys. ♥
from left to right : Nabil, Fendi, Hazri, Azman, Christer and Reza.
Missing in photo? Hariz.

He was literally stunned when Demi came!
Look at the look on his face!

Nabil Aklif. :) One of the nicest people too. Little did I knew. =D

This is Haziq, and Farhan on the little left. =P
Haziq is damn adorable I tell you.
Sometimes in class, when we look bored, we start texting each other! LOL. I miss those time. =(

Lapar ni! Where's the food? :(

Eizzati and Nabilah. ♥

Iman and Eizzati ♥

Shahfiqah in the middle. pretty people. :)

Eizzati. Zomg I love this picture!

Christer sibuk.

5 girls and a half. HAHAHA Kidding.

Christer, Haziq and Iman.

"Woi lawa siot background ni!"
I comes with Momo and take picture. Lol.

Rajeshi giving a speech before we feast. Nicely done! ♥



Azman, Minnie, Myself and Fendi.

I osowan take pictureeeeee.

Fendi and I. =D

So. Minnie, Christer got bored, so we went to the toilet area and start camwhoring. IT WAS EPIC. Total pics was 108. EPIC! But I'm uploading a few nice ones la. ;) upload all nanti I go gila dei

Kenapa blur?

Rawr. ♥

Iman joined us! And he did a Robot dance. IDk whats wrong with my face @.@

Hehe ♥

Minnie and Reza

Ben ♥

Min ♥

More pictures on fb! But I have to resize. So, it'll be great if u all can wait. T_T

p/s : everyone loved Momo tonight ♥