Sunday, January 3, 2010

FML times ten (update below)

ZOMG I am so busy kkk!

I have so many things to blog about tau! Starting with the baking session Ji Mi, Zy, JH and I had the other day, it was so omfg fun <3!

Then then today I had my cousin's wedding. So many picssssss! Can dieee T_T but it was great la. Met Kai Hung there and Mr Tiew too! Took banyak giler pics. ANd I bought a new shoe.

I've been looking for a new pair of shoes since forever. I wanted a blue Nike one, initially. I found it!! After so long cari-ing and every time I found it, it'll go missing the next day. So sad kkkk. And then I saw this pair of Adidas.. and I immediately fell in love. T_T it was literally like love at first sight.

I was reluctant la at first because it's PINK! But Denise's Reebok (ahem ahem mine now hahaha) is also Pink! So.. whatthe heck la. It's pretty anyway, worth the rm200 I spent on! But it's pink la. PINK. So shocking kan. but it's pretty <3

And school's starting TOMORROW.

I shall go on a vacation too. ♥ hehehe.




Ok as everyone knows that tomorrow is the first day of school for the year, and I'm pretty sure EVERYONE knows how much I DO NOT look forward to school. AT ALL.

I think I'd rather go to work instead of school.

Even the Banglas and Nepalis I work with treat me a million times better than the people in school treat me. No offense, but that IS the truth.

In less than a month, the bond between us (ceh ceh ceh) is really tight, and I felt so guilty for leaving earlier (unlike someone cough cough). I even had the though of going to work every weekends and public holiday! And my auntie encourages me to do so. Extra pocket money la!

But you know.. Typical Asian family la. Education comes first. LOLOL.

Ok back to topic.


T_T waaaaaaaa.. I seriously feel like crying kkkk.

Pity Nick Lim kena rant. =(

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