Friday, January 30, 2009

Pupu: Kuantan :D

Kuantan was awesome! Sure, there was a lil bit boring moment there but overall It was Okay.

I mean I get to spend time with my cousins.

Well, I never experienced spending time with my cousins before D:

This is my first visit to my Dad side's cousin.

My mum side's ,they are very..-.-

I met my 7th uncle. For the first time. he's very friendly :D

And omg~! Eva's doggie is so effin cute !!!

It's name is BiBi. or Ah Bi hahaha,

It's very hyper and friendly! When there's guest it will bark and wag its tail
It's like callin you to pet her @_@

and She likes to lick people.

OMG! I really want a dog right now!!!! D: So I can pamper the dog and play with it and stufff but this effed up condo had this stupid rule about having dogs -.-


Thursday, January 29, 2009

According to Dila AKA my Daddy,

So, I decided to...

Peanut says:
I stupid you!!

Peanut says:
you my stupid

Peanut says:
u stupiddddddd

•†LîLBlüE†• says:

•†LîLBlüE†• says:
im stupid?

†LîLBlüE†• says:

[Trepidat] says:

[Trepidat] says:
i stupid u

Peanut says:

Peanut says:
i stupid u too!

Peanut says:
I stupid you

dila ; omg, short attention span! says:
hahaha yes yes

dila ; omg, short attention span! says:
i know you stupid me. i stupid you too xD

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pupu: My Wife's Birthday.

Sorry, I Didn't get to blog about this yesterday. I didn't had the chance to come online

27th of January 2009,
My wife/fiance Turned 15.

My wife's/fiance's Birthday outing last year :D
Woosh, met new people on her birthday.

Jimi's Church buddy! richmond.

He gave her a SK-II Balloon as her birthday present. woosh!


Let's look back on what we both did in between her last year's birthday and this year's


Swimming at my Area. Woosh!

Lepak at the playground.

Lepak in Pavillion's toilet.

We've been doing that not only last year. LOL

Camwhoring during merentas desa!

Spent our CNY in someone's house.
Jimi, you still owe us our ang pao from aunty. -.-

found products with our name on it. O_O

Dinie Belanja-ed us lunch after shcool. :D

Ran away from Dinie's performance and camwhored.

Met Baron for the first time

Slept over with my place :D

crashed Joon Hong's crib

Elle going to Chung Hwa for the first time :D

Ponteng School and Went to Pavi
Last Day of School
Supposed to be pei jian's birthday! But Ended up becoming a trip to selayang :D

Lepak Lepak

Makan Ice-Monster :D
She got pregnant too. *whistles*

Finally found out where they sell Squeeze pops.

Makan Chilis

Met Justin for the first time

Had our New Year Celebration Together


Crashed Christy's Crib
Gotong Royong in School


She found two new boyfriends.
She dun wan me dy D:

Happy Birthday Pipi!!(and CNY too)

Even thought we had our bad times, but we had good times more than bads :D
I still laf you!!!!!!
and I trust you!! I tell you everything because I trust you! :)
Sorry, Because I wasn't here for you on ur actual birthday D:
It's not that I don't want to It's because I can't.
I really really wanna celebrate ur bday with u on ur actual birthday!!

and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

Can't wait for 31st! :D:D


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank U speech

Hey everyone! I'm back from Johor, and I just celebrated my 15th Birthday! Actually, it's still my birthday! Today! I thought my birthday was going to Suck kao kao, since I don't get to be with my friends on the day itself. But no, it went great! (i guess)

Anyways, back to the topic, I received many Happy birthdays from my cousins, aunties and uncles even before my birthday. Ok a few hours to my birthday only!

Then 12.00a.m, I was halfway doing something, I cannot remember. I blewed the candles off my cake a few mins before the clock stuck 12, and by the time it reaches 12, I'm already on the sofa reading and replying texts.

My first wish (in text form) was from How Ken Lee! So fast ah you type! and thanks for remembering my birthday!

Next was from B*. Probably the longest text I've ever received on that night, morning. LOL.

Next was from Andy! thenfrom my 8 years bestie, Pravin Raj!

Thanks Billy, Wei Long, Tamy, Barry, Mahir and Azam!

OMG, you must be wondering, where's Pupu, Jimi, joonhong, Jian and Waimin's text right?!?! For your info, they wishes me damn late! Eish! And I have to remind Jimi that todays my birthday! Eish, such Mother. And Jian was the 3rd last person on my list to wish me. HAHAHAHA. WOI.

After I slept, and woke up, i received many many texts again! From Pupu, Wai Min, Iman, Jimi, Justin, Ben Ruben Christiano Ruben, Julie, Joonhong, Safiah, Dila, Nabilah and Jian. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, really, really, thank you so much people! And sorry I gotta ask who are you and such, it's because I changed my phone, and I don't have some of your numbers. Incase I missed out some of you, do tell me! I feel so touched~

And presents, so far, I only received about 3 presents.

First is a ticket to Jason Mraz's concert!!

Second is an Angpau from my first auntie.

And today, when I got back home, I was checking the mailbox, and there was a letter for me. It wasn't a letter, it was a card. When I saw the handwriting on the envelope, I knew who it was. No doubt. When I opened the card,

It was from Stephanie Yong!

I was so shocked I literally jaw-dropped! I didn't expect her to give me a card or something. No wonder, in school she was sorta pestering me to give her my home address.

To Stephanie,
I don't know whether u'll read this or not, but honestly, so far, the card you gave is the best present. Eventhough it's just a card and not expansive clothing item n such, I really appreciate the thought. I mean, I don't expect anyone to give me expansive stuff, (but I would love it) hahah.
We had our bad histories before, and really I wanna repeat this, I never ever expected her to give me a card. And B.T.W, she sent it through pos! WALAO. I'm starting to love you already. Thanks Stephanie! love love.


Anyways, for 31st Outing,New list coming up!



Ji mi


Please be aware that the outing starts from 5pm til very very EARLY. Pupu and Christy is sleeping over :D Can't wait!

Hoping for nice presents from them, HAHAHAHAH.

Love ya'll!

- pipiELle-

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pupu: What turf..

Geez. great, tmrw we were suppose to head back to KL. I wanna go back so eagerly!

But no, my mum had to go to my second aunt's home tmrw. Great, my journey home had been delayed for like few hours already.



Just went to my aunt's house to "collect Ang Pao"

my second aunt came quite late, and Golly Gee.

Last time my aunt used to say, more like complain about me wearing pants.

Last time when I was very small, I always wear shorts then she will go
" KL people is lidat one la"

Padahal, today her own daughter wearing shorts.

What turf?

Elle said, she orang kampung now only know how to wear shorts.
LOL agreed.

It made my day. :D

Thanks Pi, I laf you. Happy CNY

I gave my Ang pao to my brother.
Because I don't want Their money.

First Aunt and Second Aunt.
They are both Bitches.

My first aunt is 50.
This is my CNY speech for u:
Your last year having period. Have fun going under menopause.
Or maybe u menopauseD :O

Second Aunty:
Once an orang kampung will always remain kampung.
You always try to find something to insult me now it's my turn.
I wanna say congrats for ur daughter for being wild in aussie.
See, orang kampung nampak orang City jakun pulak now kena force to balik penang.

yes, I know I'm very mean. I dun like them. Jesus Christ.

They started it. -.-

Going to kuantan Wednesday night :D
Can't wait!~ Woosh! :D


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pupu: Blogging from penang.

I am having the worst time ever in my life.

and this is gonna be the longest 4 days ever.

Time is passing so slowly. FUSH!


24th Jan 2009.

Woke up at 5 30 and started our journey at 6 00.

Heck is was freaking jam. we reached like around..erm lets say..1. oo pm? what in the fishcakes.

Seriously, I was/am the most annoying person in the car.

I kept complaining how retarded penang is. I bet if u were there u would be fed up with me too.

How can u blame me? This "island" (City wannabe) is like, the place I loathe most. My aunts and freaks here made me hate this place.

They are so freaking malevolent.

I went to my aunts place for "Family Dinner", Well, that's what they called it. But I don't feel like I'm apart of their family.
At least, they don't want me to be one of the family member in there.

Okay, It was liddis.
I went to my First Aunts house. and I greeted her.
Me: "Dai yi" (big aunt)
FA: *buat tak tahu*
Me: *thought that she didn't hear me and walks infront for her*
Me: Dai Yi!!!!
FA: looks away.

What the Fook?!

Okay nemai, Jade(Aunt's super hyper dog) ran towards me and bermanja-manja kat depan I. It comforted me. I was playing with it. I feel not-so-pissed-nemore. Jade is like a super old dog. She had jade since when I was like 7 or something.

Each time I visit it goes so hyper! :D

But the Last I visited (excluding yesterday) was like IDK when.

so Jade is like. 11 YEars old?
In Doggie world is? 11 x 7?77? what turf.

It's old now. and IT's not as hyper as before. but still HYPER.


After awhile, Jade walked away, I think it got exhausted .

I played with my phone for the wholee day, then suddenly, my second aunt came.

Me: Yee yi! (Second Aunt)
SA: oh..hello.
SA: stares at me awkwardly as if my zips were unzipped

SA: Your daughter very dark.
Mum: She was dark since before -.-

What is wrong with her?
trying to find something to insult me is it?
Last time I wore shorts she said

"Aiyah, KL people memang lidat one"

Ok so, I was wearing Jeans then cari benda untuk insult me.

Brother came down,

Bro: Hi yee yi!
SA: Wahhh! Leng zau already hor! You got fairer?

What turf. so unfair right.

Wonder why she layan him better not?

Cause my brother's a penang boy.
He was born in penang.

I told u! They layan me like shit because im from KL.

Let me tell you what , I am Hackin proud to be a city girl ! I AM PROUD TO BE A KL-Kia!

Unlike u people. born from penang. An island that is trying so effing hard to be a city.



FA scooped rice for every1.
When she was scooping mine, I said thank you.
She look away.
What the eff?????

Malevolent bitch
Despicable woman.

When we were eating Dinner. She layan her other niece(my cous) so good.

After the dinner, we were leaving already, So I went to her and said Bye and thanks for the Dinner.

Me: Bye Dai Yi and thanks for the dinner.
FA: oh. walks away.

What on earth did I ever do to her? I killed ur husband now is it?

I effing hare Penang people now! Fucked up Bias shit.

I told my mum what happened and she said.

"you still have to respect her"

I always DO!

I am being so nice to her and I get shits in return. what turf.
she doesnt wanna except my respect. probably she wan me to layan her like tahi also.
Then oni she will at least layan me better -.-


Most Penang people are retarded. Well at least my relatives are.

I didn't say all!

only a few of my mum's friends are nice.


You know what's worse?
My uncle's House.
Read properly I didn't say my uncle. I said my uncle's house

No Astro.

No Internet.

No Line in the room?!

I had to walk to my uncle's kitchen to text.@!$#$#@@#$


Btw, I'm like in my mum's friend house right now.

Blogging here.

Felt so much better after releasing my tension

2 and a half days more.


Saturday, January 24, 2009



WOOHOOOOOOOOO. I have 3 with me, one for Pupu, and one for me. The other is for Denise.


Denise might NOT BE COMING so I MIGHT BE SELLING OFF her ticket.

And I MIGHT BE SELLING it to DINIE or DINNISH. Dinie because he wanna go but he's coming back to Malaysia on the 8th. Scared tics sold out! and Dinnish he lambat sikit la so I might be selling to him.





Friday, January 23, 2009

Pupu: On the bright side...

...I'm going to Kuantan on Thursday :D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Facts bout my classmates (and I)

Today, I annoyed the crap out of my classmates. During English, or, Manglish, our teacher asked us, 'If we would be given A chance to be somebody for a day, who would it be?' And I tell you there's many many many much lame people included.

Some even said, 'I wanna be me, because everyone wanna be me." *cough cough*

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

DATUK Shah Rukh Khan

Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Some even mentioned Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, etc etc.

But mine was different than others. Way way different. I wanna be


She's so pretty lar, and when I mentioned Ringo, everyone ignores me and tries to shut me up. But I obstinated! I still go for Ringo! I even mentioned Kennysia but it made everything worse. Cheesie is damn pretty la! I like the way she blogs also! Go Ringo!

She's like my idol already, my role model. Seriously, who dont wanna be her? I mean girls la :\


Out of the blue, I thought of writing this out. It's been 3 years straight, since form 1 (2007) til now, I'm with the same classmates. And some I even knew since forever. So much to say, we've been through hard times and good times, even the bestest of all best times. But my class would be boring without dramas, gossips, sugar and spices.

Anyways, I'd like to share with everyone, our most famous habits.

  1. We never like to complete the papan kenyataan. Last year, it took us 6 months to complete it. With the help of Miss Lau, ok she did not help. She nearly scream our heads off. Nah, joking. She actually FORCED us to do it. But in return, she gave us chocolates :)

  2. We're very noisy. Each and every teacher that comes in to our class WILL complain how noisy we are, and how they can hear our voices even from the ground floor. Mind you, my class is situated at the toppest floor, which is the second floor. LOL. We just have a loooooot of things to talk about, and we just can't stop! I mean, which class don't make noise right? We cannot shaddap.

  3. We love to eat in class. I know I know, most class do this too. But we really kao kao makan. Before recess, we'll just grab Farhan's food and start munching on it. After recess we';; start eating candies, oranges, mamee monster, more and more candies, and we hardly ever get caught. But seriously, since I've been bringing oranges, the whole class smells like orange everyday!

  4. We're super lazy! Usually, we'd beg the teacher not to teach. But we mostly do that to new teachers, or least important subject. Like for example, Sivic, Moral and Seni. Actually, it depends on the teacher itself. LOL. And it works. Usually they let us do our own stuff or let us out earlier. But under one cindition, no noise. Hahah! Like it will work!

  5. We hate doing homework. Ok not all la. This applies to Waimin's gang, including Rajeshi and I. Last minute homework, everyone copies Waimin's work. Usually he's the one damn semangat. And mostly teacher comments on our essay or work, like how similar it is or why is it EXACTLY the same. We're cooperative. LOL.

  6. We like to curse a lot. Like, damn a lot. They like saying "Owh Shit!" or "Oh ffffffff.........." or or or, "What the efff?" And Waimin's fav line, "My ass la!" yes yes, your ass la. And we do it randomly, anytime, everywhere. Somehow teacher's think we're not innocent, and we're mean people.

  7. Ooh, not to mention, we have this award thingy for 'Best Fall Of The Year.' Sad to say, I got it once. Last year. It wa sduring taekwondo, when I was holding onto two tables in the canteen, and i was swinging while saying 'Weeeeeeee.' And I fell. I fell hard, landed on my butt, AND NOBODY EVEN BOTHER TO HELP ME UP. There's many many falls. Like how Hazri fell of the chair out of a sudden. Mark falling on the floor infront of other class, and he landed hard, on his tummy. Damn, sorry to say, it was a good laugh XD During PJ, Waimin WANTED to kick the ball but tak dapat, he ended up kicking the wind and landed on his butt. I swear I witnessed it. And Samuel, he was running, tripped on a rock and 'flied' like Superman. Great times, great times.
Ok I guess that's about it. When there's more I will post about it :)

Anyways, eventho theres many things I love about my class, theres sure something I hate about it.

To be continued.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something from us.

Hello, yesterday, one of us (pipi and pupu) found out that, someone's been copying the way we blog.

That person is from our school, and (duh) we know each other.

  1. First was our History of P sisters. You see, our history is sorta "long", and we didn't wanna type out the WHOLE thing right? So we decided to cut it into parts, and (duh) make it more suspending. Oh yes, not to forget, make people eager to find out whats next (it worked!!)

  2. Next, it was Pipi's so called "newspaper article" she wrote about Iman didn't shower in the morning. Yes, that "fler" also did the same like what I did. I talked bout my classmate, he talked bout his. And he did the same exact newspaper article! Damn!
Ergh. Please la! Use your own originality please! It took us hard work to set up this blog, and no, I don't mean by 3 minute easy step signing up. But setting up everything and going through everything, and this PERSON copied us?

Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas, okay?

Next up, we heard the news in the morning, and we went 0.0

We were shocked to know that we have three interesting readers. Some unexpected and some not.

And to these 3 people, PLEASE LA OK. WE DO NOT SIMPLY MAKE UP OUR BLOG POSTS. (Ok the Iman post was real)

We're not so fake like you people. And it answers to all of our questions. They come through our blog, through WaiMin's blog. No wonder, our Nuffnang's analytics (refferals), Waimin's blog hit the most!

Please click to enlarge.
34god damnit!! omfgwtfbbq!!
And other blogs are usually like
2,1,3 maximum also 5!!!

Ok! We just wanna inform everybody thatour blog is been copied! Lemme hint you, how can you find that PERSON's blog. Simply click through our friend's links and eventually you''ll find it.

Lemme repeat this again, WE DO NOT FAKE OUR BLOG POSTS. EVERYTHING IS 100% ORIGINAL AND DONE BY US. We're not that cheapskate and that FAKE liks the three of you. If you're so jealous that our everyday lives is filled with interesting and funny jokes and such, then go GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF READING YOUR DICTIONARY/HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY/SEJARAH/HISTORY/MATHEMATICS/ENCYCLOPEDIA/SEJARAH TEXTBOOK. Did I meantion history/sejarah textbook? Seriously.

Stay tuned for more updates,



Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On Saturday, dated 17th January 2009, it was a school day. A few boys was suppose to paint the class after school, but ended up painting the class during school hour. Tsk tsk, what a great reason to escape boring classes. Yet, I am one of them.

We worked hard, well, sort of. The boys painted while Rajeshi and I was benevolent enough to buy them drinks, free of charge.

Honestly, at first, I wasn't satisfied at all with what they did. I kept pestering Christer and Wai Min, ended up Divish calling me a Janitor, LOL. Anyways, U guys did a great job, Waimin, Yeong, Mark, Samuel, Divish, and myself....Err I mean, Christer. hehe. I love you all.

Anyways, today, majority didn't entered class after the morning assembly was Science, and we go to the lab. After Science we went back to class and found out that our class was saobtaged by some Fucking Son of a Bitch. Or in this case, sons. Or daughters. Gahh! I don't care.

First, our white board was jeopardize, or you can say, vandalised. It happened during when we we're in the lab. There was permanent marker stained on our white board, orange peels lying on the floor, our Anti-drugs posters were torned, our frames we're broken, and I found that there's some Fucking Bastard vandalised outside of our class with a big sign "Fuck U". It sounded more like, Fuck You Back!

I swear it wasn't me who threw the orange peels. And I swear it could not be me, because the last time I even brought oranges to school is last week. And today, the form 6's was selling oranges.

Anyways, these are the examples of the rubbish of SMKHK. No, I do not literally mean rubbish. But the people, rubbish.

We worked hard with our class, and it turned out great. And those people must be so damn jealous of our beautiful class, they just feel like ruining it. Aww, seriously, are you people that bored? I'd rather kill myself than be you.

Anyways, doesn't mean that these people sabotaged our class, we're gonna cry over it. No, instead it makes us stronger, and it makes us want to paint your fucking face with the fucking paint, fucking lifeless dumbass.

We reported to our class teacher, hoping that she'll report to the Pengetua and hoping she'd actually do something.

If I found out who did this to our class, I am seriously swearing him to fucking hell.

Die you!!!! 666!!!!!


After we had our teeths checked, I was standing outside the class looking down at people, and then I realized somebody wrote on the wall, with pen,

"Elise got big boobs."

I was literally laughing while saying WTF is going on.

Seriously dude, It must be a dude. You even got my name wrong! HHAAHHAA.

I feel so flattered that someone actually think my boobs is big and they must have like it. If not, they wouldn't have wrote it, right? Thank you, thank you!!

I feel so honoured to recieve such pervertic statement, especially written on the wall. WOW. I feel so famous now.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pupu: Jesus Christ.

Okay, I'm not being me this year, idk why.
Stupid class made me like this.

when I rehat or whatsoever, u all will go
why u like pmsing?
See la now u merajuk so fast
why u look so emo
etc etc etc

Okay, I'm not Pmsing
nor merajuking
nor being emo!

I hate emos.

I hate 4sc1 not the subjects.
Okay, I don't hate the people as much now.

You guys don't know how I feel den don't jump to conclusion can not
form 4 is quite stressing.
yeah yeah, i know u guys will like
"eh, mei ji know how to stress one meh?"

It's not funny lor okay.
recently, im going thru with like major headaches .
So Im moody
not because im pmsing
or being emo
or being sensitive


I'm going to Penang this coming saturday.
no I'm not excited
In fact I detest penang. and people there
all very kiasu and retarded.

I feel isolated there
my aunts treat me like shit
like im a pile of shit from the road side

okay, Mum always accuse me for vituperating them.
What about me?
what about how i feel?
They started it.
They treated me like a pile of shit last time, and I didn't realize it
like until,12?
I was like. old enough to think more logically.

I ask myself, why are they being so mean to me?
Why they treat me and the other cousins differently?

They give them big big stuff and I don't get any
They kena layan baik-baik, while i was treated coldly

obviously, I'm jealous, curious

If u were in my shoes.
I'm sure u would be wondering?

and, the answer is..because I'm from KL?

what-the fishcakes!


After that, I never want to go back to penang again.
I wasn't even welcome to stay in my aunt's house last time.
Ever since, My mum always stay in a hotel, or my uncles.

Golly gee!
So! I'm going to see them again.
Last time we always go back to penang like every holidays
After 12 years old, We only go back on CNY.

yes, $$.

and Each time i go back.
It would be like

Me: Aunty..("respect them")
Aunt: oh. (give disgusted look)




Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's decided!!

I'm booking everyone (refer below) to my 15th Birthday outing! No more parties, just outing!

I am gonna treat/belanja everyone a movie, but what movie we havent decide yet!

Date : 31st January 2009, Saturday
Place : Pavilion or anywhere nearby
Time : 5pm above.

Anyways, I am officially inviting (alphabetical orders)

Dwayne (CNY-ing)

Ji Mi (he's coming!!)
Joon Hong
Justin Choy

I don't have to mention Pupu right, of course she's the first person to invite!

If everyones wondering why I didn't invite my classmate, I did! But most of them, all of them actually turned down on me. Nemai! U people owe me a present for not coming.

And I don't really belanja people wan okay! Usually I'm very kedekut with money, except with my husband ♥ Hahhaah.

Sorry if I didn't manage to invite other people. Maybe you did not invite me to your party! pfftt.

And Wai Min, it's been 2 years straight you did not attend my party, including this year. You owe me big big big big (present) dude :)

To those who're invited, or those who're not invited, please check back this page often.
Maybe I decide to uninvite you, or those who're not invited hoping to be invited, invited. Cewah.

p/s : my birthday is on the 27th! so don't forge tto wish ahhahaa poyo gila siot i mintak orang to wish me.

p/p/s : Okay to those who're not invited but WANNA BE invited then be nice to me in school or on msn or text! Then I will invite. really!!

Here you go Eva

The Boobed eyed photo. Referring to Pupu's previous post about how she's fastly picking up on Photoshopping people's look (without permission LOL) and I must say, she's very good at it.

But nobody beats the mother of all Photoshopping Queen XiaXue!

Anyway, Pupu was photoshopping this photo of me, and I pestered her to make it super duper big. I told her I wanted eyes like boobs. Boobed eyes. At first she didn't gimme what I want, I hadda pester her multitudinously.

And finally she gave me what I wanted.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

School :)

School's been very fun.

With my everyday jokerzzzzz sitting behind me and homaigosh. They can crap the whole freaking day and I can laugh the whole day.

And oh yeah! I finished my oral presentation at the eleventh hour, siap I hafal the very the important points. And btw, my title is "Thinspiration". I'll talk about my oral presentation AFTER I present it. So you know, I spent until about quite late to do final touch ups for my presentation, and also with the help of Little miss Big D.

In the morning, reached the pondok with Christy, I was saying out my oral speech to Christy, and she find it interesting ;D Whoa! Siap hafal everything you know.

Bell rang, yadda yadda skip the boring part, went to class and found out that my English teacher came late, and she got a meeting to attend! Damn! I was feeling relieved yet pissed off. I mean, I've done everything and suddenly she didn't show up? Worse, she postponed our presentation until AFTER the Chinese New Year, what the curry rat head. Ooh whatever, at least I have more time to re-do my presentation and perfectize it.


Usually, in the morning, we have to do our five minute reading, which is a total waste of time. I use the same book every day and so does other students. I mean, tak berkesan also what they're trying to do.

But then for this week, we haven't been doing any readings because teacher's are always standing at the podium doing their speech about Society, sports and games n such meetings. So, we don't have to read.

Usually, I'll borrow a story book from Rajeshi, since she's so darn semangat, and I leave my books under my table. A few days ago, she came late to school, and I got worried about the five-minute reading. So I talked to Iman.

Iman - Me

Weih, Rajeshi's late!
Yeah I got no book to borrow, darn it!
Eh, second thoughts, I don't think there'll be any five minute reading pun, sure teachers menyibuk wanna talk infront.
Yea meh? how sure are you?
Ala, confirm ok!
Ok fine, lets bet. If there's five minute reading, you'll owe me 1buck, if there's no five-min reading, I'll owe you.
*L.O.L* Okay, set. Dengan segala hormatnya, saya menjadi saksi akan apa yang telah disebutkan *ok I malarkied*

Skip skip. Then the prefect told us to sit down and start with our five minute reading, and I went 0.0 I'm gonna owe Iman 1buck! Then then suddenly some teacher start giving speeches and woooot! I was so relieved ;D

And Iman really paid me!!


Jokers will always remain as one.

Jokerzzzzz - Me

Eh, only Mark can make me gay man, seriously.
*turns back* OMGOSH! I heard it!!
*Laughs* Don't blog about it!

Actually, that happened quite some time already. Hmmmmm, *cough cough*, familiar with this line? wakakakka. XD

During free period English,

Marshall - Waimin - Rajeshi and I - Christer - Divish

Eh, how do you spell toilet ah? IL or EL?
Doink! IL la, takkan EL kot. Then you pronounce as toelet ah?! *Laughs*
*Laughs even harder til tears rolling down and stomach pain*
Weih what happen to them both?
*Laugh summore*
Wei damn bad la you all. Just because he dunno how to spell toilet.
Ok ok shaddap already :(

Oh goshhhhh!

Then in Ujana Ilmu, Iman usually sits beside me, and the other day, my sister happened to go to school to see Mrs. Mano. I saw her walking.

Iman - Me

*pokes Iman* Eh, it's Denise la!
Where got, you pentipu.
*Denise passed by again*
Eh! Denise laaaa, try and tengok carefully *pokes Iman again*
Where got!
Ok fine. If really there's Denise, u owe me one buck, which makes it two cuz u owed me this morning's one buck *grin

After five minutes, Denise passed by Ujana Ilmu with Mrs Mano, and I won two bucks. Easy money :)


School is tiring also, but lesser than ever. Thanks to the meetings and all, school's been ending at 1.10 pm, and not 2.25pm!

Homeworks bertimbun-timbun like a pile of hairs you know. and Maths is so damn hard, I'm trying to catch up with everything. I know I know, I'm not that smart and I don't have high IQ's and such. I needa work harder.


Someone - Me

What makes you so happy being in school?
Hmmm, him (:
Nevermind -_-

POST DELETED due to cirsumstances which cannot be avoided. Iman post was just a joke lah =_=

Pupu: Photoshopping tryouts.!

Okay people!
Lemme tell you something, I do not photoshop my own pics.
No seriously.

But I'm going to show u my "skill"
More like xiaxue's
Thanks to Xiaxue's photoshopping video.
It helps alot.
And I've been doing experiment on people's pictures.

My very first pic I photoshopped.
Was Pipi's.
I tried to make her look lala. LOL.

My experiment.First time photoshopping.

Look abit weird.
Nemai , every1 has their first try!

I don't remember who was second and stuff.
But I'm gonna show u my other collections.

Face abit flat. nemai~ Look prettier.

Hair Looks fake. -.-

Lala. But she's not. x3

See, I made her look so much better!

and Again! She's Poh Jin's Sister by the way.

This is one of the best. O_o.

oo. This one. I like this one. Tun Hong Likes it too.
He even used it to fake his "girlfriend"

My favorite!

Wei Long LOL. Looks abit fake.
But I think it's okay. He looks more like an ordinary boy instead of looking like a nerd.