Thursday, January 22, 2009

Facts bout my classmates (and I)

Today, I annoyed the crap out of my classmates. During English, or, Manglish, our teacher asked us, 'If we would be given A chance to be somebody for a day, who would it be?' And I tell you there's many many many much lame people included.

Some even said, 'I wanna be me, because everyone wanna be me." *cough cough*

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

DATUK Shah Rukh Khan

Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Some even mentioned Barrack Obama, Bill Gates, etc etc.

But mine was different than others. Way way different. I wanna be


She's so pretty lar, and when I mentioned Ringo, everyone ignores me and tries to shut me up. But I obstinated! I still go for Ringo! I even mentioned Kennysia but it made everything worse. Cheesie is damn pretty la! I like the way she blogs also! Go Ringo!

She's like my idol already, my role model. Seriously, who dont wanna be her? I mean girls la :\


Out of the blue, I thought of writing this out. It's been 3 years straight, since form 1 (2007) til now, I'm with the same classmates. And some I even knew since forever. So much to say, we've been through hard times and good times, even the bestest of all best times. But my class would be boring without dramas, gossips, sugar and spices.

Anyways, I'd like to share with everyone, our most famous habits.

  1. We never like to complete the papan kenyataan. Last year, it took us 6 months to complete it. With the help of Miss Lau, ok she did not help. She nearly scream our heads off. Nah, joking. She actually FORCED us to do it. But in return, she gave us chocolates :)

  2. We're very noisy. Each and every teacher that comes in to our class WILL complain how noisy we are, and how they can hear our voices even from the ground floor. Mind you, my class is situated at the toppest floor, which is the second floor. LOL. We just have a loooooot of things to talk about, and we just can't stop! I mean, which class don't make noise right? We cannot shaddap.

  3. We love to eat in class. I know I know, most class do this too. But we really kao kao makan. Before recess, we'll just grab Farhan's food and start munching on it. After recess we';; start eating candies, oranges, mamee monster, more and more candies, and we hardly ever get caught. But seriously, since I've been bringing oranges, the whole class smells like orange everyday!

  4. We're super lazy! Usually, we'd beg the teacher not to teach. But we mostly do that to new teachers, or least important subject. Like for example, Sivic, Moral and Seni. Actually, it depends on the teacher itself. LOL. And it works. Usually they let us do our own stuff or let us out earlier. But under one cindition, no noise. Hahah! Like it will work!

  5. We hate doing homework. Ok not all la. This applies to Waimin's gang, including Rajeshi and I. Last minute homework, everyone copies Waimin's work. Usually he's the one damn semangat. And mostly teacher comments on our essay or work, like how similar it is or why is it EXACTLY the same. We're cooperative. LOL.

  6. We like to curse a lot. Like, damn a lot. They like saying "Owh Shit!" or "Oh ffffffff.........." or or or, "What the efff?" And Waimin's fav line, "My ass la!" yes yes, your ass la. And we do it randomly, anytime, everywhere. Somehow teacher's think we're not innocent, and we're mean people.

  7. Ooh, not to mention, we have this award thingy for 'Best Fall Of The Year.' Sad to say, I got it once. Last year. It wa sduring taekwondo, when I was holding onto two tables in the canteen, and i was swinging while saying 'Weeeeeeee.' And I fell. I fell hard, landed on my butt, AND NOBODY EVEN BOTHER TO HELP ME UP. There's many many falls. Like how Hazri fell of the chair out of a sudden. Mark falling on the floor infront of other class, and he landed hard, on his tummy. Damn, sorry to say, it was a good laugh XD During PJ, Waimin WANTED to kick the ball but tak dapat, he ended up kicking the wind and landed on his butt. I swear I witnessed it. And Samuel, he was running, tripped on a rock and 'flied' like Superman. Great times, great times.
Ok I guess that's about it. When there's more I will post about it :)

Anyways, eventho theres many things I love about my class, theres sure something I hate about it.

To be continued.

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