Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something from us.

Hello, yesterday, one of us (pipi and pupu) found out that, someone's been copying the way we blog.

That person is from our school, and (duh) we know each other.

  1. First was our History of P sisters. You see, our history is sorta "long", and we didn't wanna type out the WHOLE thing right? So we decided to cut it into parts, and (duh) make it more suspending. Oh yes, not to forget, make people eager to find out whats next (it worked!!)

  2. Next, it was Pipi's so called "newspaper article" she wrote about Iman didn't shower in the morning. Yes, that "fler" also did the same like what I did. I talked bout my classmate, he talked bout his. And he did the same exact newspaper article! Damn!
Ergh. Please la! Use your own originality please! It took us hard work to set up this blog, and no, I don't mean by 3 minute easy step signing up. But setting up everything and going through everything, and this PERSON copied us?

Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas, okay?

Next up, we heard the news in the morning, and we went 0.0

We were shocked to know that we have three interesting readers. Some unexpected and some not.

And to these 3 people, PLEASE LA OK. WE DO NOT SIMPLY MAKE UP OUR BLOG POSTS. (Ok the Iman post was real)

We're not so fake like you people. And it answers to all of our questions. They come through our blog, through WaiMin's blog. No wonder, our Nuffnang's analytics (refferals), Waimin's blog hit the most!

Please click to enlarge.
34god damnit!! omfgwtfbbq!!
And other blogs are usually like
2,1,3 maximum also 5!!!

Ok! We just wanna inform everybody thatour blog is been copied! Lemme hint you, how can you find that PERSON's blog. Simply click through our friend's links and eventually you''ll find it.

Lemme repeat this again, WE DO NOT FAKE OUR BLOG POSTS. EVERYTHING IS 100% ORIGINAL AND DONE BY US. We're not that cheapskate and that FAKE liks the three of you. If you're so jealous that our everyday lives is filled with interesting and funny jokes and such, then go GET A LIFE INSTEAD OF READING YOUR DICTIONARY/HISTORY/GEOGRAPHY/SEJARAH/HISTORY/MATHEMATICS/ENCYCLOPEDIA/SEJARAH TEXTBOOK. Did I meantion history/sejarah textbook? Seriously.

Stay tuned for more updates,



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