Tuesday, January 20, 2009


On Saturday, dated 17th January 2009, it was a school day. A few boys was suppose to paint the class after school, but ended up painting the class during school hour. Tsk tsk, what a great reason to escape boring classes. Yet, I am one of them.

We worked hard, well, sort of. The boys painted while Rajeshi and I was benevolent enough to buy them drinks, free of charge.

Honestly, at first, I wasn't satisfied at all with what they did. I kept pestering Christer and Wai Min, ended up Divish calling me a Janitor, LOL. Anyways, U guys did a great job, Waimin, Yeong, Mark, Samuel, Divish, and myself....Err I mean, Christer. hehe. I love you all.

Anyways, today, majority didn't entered class after the morning assembly was Science, and we go to the lab. After Science we went back to class and found out that our class was saobtaged by some Fucking Son of a Bitch. Or in this case, sons. Or daughters. Gahh! I don't care.

First, our white board was jeopardize, or you can say, vandalised. It happened during when we we're in the lab. There was permanent marker stained on our white board, orange peels lying on the floor, our Anti-drugs posters were torned, our frames we're broken, and I found that there's some Fucking Bastard vandalised outside of our class with a big sign "Fuck U". It sounded more like, Fuck You Back!

I swear it wasn't me who threw the orange peels. And I swear it could not be me, because the last time I even brought oranges to school is last week. And today, the form 6's was selling oranges.

Anyways, these are the examples of the rubbish of SMKHK. No, I do not literally mean rubbish. But the people, rubbish.

We worked hard with our class, and it turned out great. And those people must be so damn jealous of our beautiful class, they just feel like ruining it. Aww, seriously, are you people that bored? I'd rather kill myself than be you.

Anyways, doesn't mean that these people sabotaged our class, we're gonna cry over it. No, instead it makes us stronger, and it makes us want to paint your fucking face with the fucking paint, fucking lifeless dumbass.

We reported to our class teacher, hoping that she'll report to the Pengetua and hoping she'd actually do something.

If I found out who did this to our class, I am seriously swearing him to fucking hell.

Die you!!!! 666!!!!!


After we had our teeths checked, I was standing outside the class looking down at people, and then I realized somebody wrote on the wall, with pen,

"Elise got big boobs."

I was literally laughing while saying WTF is going on.

Seriously dude, It must be a dude. You even got my name wrong! HHAAHHAA.

I feel so flattered that someone actually think my boobs is big and they must have like it. If not, they wouldn't have wrote it, right? Thank you, thank you!!

I feel so honoured to recieve such pervertic statement, especially written on the wall. WOW. I feel so famous now.

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