Friday, October 31, 2008

Your shit, here.

Hello! I totally screwed up my BM paper today! Honestly, only Section A, C and D I put much effort while doing it. Especially my section C. More updates on it later.

Anyways, during BM Paper 1, some funny stuff happened :D

T : Okay class, you can write down your name on the sheet.

T : What? Have you written your name on the sheet [shit]?
M : Oh, myyy, yes! I've wrote my name on the 'shit' *Laughs*

Okay well stuff like this happened all the time during exams. Next week Monday is Sejarah.

1 word





p/s : Thank you Pupu !
Love you lots :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pupu: Pipi I larf you!

Dear pipi,

You've supported me for my PMR and I'm really happy to have a twin like you =D

Just so you know! I will be supporting you for ur coming Finals! Best of LUCK! KISSES AND HUGS! LOL

with LOVE and SUPPORT!,

I can see that.

Hello people! Today, is the day, i went to school with my hair all tied up. I know I know, I look so ugly I can die seeing myself.

Today was quite fun. You know after a long holiday, well, quite long, finally I get to see my orgasmic friends. After recess, the school had some lame thing which involves the lower secondary. I was Lazy to bore myself with uber boringness speech and talks. So as usual, I skipped. At first I thought whoa nobody was in class until I looked up and I saw Ben and Samuel up there so I thought, they must be skipping too.

And turns out that Christy skipped. So, we hula in class :D Until we, discovered something very exotic, unsual and extraordinary. But I swore not to say anything about it.

Dear Arrows,

You've got my promised there, see I never mentioned anything right :P

Oh by the way, you're welcome.


Since today is the last day of school before exam, I have quite a sum of homeworks which I don't usually do. Since its Bahasa tomorrow, I needa brush up my karangans (essays) and my Komsas (literature) and of course my Pemahaman or Tatabahasa which IDK how to translate that in English. Lets just say the objective paper okay dahhh.

Karangan for today :

Punca punca berlakunya gelaja sosial di kalangan pelajar. (e.g : Buli, gangsterisme, penagihan dadah, etc )

Tidak dapat dinafikan lagi bahawa gejala sosial yang berlaku di kalangan remaja kian meningkat. Secara konsepsinya, gejala sosial merujuk kepada amalan hidup yang bertentangan dengan nilai hidup dalam sesebuah masyarakat. Persoalannya, apakah punca-punca berlakunya gejala sosial yang berlaku di kalangan remaja?

Punca yang pertama ialah, ibu bapa yang terlalu sibuk dengan tugas harian seperti bekerja, mengabaikan anak-anak mereka. Lantaran itu, mereka kurang memberikan kasih sayang dan tumpuan sepenuhnya terhadap anak-anak mereka, secara langsung ibu bapa tidak menganbil berat akan hal anak-anak mereka.

Punca yang kedua ialah, pengaruh oleh rakan sebaya. Remaja sekarang mudah dipengaruhi oleh ajakan dan cabaran rakan. Tambahan pula, remaja kini juga pantang dicabar. Apabila terasa dicabar, remaja akan bertindak dengan melulu tanpa memikirkan kesan dan akibat daripada perbuatan mereka.

Punca yang ketiga ialah pengaruh oleh media massa. Bak kata pepatah, "zaman dah berubah, dunia dah maju." Terdapat banyak pengaruh oleh media massa seperti televisyen, radio, VCD dan Internet. Selain itu terdapat juga cerita yang berunsur keganasan dan cerita yang berunsur seks, yang dapat mempengaruhi cara pemikiran dan perbuatan remaja untuk terjebak dalam masalah gejala sosial.

Punca yang terakhir sekali ialah, pendidikan Agama dan ajaran Moral di kalangan remaja kian diabaikan. Oleh itu, benteng dalam diri seseorang remaja itu menjadi lemah dan mudah dipengaruhi oleh unsur jahat. Tambahan pula, dengan kekurangan ajaran agama dan moral, remaja akan menjadi tidak keruan juga menyebabkan remaja terjebak dalam masalah gejala sosial.

Kesimpulannya, jika ibu bapa memberi tumpuan dan kasih sayang terhadap anak-anak mereka, mustahil anak-anak mereka akan terjebak dalam masalah gejala sosial sebegini. Seterusnya jika kalangan masyarakat yang prihatin, yang bekerjasama untuk membasmi gejala ini, saya pasti masalah gejala sosial kian menurun.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

History of P Sisters Part III : Pipi, Pupu & Pepe.

Hey people! It’s Pipi and Pupu again. We're back for Part III. Sorry for the long hiatus on the history, we're very busy, and finally got the time to write and discuss about part III.

P Sister's life after Ice-Creamianz went great. Even though they hadn't much friends at that time, but every cloud has a silver lining. The relationship between P Sisters and Jimi became tighter.

And that is when, they got their names.

Those days, Pipi's cute name was Panda, and during that time, there was a horrifying raping-murder case about little Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, who was raped, cucumbers and brinjals were stuffed into her private, and then murdered. It was so brutal.

So Mummy Jimi decided to give a name to Panda, which was Pipi, and then Pupu to LiLBluE Mei Ji. Pipi and Pupu were such perky girls; they even gave a name to Mummy Jimi, which was Pepe.

They were really tight at that time. Everything they do together. Go to the same school, recess together, eat together, sit together, laugh and crap together, the best part is go outing together

Here's a few pictures from P Sister's "Photo Album"

Time Square's Nichii.
P Sister's number one Shopping spot
for awesome dresses!

Some human's brithday party.
Past was the past :)

Happy happy :)

We're Indestructable :D

Swinging along..The open road.
Under the sky, that's clear...
Swinging a long, the open road.


Shaved, shiny clean

We hope you enjoy our part III, and stay tuned for Part IV!

With Love, Hugs and extra Kisses,

Pipi & Pupu

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey people! P Sister's is currently having issues with avoiding from stalkers. No, not just stalkers, people who reads our blog, and proceed to tell people around what we talk about, and stuffs. And we're worried if our blog gets stalked, and as mentioned above.

So, any suggestions on how to avoid stalkers?

Besides changing link. Because the stalker[s] use blog hopping method, so, um. We thought of privatising our blog, but you know, we prefer it being public for everyone to read.

Any suggestions please click the 'Add Comment' link below. Comments in the Shoutbox/Chatbox will not be entertained. Buat menyemak dalam c-box saja.

Pipi :D

Halfway there.

Heyyy everyone! Today, my post is going to be all me~ I'm going to brag and boast a bit. Hey, its not always you see Pipi being such a blowhard person, right? =P

So recently, I've been going shopping~ And i was satisfied! In fact, very satisfied! :D:D

Okay so I really don't know what to say, just let the pictures do the talking alrightttt.

Pretty! @_@

waaaaa* ahaha *droools more.

This Flippy match my top

That's the front view.

Oh, thats the back XD

I got that top for my birthday this year
from Dinnish and Vincent Chan. LOL.
thanks a lot and I really like it :D

Oh wait, I'm not done with my collection.

Surf Shorts! :D

Okay, I'm done with my boasting LOL.


Continuing with the post, I wanna talk about Keeping your promise. No Nabil, I'm not talking about you forgetting to topup =P It's promises you've made to someone, a group of someones, etc.

Firstly, I'd like to wish my dearest friend a very Happy Brithday.
(I mean Belated)

Happy (Belated) Birthday Rajeshi !
You're old now :D Old-er.

On her birthday, a buddy, so called promised he'd sponsor lunch. So Buddy requested for me to treat him his movie ticket. Because on Rajeshi's brithday, we went to watch HSM 3. Okay more on that later. Moving on with the story, on the day, Buddy demanded me to treat him movies but I ended up didnt treat him, because he came late, and I wasn't in a good mood at that time. No more PMS-ing :P

So after the movies, we went to eat lunch at Buddy's shop. So after ordering and while waiting for the food to arrive, Buddy said, "Hey you know what, my mum is going to be so pissed at me." So the others went, "WHY?!". Buddy said, "Because I'm not suppose to treat my friends."

At that minute and at that second, I said, "Lucky I didn't ordered anything." I didn't ordered anything because I ate too much during the movies, and i was on a mini Diet. So, yeah. I mean, he already said he wanted to 'sponsor' us right? Ended up, he didn't. And I was in luck. Lucky I did not treat him movies, if not I'll refund back my money. What kind of person is this, plus Buddy said that in a mean way. Hey, Buddy could use a better way to say it, right? Like,

I'm sorry, I'm not suppose to treat my friends.

But hell no. I mean, it's someones brithday summore. How can you say like that? Especially straight to the birthday girl's face! And the best part, Buddy is the one who said wanted to treat us all =_= I swear I am never going back to that cinema, and to that particular place.

To be frank, ok Ini kritikan membina. Harap-harap takde siapa terasa sehingga ke tahap menghiris hati ye.

The food wasn't that good. I mean, my uncle's one is better. The Pineapple rice is very retarded. I mean, they put real Pineapples into the rice, which make the whole rice taste akward. The Kampung Fried Rice was just okay only. I'd rather go to Cozy House :)

Oh talk about High School Musical. I never liked High School Musical. Probably the first movie did impressed me. But the second one had not impressed me at all, and at the same time, made me condescend High School Musical. HSM 1 is obviously the best among all. HSM 2, is very suckish. Sorry to dissapoint HSM fans. HSM 2 was very, OMG IT SUCKS. The songs were awefully retarded, and the graphic sucks. Everything looks fake. HSM 3 was, well, the graphic is better. The storyline was good, but the acting is, naaaaah. The movie made me laugh at all of those stupid scenes. But it was okay la, worth my RM9. But I won't bother buying the DVD or watching it again, y'know, Im not a HSM fan. So, hmmph yeah okay whatever :P

Love, Hugs and Kisses :P


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pupu: Robbers.

Hello peeepuuhh! Miss me? *giggles*
Okay so just now, My friend came online and I saw his pm.
His pm was "fucking malay idiot cretin moron retard cretin imbecile _|_"
Then I went to talk to him. I said to him "RACIST!"
then my friend was like "wtf. I got robbed"

My expression was like =O!
I asked him what happened. He told me that he was walking home from a food store.
He saw two suspicious dude.
One tall and big sized, the other short and thin.
So he walked faster trying to avoid them.
The short dude approached my friend and asked him whether does he has cigarette.
My friend said he doesn't has any and walked away.
The small dude went closer to my friend. Then my friend pushed him.
That small dude was so pissed he took out his parang, my friend asked what do they want?
They say they want his phone.
My friend claim that he has no phone and took out this wallet.
That small dude was more pissed and pointed his parang at my friend's neck.
The Big dude grabbed him from his back.
Sadly, My friend had no choice but to abandon his phone and wallet.

Which is a very sad thing for him, because his IC is in his wallet and he will be sitting for his SPM very soon!

Everyone! Becareful! and Don't walk alone!!

p/s: My friend told me that the two dudes were wearing Victoria Institution uniform! So, if you are free or anything u can try to be aware of them or catch them etc.

Small dude
`Malay skin color
`Small eyes

Big dude
-undescribable because he was standing behind the small dude.

Everyone, let's pray for my friend and hope that the two dudes kena tangkap or kena bang by van or something. HAHA, I'm so mean !_!

with love,

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pupu:Pissed Off!

Reason number 1: Okay, here goes! The form 3 students for the librarians were direhatkan for the past few months until PMR's over. So this week, we started our duty again. Yesterday, was my duty day, as usual, I would do the books. So I went to shelf number 1. The books were retardedly arranged. It wasn't even arranged! The books were slanting and the over-sized books were on top of the slanting books! So I arranged all the books and straightened it. I took the over-sized book and put it in the shelf for over-sized books. As I was putting it back into place. There was tiny books in the over-sized books Shelf and I was like WTFBBQ! Then I went to check the other book shelves. It was all retarded! All the books are like crowded in a place and slanting everywhere. So, I told Julie with my pissing off tone and she told me to tell the Ketua hari. Julie told the Ketua Hari, he pretended to listen and gave us his I-Don't-Give-A-Damn look. He is a freaking useless ketua hari! He just sat in the counter and chit-chated with this typical indian girl which was a new librarian(form1) andfuck she didn't do her duty. Julie Helped me with the books. We arranged all the shelves books.On the bright side, there's this another typical indian, she did her sweeping very well. An applause for you (-:

Reason number 2: Okay, on Wednesday I went to tropicana with my mum. We are members there for quite sometime. So we decided to go there for workout. When we enter the female changing room We were amazed! There's Jacuzzi and Japanese bath! I forgot to bring my bathing suit that time. So I was pissed off. As for today, I remembered! I brought my bathing suit. Guess what?After the workout, They fishing close the damn Jacuzzi and Japanese bath! So I was like "WHAT THE HELL?!" Screw this. Bengang! Didn't have the mood already! I stomped off to the shower room with my pissed off face.

Okay! Fullstop! The End!

p/s: I'm addicted to
`Just Dance- Lady Gaga ft Colby O Donis.
`Womanizer- Britney Spears
`Mind in the Gutter- Chris Crocker (trust me! This song is rocking!)

With Love and Pissed-offness,
Pissed-off Pupu.

Fake Up.

Hey people. Pipi is gonna rant on something today, which is about Newspaper articles.

I personally hate reading Malay newspaper because it's so full-of-shit AKA Fake. A few months ago, happen that my friend's birthday party flyer, appeared on ***** Newspaper. On the flyer, it says "One night stand. No drugs no sex no alcohol. Haha, Just kidding" I mean, it's obviously a Joke. Plus I knew the people who went to the party, and they're not those cheapskate type of people.

***** Newspaper said, it's a one night stand party, and they did it once or twice a month. Bodoh gila, Woi brithday orang ni setiap tahun berjuta kali ke? Bangang.

Plus, they even "paid" a person to fake it that the person went to the "one night stand party" everytime, and he had sex there. Like a sex party, you know what I'm sayin? And so, I called my friend, asking him, you know that fake bastard on the paper? And obviously, that fella on the paper was some stranger. Stupid right, I mean, who on earth has so many birthdays? Who would wanna waste money on so many birthday parties? IDIOT.

Next, the Freedom Festival 2008 in PD. When DJ Tiesto came to malaysia. another Fake Newspaper wrote in, saying that it was disturbing the people living nearby, and it's filled with drug, alcohol and some shit like that, which is also, NOT TRUE. Because another article, written in the SAME newspaper saying that, it was a clean and safe festival. Because it's taken care of the Security Guards.

Thats why I hate Malay Newspapers. Sometimes when I read, the title looks interesting and eye-catching. But after reading it, can believe or not? If theres such thing so many kids getting rape and had sex, why don't they show it on the news, on television?




Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tagged by Pupu and Jian

State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. The 10 people I tag are to then follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
and so, here it goes. 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself are :

- I check the time before I close my eyes and sleep.

- I carry many packets of tissues

- I always accidentally take my friend's stationery. (but I return it the next day!!)

- I love camwhoring (with friends)

- I hate Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus

- I love to text than call, when Im free. Well, most of the time I am free.

- I like to repeat songs over and over again on my radio

- Then I repeat them again on my phone

- I go mood swing for no particular reason. Its not a habit, its just, Me. LOL

- I love shopping

- I love to gossip

- I love KLCC & Pavi

- I love Pupu

- I love to talk. about, nevermind. Well, its fun to talk.

- I love to flatter myself.


Heres a song I've wrote, for my dearest friend. The tune, you may follow Miley Cyrus's 7 Things. Eventhough I loathe Miley, its something about her song, 7 Things, which is funny and easy to write a parody out of it, don't you think so? Here's the song. By the way, this is meant as a joke, I didn't mean all those offending words in it. Like I said, it's just a song :P Enjoy!

It's time for me to say this
My dearest friend *Ahem
You should know I love You
You were there when I need you
You are awesome
You are great
But I have something big to say
And it's a lot
Oh I hope you're not offended
With my special song I wrote for you.
Please hear.

The things that I hate about you!
The things I hate about you...
Oh *Ahem

You're Fat
You're Round
You got big ass
you always eat a lot
You make me laugh
You make me cry
But I still think you're fat, alright.

You Jerk
You Bald
You think you're HOT
But you're actually NOT
I wanna be, with a skinny friend
And the last thing, I hate the most that you do
You make me look fat.

It's stressful and it's painful
When I'm having P.M.S
What you need to know now
My sincere apology
I am sorry, I was mean
But I can't control my mood swings
Oh I'm not finished yet.
I'm taking, my sweet time, yeah!

The things that I hate about you!
Your hair
Your eyes
Your stinky breath
When I breathe I think I'm dead
You make me cringe
You make me scared
But you still are my good friend
Your friend *Ahem
He's a total Fag
Don't be like him.
I wanna you to remain straight
And the last thing, I hate the most that you do
You make me love gays.

And compare to all the bad things
That will take too long to write
I probably should mention
The things that I like

The things that I like about you!
You're gay
You're smart
You make me laugh
You're always so funny!
You make me smile
You make me pissed
But I still love you no matter what.
*Ahem you're cute
I wanna pinch you
Until you bleed.
I wanna be friends forever
And the bestest thing, I like the most that you do
You carry my stuffs.

[p/s : I did a few modifications, to make it sound better.
To those who had heard and read this the first,
heres a better version about 'Things about You']

Love, Hugs and Kisses,


The big C l u e


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sneak Peek to Part III: Pipi, Pupu & Pepe

Hello readers! Waiting for part III?! It's coming closer to you! Here's the sneak peak for part III: Pipi, Pupu & Pepe!
The Ice-creamianz fell! What happened to Pipi and Pupu? Well, They are super close with their mother!

Find out how did Pipi and Pupu got their names!

Wish to see more pictures?

Here's a lil secret! We are going to post pictures in the next part! Stay tune!

with LOVE,
Pipi & Pupu

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss Pupu tooo =(

Hey Everyone! School today was tremendously monotonous.

Yesterday was very fun, I will blog about it later on, when I'm much more free.

Like I said, yesterday was fun, and I came home extremely fatigued. When I got home, I forced myself to study. Exams' on the waayyy! I was so tired I tell you I could doze off on the spot. Then I forced myself even harder to iron my school uniform, took a shower, eat, read newspaper and slept. I slept quite late, and with my fatigueness, which make me woke up late this morning.

Usually, in the morning, in the Pondok, where Pupu and I always lepak around in the morning, but today there was no Pupu. So I waited for Iman instead. Without Pupu was so boring. Usually I talk to her, talk talk talk talk talk until Im so freshed up for class and everything.

Since there was no Pupu, I sat alone, hoping for Iman to reach faster, and I was sleepy.

I was extremely tired and sleepy the whole entire day, not to forget I was having PMS. Mood swinging around like a moving car (?).

Tiredness ,


Pipi I miss you )=

Okay, I'm super bored right now.
I skipped school because I don't wanna go to this stupid jamuan and I'm also too tired
Waiting for Pipi to come online and send me pictures


with LOVE,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pupu: Finally someone tagged me!

State 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. The 10 people I tag are to then follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
and so, here it goes. 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about myself are :

- I stretch before I sleep

- I stay online for long hours

- I hate Mariah Carey

- I hate Avril Lavigne

- I hate Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus

- I love White people

- I hate White people's personality

- I love to camwhore

- I adore Pavillion

- I adore KLCC

- I anti lalas

- I hate racism

- I hate stalkers

- I hate and love horror movies at the same time

- I love blue color!

I tag :

Jian jian
Joon Hong
Wai Loong (porky)
Jimi ( if he is even free to read this blog)
Eva (Idk whether does she read this blog)


Recently, my friend reminded me that this coming Wednesday my primary school is going to have children's day.
I'm freaking confuse whether should I go or not.
Well, I want to go because I miss my primary school badly and also I want to see that fugly principal's face after being sued by Cikgu Chong. *Salutes*

I don't wanna go because Poh Jin is not going. I dun wanna be sesat there!!
and if Justin Tan Jhen Wei(it's not like you know him anyway) goes I will surely go!
btw, that Justin dude. I had a crush on him during primary school =D
So, I wanna see how does he looks like now.

It's a sad issue. When his name is mentioned huhu T_T



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.

Hey everyone! Back with mini updates on today.

I was invited to Rajeshi's Ahem Ceremony, she looked like a princess, like seriously. I'm just so happy for her Ahem!

Next, i was, sort of Invited to Farhan's Raya Open House. At first, i was hesitated. To go, or not to go? But I end up going after being pestered multitudinous-ly, I went.

You know I thought today was gonna suck, because of thw whole issue on Friday, but thank God, no, thank Friends, things turned out extremely great.

It was great. Camwhore filled-day. I'd be glad to show everyone all of the pictures, but sadly i only have 1/3 of it. The rest is in Wai Min's cammy.

Then, Christer Ruben, Christer, Ruben, Chris, Ben, whatever, was like, the entertainer of the day. He's real good in guitaring, especially with the song Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. You know, he kinda like serenaded everyone in Farhan's house :D Well, not everyone...Just, those who we're listening la :D

I had a good time, with my friends.
And I am SURE I'm gonna have fun with my twin tomorrow.
Pupu and I are gonna go outing
to buy my Mum's present.

I Larf You All!


Waimin, Me, Ben, Iman, Amir
& Farhan

Location : Farhan's House.

Farhan, Ben, me, Iman, Amir, Liyana
& Wai Min
[Omg la, i was doing the Tak-jadi-Lala pose wtf]
Hey everyone! Pipi's here, and she needs help!

Okay, you see, my Mummy's birthday is coming real soon! I don't know what to buy.

Please don't suggest stupid, idiotic items. And no clothing items, or books.

Please, Need your help! Give me suggestions :D

I'll appreciate it very much.

Thank you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

As Free as A Bird!

Hey readers! Had been wondering where I went? Why I abandoned this blog?
hahaha *perasan*
Well I'm back now! I'm as free as a bird!
Yesterday, after the examiners took our papers. There were some hooligans screaming like mad cows.
As Vanessa and I were walking out to collect our phones. Then again we heard the Hooligans screamed.
as though like SPM is over.

When we were walking out to my mum's car. then again the hooligans scream
Seriously, They are as annoying as hell.
those retarded hooligans I mentioned are the jujurians.

Vanessa came to my house for a shower and we went out.
We met Shammi and Terrence in Ampang point and took a bus to KLCC.
When we were eating our lunch.
Suddenly this Malay lady approached me.
"Dompet kau" *points to my wallet lying on the floor*
I looked down and took it.
Then she went back to her seat.

After I finished my meal, I went to thank that lady.
*omg. Thank you lor! If not I won't be able to pay for the movies and petrosians*
We went to petrosians after that.
Guess what?
When we were in the Space section.
There was a lot of cotton candy.
Vanessa took and gave each of us one packet.
Then I asked the lady is it eatable?
She said" Noooo! It's for experiment!"
LMAO! We put it back! Then I found a tupperware of Marshmellows!
I opened it and smelled it. It smells so good! so sweet!
Vanessa took it and eat it.
We were like! OMG! It's for experiment! What if they added Sodium hydroxide Solution?

As we were heading out of the Petrosians.
We have to take this small ride.
And during the ride there were so many Tv's showing us about petroleum and Malaysians etc etc
Int he ride there are 3 old women sitting in front of us.
Shammi used his watch and offed it TV.
That was hilarious!
That woman was watching the tv!

After that, we sat in the Food court and ordered some drinks
We talked and laughed
Shammi suggested something stupid
he asked all of us to stare at people weirdly as they are walking pass.
I couldn't do it. Laughter kept on bursting out
So Vanessa and Shammi did it.
Shammi was staring at this dude. and He immediately looked away and he looked at shammi again.
That was funny!! If you were there that is.

we went to the movie. After the stupid advertisements.
They turned off the lights.
We started throwing popcorns at people in front of us and buat bodoh.
That was another stupid idea from Terrence.
But It was fun LOL

We went to the park after that.
Sat there and ate aunty annes.
Suddenly one bunch of dudes walked passed us. Guess who are they?
It's the Jujur people! All the guys! As though like the whole class wet to KLCC!
But I have to admit, KLCC was filled with form3 students!
I bumped into Anastasia and this ex school mate.

It was a tiring day.
I went back and read Breaking Dawn then I slept.
full stop!

with Love,

Friday, October 17, 2008

Crying makes you a sore loser.


Money can't buy Friends.

Hey everyone! I guess everyone must be wondering why am I always missing. Well, my dad took the CPU to his office to reformat it. Took a few days, and I have to say I have soooo many things to talk about Drama never ends. Lets start with Wednesday's issue.

I was bored, so I talked to my classmates, and they're were talking about money issues.

F1 - Friend 1, F2 - Friend 2, M - me

F1 : how much is your Father's salary?

F2 : oh.....*0,000.

M : wow.

F2 : Yours? [as in talking to F1]

F1 : I think *0,000.

F1&F2 : *calculating calculating

F2 : Wooohmygod!! Your Father earns more than mine....Which means you're richer than me! How can that beeeeee......

M : why should you bother whose Dad earns more than whos. *Literally smacks head

Okay, they even asked me how much my Dad earns. Well, I didn't say anything. Because I didn't know how much, and I couldnt care less about what they were talking about. I mean, why bother whos Dad earns more?

Now I know why my parents doesn't tell me how much they earn. Sometimes I could wonder or think about it, but to think of it NOW, I think I'm rather thankful that my parent's didn't tell me how much they earn. Because? I understand why now. Later on, their kids will be going to school, boasting around about their Dad's super high salary, and brag about it.

I know, I cannot afford expansive items, I cannot eat expansive food, super high-class food. When my friends talk to me about, how they're going to go Brazil, or London, or Paris or whatsoever country, and I dont get to, I tend to feel a bit jealous. Because I know, I cannot afford. I'm just happy the way I am living now. I feel so thankful that I get to go online, i have a handphone[which is common], I get to eat, drink, sleep, have a nice, cozy house.

But that is not why I hate people bragging or being boastful. It just get too annoying sometimes.
Anyways, even though I feel kinda jealous [sometimes], I still love to listen to their experiences and all. It's kinda fun. Annoying and Provoking when you repeat it like what? 5 times?

Love, and Hugs, no Kisses,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Sorry for doing this late, I didn't notice. Yeah right, actually hor, that Pipi hor, she hor, she purposely buat buat lupa wan. HAHAHAHAAHA Joke. Okay so here it is.

Name: Pipi
Sisters: 2
Brothers: 3
Shoe Size: 5?
Height: 158! Bangga gila I'm tall-er :P
Where do you live: Ampang!
Favourite drinks: Ice Lemon Pee. He he he, ice Lemon TEA la.
Favourite breakfast: Chee Cheong Fan, or isit Fun?
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yeah
Swam in the ocean: I loathe it. Salty and very geli la my feet.
Fallen asleep at school: Yea, omgeeeee.
Broken someone's heart: Hahaha Wai Min perasan gila. Well, no, got broken hearted laa.
Fell off your chair: A few times. It'd be extremely humiliating id i did it in school. BTW, i got the Best Fall of the year, not fall off the chair okay!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No lah, not that desperate.
What is your room like: Well, very messy.
What's right beside you: Erm, lotsa stuff.
What is the last thing you ate: Going to eat Pork
Sore throat: Yeah, fever fever.
Stitches: Cannot remember.
Broken nose: Nope, hahahaha.
Do you believe in love at first sight: I guess so.
Like picnics?: Depends where what with who when how n etc LOL
Who was the last person you danced with: My concious
Last person made you smile: Vanessa, ahahhaa.
You last yelled at: Wai Min lah, he's so deaf I tell you.
Today did you kissed anyone: LOLOL I kissed a girllll...and I liked it.
Get sick: Recently.
Miss someone: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa.....No.
Eat: Diet!
Best feeling in the world: Wai Min pervert! Well, i dunno yet. Orgasms!! HAHAAH.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yea, chuck it at one corner...
What's under your bed: Boxes.
Who do you really hate: Betrayers, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, ala you name them la.
What time: 8.59pm.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
  • Crying.
  • Drinking milk.
  • Don't wanna go school
  • Talking to Dora.
  • I have no idea.
5 things on my to-do list today:
  • Maths
  • Blog
  • Makan
  • Studyyyy
  • textinggg and sleep.
5 snacks I enjoy:
  • Pringles or isit Mr Potatoe?
  • Mamee monster.
  • I dunno lah, i cannot eat snacks or junk food anymore.
  • Furgot
  • My foot cream.
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
  • Buy all the stuff I wanted
  • Bring Pupu go shopping
  • Help saving the enviroment and stuff. Consume money ar? Must buy plants wor..
  • Do extra extra charity
  • Buy new home for my Mummy and Daddy.. I larf Youuu
5 of my bad habits:
  • Talk too much and too loud
  • Pulls hair
  • Pinch pinch
  • Big mouth
  • Tickling others too much
  • You judge me.

    5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:

*I changed the question to countries I lived in, self edit. =)
  • Malaysia.
  • Bangkok
  • Christy's house.
  • Pupu's house
  • Selayang my second home.

5 things I will do after complete what I'm busy with:
  • Sleepovers
  • Brush my teeth.
I tag:

Beautiful Boys

Today school was such a waste of time. We didn't even learn much. Before recess was nuts. All we did was talk, crap, laugh, talk, fart, laugh. Talked until my lips turn yellow.

After recess all we did was discuss Maths homework, and English some Plural and Singular Verb sentences. Sounds easy? Even I got wrong. With the word Dump and Dumps. more like Dumping. It was a huuuuuuuge Dumping.

This weekend I'm fully booked. Thanks to my lovely boyfriends who pestered me to go to Farhan's Open House, which clearly one of his cousin happened to be my friend, and I hope not to 'ter-serempak' with him. Omg laaaa.

Anyways, today was indeed a jubilant day. I was so frenzied, cewah, with WM while reading the dictionary. Lumpsucking Scallywagger. Wahahahha I tell you my classmates are such preposterous, imbecile, funny, vexing and irritating. I simply love to talk to them, laugh my ass off about anything, and they dont take jokes seriously. I also can tell them stuffs, well, sometimes. Guys never listen. I have to make them sit quietly n listen to my monotonous blabbering. But it's nice la, I never get bored of talking to them. You know you can just talk whole day, and you can still want to talk after school. They're just to socially, and emotionally overstimulated plus their orgasmic feeling everyday which makes them crack stupid jokes.

I can go on continue jabbering about them forever.
(actually, I got nothing to post about)

I can feel this blog is getting dull. I shall update better stuffs next time.

Oh, Porky, hahah You commented on our History Part II that you wanted to know about our past relationships? Well, Pupu didn't want to. But I guess I could talk a bit about that. It involves many people, many complicating people, thats one of my
reason for not talking about this. Well, I could tell you on MSN or something? :)

with Love, Hugs and Kisses,


[p/s : Ben, I know you how much you like
my ultimate famous
Mee Kari Kepala Tikus
So here's to you dummy!
Sorry lah, not easy to find Mee Kari Kepala Tikus
Hor Andy? Not easy to find in Malaysia. Very limited! hahahahahaha]

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pergi Main Rehat.

Meow Meow~
Today was the first day of my PMR.
Only Bahasa Melayu Paper I and II.
Paper I was..Kinda..Difficult whereas Paper II is kinda Okay.
Paper II, as for the Novel, I thought plot would be coming out.
When they informed us that we can open the question paper, I quickly flipped to the Novel section and the question was the stupid Latar Tempat.

I only know 2 Latar tempat and they asked for 3. I was like WTFBBQ!
I woke up 4 30 am today just to hafal the plot and teknik plot!
But I was satisfied with my Section C. Vanessa said that my story's dramatic and the examiner will cry while marking my paper. LOL

As for now, Im blogging while eating. Taking a rest from my revision.
I was studying just now and I realized that how much I don't know about the form 2 science!
Ahhh! screw it. I must at least get a B for science!!

After this, Im gonna go back to my studying.
and Curse myself for not studying earlier.

With Love and Depression,

Oi, watch your language !

First of all, I cannot speak Chinese. I can, but in a very ugly slang. It's like an Indonesian trying to speak French, y'know what I'm sayin'?

My title for today is, 'Oi, watch your language !' Because recently, I something just happened (duh!)

See, I hate it when people talk in different language, so you wont understand, and the person can just go Bitch about you in different language.

I never knew Chinese language, until recently. I never wanted to speak or even learn how to speak. My Chinese Language is so terrible and I don't even have the heart to speak. Because it's so darn terrible.

So you see, in high school, you have different people from different types of school. Sekolah Kebangsaan, SJKC (Chinese) or SJK T (Tamil). Throughout my primary years, I schooled in a Sekolah Kebangsaan. Everyday you speak malay, Essay your write in Malay (BM), Science you learn in Malay, Mathematics also you learn in Malay.

But when I enter high school, then i found more friends, enemies, frenemies. Ok whatever.
Back to the topic. I have a few schoolmates, who only speak Chinese, and more Chinese. But still, their English is good. But sometimes, halfway talking to them, they tend to insult, or in Malay, mengutuk orang, in their language.

That is so low-class man. You use your language that other people don't understand, and tend to kutuk them. If you have something to say, why not say it straight to the face? It's not like your English is tremendously bad right.

I hate it I hate it I hate it.

Even I have a few relatives. I'm very close to them since I was young. They discriminate me, because I cannot speak their language. So called, their language.

"Oh, you cannot play with us because you cannot speak Chinese!"

Damn, I always get that whenever I go back to my hometown. And because of that, I still detest some of them for discriminating me like that.

I don't hate the language. I wanna learn it. But sometimes, people use that language, just to kutuk orang, it's not right. Like my friend, who happends to be an Indian, for sure he does not understan a word, except for "Ben Dan", and this Chinese people, we're backstabbing her, no more like front stabbing. Using Chinese, which my Indian friend dont understand. I happend to understan a bit, but I was too stupid I just kept quiet. Damn!

Please lah, if you know how to speak language that other people dunno, then don't use it to insult of Kutuk orang. Eventhough the person don't understad, they can feel it. If you have something to say, say it straight to the face. Don't have to communicate in such way. You think I'm that dumb. Faggots.

Don't be such low-class people la. Tipikal Cina datang dari Cina apa?

Okay I have to admit, sometimes i speak in Bahasa with Andy and Wei Long on msn. During group conversation together with Pupu. But hey, we don't insult them. We just translate simple words, like

Babi - Pig
Mee Kari Kepala Tikus - Rat Head Curry Mee (okay that was retarded)

and stuffs like that la. Hey, at least we could teach them some words right. Hor hor hor Pupu?

You know who you are,

[p/s : Im lazy to add add so many colors
on my posts. It's so annoying and Im lazy
:P ]

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Once in a while.

I hope you don't pass your examination.

I hope you fall down the stairs and die.

So I won't ever see your ugly face ever again.

I hope you burn yourself while cooking.

I hope you remain the same ugly looking face forever

I hope your boobs sag at very young age

I hope your arse will be sagging too

I hope you cannot get babies because you're short of ovums

I hope.....

Well, this post is just, for fun
because im bored

I hate you,

The sweetest thing.

Yesterday, i was particularly doing nothing. All I did was watch some tv, then I go watch more tv. Oh, then i went and watch more and more tv!

I was watching from afternoon all the way til night.

While watching, then Ben ben Ruben called me. So I picked the call, and he did not SPEAK.
He was playing the guitar lah. OMG It was sooo nice I can drool all over the phone HAHAHA.

Well thanks, do that again more often. I'd love to hear you play more!


Love, Hugs and Kisses ,

Pipi! I love you too!!

Thanks Pipi and everyone else! For your support!
I'll be sitting for my PMR tomorrow.
Good Luck to everyone who's going to sit for their PMR.
*including the jujurians*

But I will be free! very soon!!
So, I can't wait till it ends!
and People, help me think of something to do after my PMR ends.
on the day itself. 9.30 a.m.!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Pupu, I Larf Eu

Ignore the title :D

Pupu, best of luck for your coming [very soon] PMR.

Hope you do the best, and score many A's for me.

So you can enter Science 1. Yeah?

Same goes to Vanessa, good luck babygirl :D

Loves, Hugs and Kisses
[small kiss big hug big kiss small hug]

Now I know where my position is in your "Friend List"

Hey, just a mini updates in my life for now.

my computer is Stupid. so I wont be onlining until, next month?
Dang, my Mummy wants me to study. So since the CPU is dead, she took the opportunity to make me study for my exam, then she'll buy new CPU. I have to say I can survive without internet. But I surely miss everyone. You know, lat night chats, laugh until my jaw breaks and I bang my head on the keyboard. Damn, things are so different now.

Hows School ?

School is not quite okay for now.

Let Pipi tell you why. English Class Drama has ended. No body talks about it anymore, none even bother.

See, after every group drama performance, we'll have some tome to review and give comments. The third, and the last team to performed, in my opinion, did well. Only theres a big major tremendous flaw. It's too messy, and my expectations was high on their group. As in, I exprected them to perform better than everyone else. But my expactations were crushed. I was disappointed. Nevertheless, it was a not bad performance.

So there's this particular person, D, who doesn't like the fact that I commented his group about their performance. Plus, D cannot accept the fact that Rajeshi's group got one of the best actor, and Rajeshi got the best Actress. Congrats to both Yeong and Rajeshi, you both deserve it as you both had put in effort, expression, and a very cute performance. I didn't expect it to be that good, seriously. Congrats to the team.

Back to the story, so this D, who was tremendously jealous of the fast that Rajeshi's team got the best. He have to pass a very offending, yet insulting and embarrassing comment. Directly to her face.

"Hey, doesn't mean your team got the best actor and actress, means you all can act. We [D's team] are still the best"


"Doesn't mean you get the best actress you can act"

Okay it was quite similar. Of course, Rajeshi was quite disappointed and sad after that harsh and brutal comment. So I told her, not to bother about that Idiot. Just be proud of your own team.

Everything hasn't ended yet. This is just the beginning of a whole new drama. So D started to hate me, and other few friends. He cannot move on. I don't understand. He just wants to be the best. I don't care who is the best, but please, don't have to pass out such harsh comment right? Just keep it to yourself.

D started to be provoking nowadays. I keep telling myself to just tolerate, and keep quiet about it. But as you all know, I have a big mouth, sometimes it's just too tempting to say mean stuff. Hehhee, but now I stop. It's useless.

And to that particular someone. I don't trust you anymore. I've trusted too many people, and most of them let me down/ betrayed me. You ditched us for other people. Then when you're alone, and afraid that YOUR Bastard comes and harrass you, baru lah you pandai-pandai wanna find us lah? Naa, you can live by yourselves.

To live an easy way, is to learn the hard way.


Next issue. dang, problems, issues n stuff keep popping out like zits! This new issue, I really rpefer not to mention it. You can jsut ask me. When I finally come online, or maybe In school :)

X ray - Done.
dental appoinment - Saturday.

Braces - Entah laaa.

Love, Pain and Sore ,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Update from Pupu: Abortion.

Don't worry peeps, this isn't about me having abortion.
I'm a pure virgin kay!

The reason I posted this topic is because my English teacher mentioned about this earlier.
While we were having English today, Pn. Lim(English teacher) came into our class and she said she couldn't think properly because something has been disturbing her.
She gave out exercises and sat down.

After awhile, She stood up. She couldn't resist hiding what's disturbing her and she told us that she wanted to share it with us.

She said that there's this presentation for the form 5's about abortion.
and the images of the aborted fetus is disturbing her.

Well, I agree with her that how evil abortion can be
I pity those fetuses that had been aborted.
They are living things, they want to live in this world.

When my teacher said that those doctor's heart are like rocks.
Because they have the heart to abort the fetus.
But in my opinion, the mother of the fetus are more cruel.
It's not the doctor's fault, because it's their job. People pay them to do it.
Even tho the doctors are sinful for killing the fetuses but they are not as sinful as the mother of the fetuses.

Pn Lim said that mostly teenage mothers go for abortion.
Well, It's true.
*she even complimented us for being angels because we are not pregnant*
Even in Malaysia, there are teenagers who get pregnant.
Not just the white people. (I'm not being racist)

Conclusion/Moral of the story: Use condom when you are gonna have sex!
A condom a day keeps the doctor away!

Just Kidding!

The true conclusion and Moral of the story is: Do not have sex before marriage.
Even if you did get pregnant before marriage you should not go for an abortion. Let the
baby live .
It has the rights to live.

Here are the pictures of aborted babies. Ops, I meant fetus

9 weeks old aborted fetus.

Sad. isn't it?
7 months old aborted fetus
Sinful mothers.
Do not make the same mistake. Make your choice wisely

with LOVE,
[p/s: A condom a day keeps the doctor away! jkjk =D]

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The History of P sisters [Part II] The Rise and Fall of Ice-Creamianz.

Hey everyone! Thank you for your patience. We're back, and here's our part II.
The Rise and Fall of Ice Creamianz.

After Pipi joined Ice-Creamianz, everything went just nice. They hangout in school together, sit together in one group before the bell rings, even during recess. They were once a loving, and the happiest family in school until the extend they have their own Blog and Website.

The past has turned into a sour grape. They started to accuse each other, and non-stop backstabbing. Just because of a small, tiny problem, they exaggerate it til it became worse.

Pu was trying to get her rights of not being forced to join the Marching Squad. In the end, some people said that Pu was being desperate for friends. Soon, everyone turned their backs against her. Pi never knew how the others were like until she heard Pu's saddening issue. Pi supported Pu all the way. Until the day, the Ice Creamianz apologized.

Since Pu's birthday party was coming near, she wanted them to show up to the party. Not because she was desperate, but she still has the heart to forgive them. Only a few showed up to Pu's party.

The party went on great. Her best friends were there, there were nice food served, fun games, and so the list goes on. After the party, Pu's expectation on everything to be back to normal, as in friends again, was high. But sadly, none of those happened. Everything was back to normal, as in accusing and backstabbing each other.

The sad truth. It was true the fact that nobody entertained them. They were isolated from the crowd.
After that, they hated each other. Pi was on Pu's side while the rest was on the other side. It was like World War III.
These issues commonly happened to most teenagers around the world. You have to live the world by the hard way. No pain, no gain.

Finally, drama-rama has ended. Eventually, they just stop talking to each other. They deleted each other from their contacts.
The Ice-Creamianz seperated. We live our lives our own way, while they live on their own. Pi and Pu found new best friends, and they were happy. Happy it all ended, happy they found new best friends.

The P Sisters never regret that they were once an Ice Creamianz, and Ice Creamianz were once their friends. The P Sisters also wish for happiness in the rest of other Ice Creamianz life.
The P Sisters take this type of issue as the path to life. Shit happens but life still goes on.

Thats all for now.

Loves, Hugs and Kisses ;

Pipi & Pupu :)

[P/S : Enjoying? Stay tuned for part III!
Visit our blog as often, and don't forget to leave comments !
Oh, and don't forget to link us too!]

Up, up & Away

Hey everyone! Just a short & simple update from me.

I won't be blogging or online till next month.
Which is after my Final Examination - 7th November.

I'll blog whenever I have the time to.
That's if I get to pester my mom to go Selayang :D

That's all. Don't miss me! Smell ya Later!


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sneak Peek to Part ||: The Rise and Fall of Ice-Creamians

Dear readers, thank you for your patience! and we're going to post the Sneak Peek now!
After Pi joined the Ice-Creamianz, everything was fine and the Ice-Creamiaz were so close that nobody could even separate them. They even had their own website and blog!

Somehow one day, they went on their own and started ignoring each other.

Find out what happened to the Ice-Creamiaz and How they got back together? Did they really get back together? You will find out soon!

with Love,
Pipi & Pupu

Taking stuff Seriously.

Hey people! Noticed that we added a new section at the sidebar.

Which is contacts, where we place our email address.

So people do not feel hesitated to send us emails to ask question or giving feedbacks.
We would appreciate that.


Okay, to those who have been talking to me on MSN, please take note that my MSN is crazy, so is my phone. The Issue on MSN is every time I click SEND, it wont send. Instead, this stupid and irritating Error keep popping out ! so I keep copying n pasting but failure attempt.

[click to enlarge]
I keep sending. I think I type too much til MSN gets tired of sending.

The issue I have with my phone is, everytime I call out, or recieve a call, the person who is on the other line cannot hear me, while I can hear him clearly. I think it's the third time this happened. Someone HELP? I think I'll go ask Uncle Eric for help.

Til our next update!

With Love filled with Iritations ;

Pipi :)