Friday, October 10, 2008

Now I know where my position is in your "Friend List"

Hey, just a mini updates in my life for now.

my computer is Stupid. so I wont be onlining until, next month?
Dang, my Mummy wants me to study. So since the CPU is dead, she took the opportunity to make me study for my exam, then she'll buy new CPU. I have to say I can survive without internet. But I surely miss everyone. You know, lat night chats, laugh until my jaw breaks and I bang my head on the keyboard. Damn, things are so different now.

Hows School ?

School is not quite okay for now.

Let Pipi tell you why. English Class Drama has ended. No body talks about it anymore, none even bother.

See, after every group drama performance, we'll have some tome to review and give comments. The third, and the last team to performed, in my opinion, did well. Only theres a big major tremendous flaw. It's too messy, and my expectations was high on their group. As in, I exprected them to perform better than everyone else. But my expactations were crushed. I was disappointed. Nevertheless, it was a not bad performance.

So there's this particular person, D, who doesn't like the fact that I commented his group about their performance. Plus, D cannot accept the fact that Rajeshi's group got one of the best actor, and Rajeshi got the best Actress. Congrats to both Yeong and Rajeshi, you both deserve it as you both had put in effort, expression, and a very cute performance. I didn't expect it to be that good, seriously. Congrats to the team.

Back to the story, so this D, who was tremendously jealous of the fast that Rajeshi's team got the best. He have to pass a very offending, yet insulting and embarrassing comment. Directly to her face.

"Hey, doesn't mean your team got the best actor and actress, means you all can act. We [D's team] are still the best"


"Doesn't mean you get the best actress you can act"

Okay it was quite similar. Of course, Rajeshi was quite disappointed and sad after that harsh and brutal comment. So I told her, not to bother about that Idiot. Just be proud of your own team.

Everything hasn't ended yet. This is just the beginning of a whole new drama. So D started to hate me, and other few friends. He cannot move on. I don't understand. He just wants to be the best. I don't care who is the best, but please, don't have to pass out such harsh comment right? Just keep it to yourself.

D started to be provoking nowadays. I keep telling myself to just tolerate, and keep quiet about it. But as you all know, I have a big mouth, sometimes it's just too tempting to say mean stuff. Hehhee, but now I stop. It's useless.

And to that particular someone. I don't trust you anymore. I've trusted too many people, and most of them let me down/ betrayed me. You ditched us for other people. Then when you're alone, and afraid that YOUR Bastard comes and harrass you, baru lah you pandai-pandai wanna find us lah? Naa, you can live by yourselves.

To live an easy way, is to learn the hard way.


Next issue. dang, problems, issues n stuff keep popping out like zits! This new issue, I really rpefer not to mention it. You can jsut ask me. When I finally come online, or maybe In school :)

X ray - Done.
dental appoinment - Saturday.

Braces - Entah laaa.

Love, Pain and Sore ,

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