Wednesday, October 8, 2008

An Update from Pupu: Abortion.

Don't worry peeps, this isn't about me having abortion.
I'm a pure virgin kay!

The reason I posted this topic is because my English teacher mentioned about this earlier.
While we were having English today, Pn. Lim(English teacher) came into our class and she said she couldn't think properly because something has been disturbing her.
She gave out exercises and sat down.

After awhile, She stood up. She couldn't resist hiding what's disturbing her and she told us that she wanted to share it with us.

She said that there's this presentation for the form 5's about abortion.
and the images of the aborted fetus is disturbing her.

Well, I agree with her that how evil abortion can be
I pity those fetuses that had been aborted.
They are living things, they want to live in this world.

When my teacher said that those doctor's heart are like rocks.
Because they have the heart to abort the fetus.
But in my opinion, the mother of the fetus are more cruel.
It's not the doctor's fault, because it's their job. People pay them to do it.
Even tho the doctors are sinful for killing the fetuses but they are not as sinful as the mother of the fetuses.

Pn Lim said that mostly teenage mothers go for abortion.
Well, It's true.
*she even complimented us for being angels because we are not pregnant*
Even in Malaysia, there are teenagers who get pregnant.
Not just the white people. (I'm not being racist)

Conclusion/Moral of the story: Use condom when you are gonna have sex!
A condom a day keeps the doctor away!

Just Kidding!

The true conclusion and Moral of the story is: Do not have sex before marriage.
Even if you did get pregnant before marriage you should not go for an abortion. Let the
baby live .
It has the rights to live.

Here are the pictures of aborted babies. Ops, I meant fetus

9 weeks old aborted fetus.

Sad. isn't it?
7 months old aborted fetus
Sinful mothers.
Do not make the same mistake. Make your choice wisely

with LOVE,
[p/s: A condom a day keeps the doctor away! jkjk =D]


--BluEpaNDa-- said...

well, nice and interesting one. xD I don't know that you're gonna have some moral class here~ whee~~ but still, I think that abortion is not good, not that it'd kill some poor life, the mother who did abortion will maybe face some problems too. But still, it's popular among kids(teenage perhaps) that between 14 to 16. (Pu! you're 15!! among 14 to 16!!!) aha~ alrite then, I end here.

Pipi & Pupu said...

what the heck. Imma good girl