Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The History of P sisters [Part II] The Rise and Fall of Ice-Creamianz.

Hey everyone! Thank you for your patience. We're back, and here's our part II.
The Rise and Fall of Ice Creamianz.

After Pipi joined Ice-Creamianz, everything went just nice. They hangout in school together, sit together in one group before the bell rings, even during recess. They were once a loving, and the happiest family in school until the extend they have their own Blog and Website.

The past has turned into a sour grape. They started to accuse each other, and non-stop backstabbing. Just because of a small, tiny problem, they exaggerate it til it became worse.

Pu was trying to get her rights of not being forced to join the Marching Squad. In the end, some people said that Pu was being desperate for friends. Soon, everyone turned their backs against her. Pi never knew how the others were like until she heard Pu's saddening issue. Pi supported Pu all the way. Until the day, the Ice Creamianz apologized.

Since Pu's birthday party was coming near, she wanted them to show up to the party. Not because she was desperate, but she still has the heart to forgive them. Only a few showed up to Pu's party.

The party went on great. Her best friends were there, there were nice food served, fun games, and so the list goes on. After the party, Pu's expectation on everything to be back to normal, as in friends again, was high. But sadly, none of those happened. Everything was back to normal, as in accusing and backstabbing each other.

The sad truth. It was true the fact that nobody entertained them. They were isolated from the crowd.
After that, they hated each other. Pi was on Pu's side while the rest was on the other side. It was like World War III.
These issues commonly happened to most teenagers around the world. You have to live the world by the hard way. No pain, no gain.

Finally, drama-rama has ended. Eventually, they just stop talking to each other. They deleted each other from their contacts.
The Ice-Creamianz seperated. We live our lives our own way, while they live on their own. Pi and Pu found new best friends, and they were happy. Happy it all ended, happy they found new best friends.

The P Sisters never regret that they were once an Ice Creamianz, and Ice Creamianz were once their friends. The P Sisters also wish for happiness in the rest of other Ice Creamianz life.
The P Sisters take this type of issue as the path to life. Shit happens but life still goes on.

Thats all for now.

Loves, Hugs and Kisses ;

Pipi & Pupu :)

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--BluEpaNDa-- said...

sad story...sobs sobs...I wanna know bout Pu's and Pi's past relationship~~~~ wheee~~