Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy busy busy

Yello. I just wanna take the opportunity to say sorry to those people I've been ignoring so much lately. I cannot help it because I'm sooooo damn busy!!

Even someone said I'm slowly fading away, what turf??

Especially one guy, I know I can talk about him because he doesn't know the existence of this blog (hahahahaah). Hmmmm. Anyways, he was saying how "What are you doing until so busy? Where got people so busy until like this."

Hello! You're looking at her now. Busy woman. Jesus I feel like I'm doing some selling chicken business wtf. I'm not la duh.

I've been concentrating so much on folios until I furgot to even live a life. Ok not til that extend la but, I am really concentrating on my folio.

And on MSN, I only talk to certain few people to ask about folios, or some, well, just talking to keep me alive while doing folio. Sorry lah.

I've been igoring text too. Especially the fler who said that I'm slowly fading away. Ape ni. And he got all merajukish because i hardly reply texts and all. DUDEEEE just because you're lazy and ever ever hardworking, or never even put an effort on doing something, den you don't let me be busy lah? Hishhhhhhhhh!

And to Wai Loong, sorry I ignored you like, forever. LOL and I noticed the PM on your MSN saying I don't wanna talk to you and all! But i really busy T_T

Well, hallelujah I'm done with my Geo folio, so I'm kinda free dy now. But now I'm concentrating on my resting time, SEJARAH folio, and Transformers two! Jeez man I wanna watch it so dar badly. Anyone??

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We talked, we laughed, we laughed our ass off.

............ No. Iman did.

We were in the Science Lab, and I was updating stories to Iman about Chocolate Boy, like how I always update Pupu.

So, came to one point where Iman was expressing his thoughts. But to me, it sounded like he didn't expressed it fully. So, heres how it went.

Iman / Myself

Buuuuuuuut? (a long draggy BUT)
But what?
But lah!
But I didn't even say a but?
But I know you have a but!
No, I don't have a but!
(short pause, and then we started laughing like bunch of cuckoo-heads. It was so Punny!

I have soooo many things to say! And I'll blog like, tomorrow? When I'm super free, since it's a Friday, and it's considered as a Weekend to me, after school. Haha.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday woman =P

Happy Birthday to Andy Tan!
All the way from Singapore.

I may not know where he's born, what school he went to, or whats his favourite video game, or his favourite umbrella colour. But I solemnly know, he is my best friend. He's my best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend(?), and aunt agony friend.

He's taught myself and Pupu many things about guys - Playing hard to get, etc etc. and he's taught me maths too.

Thank you, Andy! For everything. Eventhough Pupu and I can't make it to your 21st Birthday, well, you can imagine us there. =)

So, for your Birthday this year, heres a blog post for you.

With a picture.


Harpy Birthday bestie!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Christer Ruben.
Happy Birthday to you!

I love you babezzzzzz. As for your birthday present this year, I got you a blog post.

With a picture.

Much much loves,
Elle :)

Say something nice to me.

| Noobidence | Maddy | 笨蛋<-->傻蛋! { Enjoy } says:
*something nice to me.

mmmm. Awesome =)


I have to make a choice. Maky up my decission, make up my mind before everything gets too attached, and it'll be too late.

It is already late by the way. But, like Andy said, hurt now lightly. hurt later, badly.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Tagged by Dila Daddy =)

1. The person who tagged you...
; Nurhayati Adila, my Daddy! =)

2. Your relationship with him/her is...
; Extended Family <3>3. Your 5 impression of him/her is...
; WHOA-CHEERLEADER. When she smiles, her eyes goes missing xD

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you...
; Hmmm. Help us to get a picture with Rainbow. (An all-bpys Thailand Cheerleading Team, during C309)

5. The most memorable thing he/she said to you...
; Hahaha. Well, when she talks about you know who. xD

6. If he/she becomes your lover you will...
; I love you, Dad.

7. If he/she becomes your lover, things he/she has to improve on will be...
; I still love you, Dad.

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will...
; ..... Fathers don't hate their own kids!

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be...
; Maybe I'm too naughty already.

10. The most desired thing you want to do for him/her now...
; Get me free starbucks XD

11. Your overall impression of him/her is..
; Pretty

12. How you think people around you will feel about you?
; Bitchy, loud? Because I talk too much, I laugh too much, I love disturbing my friends. At the same time, I frequently curse. But that's what you see, outside of me =)

13. The characters you love of yourself are...
; Gay. Happy, I mean. LOL. Outgoing =D Loves making friends? LOL. I love socializing. But when it comes to socializing around the place I live, big no no

14. On the contrary, the characters that you hate about yourself is...
; Mood-swings, bitchiness, etcetc

15. The most ideal person you want to be is...
; Haha. I love myself =)

16. For people who care and love you, say something to them...
; I love you too (Daddy)!

17. Pass this test to 10 persons who you wished to know how they feel about you.
  1. Waimin
  2. Dinie
  3. Nicole
  4. Cynthia
  5. Joon Hong
  6. Justin Choy
  7. Rajeshi
  8. Denise
  9. Pupu
  10. Wai Loong
18. Who is no.6?
; Justin Choy. a good listener, a great friend =)

19. Is no.9 a male or a female?
; Fe-Male.

20. If no.7 and no.10 are together, is that a good thing?
; WOH. Hahhaa. No, I guess?

21. What's no. 2 studying about?
; Business. Hahaha!

22. When is the last time you had a chat with no. 3?
; Last was in her cbox. Tak ingat when.

23. What kind of music band does no.8 likes?
; Classical. As in, really classical. Mozart, etc etc. She loves Taylor Swift and David Archuleta.

24. Does no.1 have any siblings?
; Elder&younger brother and an elder sister.

25. Will you woo no.3?
; Hahaha. Why not? XD ok just kidding. I'm married dy lah!

26. How about no.7?
; Hahaha. No way! We've been friends since primary.

27. Is no.4 single?
; She's happily taken I guess.

28. What is the surname of no.5?
; Wong.

29. What is the hobby of no. 10?
; Calling me teh tarik.

30. Does no. 5 and no.9 gets along well?
; Very very well. We love you Uncle Hong!

31. Where is no.2 studying at?

32. Talk something casually about no.1.
; He's... hahaha. Waimin is Pretty -----<@

33. Have you tried developing any feelings for no.6?
; Nope! LOL. Justin is a great friend la

34. Where does no.9 live at?
; Bukit Antarabangsa. You can go stalk her now

35. What colour does no.4 like?

36. Are no. 1 and no. 5 best friends?
; They're good.

37. Is no.7 the sexiest person in the world?
; Ha hahaha

38. What is no.6 doing now?
; Hmmm. I don't know. Studying? It's been a while since I've talked to Justin.


this is going to be a short, meaningless post. I might even delete this.

I'm currently waiting for Meimei to come to pick he Du Lians. Then I can go to sleep! =P

I haven't been sleeping much, and I haven't been getting enough sleep too. And now, my brain is not really functioning well. I'm constantly getting headaches due to the lack of sleep. I can't eat panadol right? -_____-

And now I'm feeling so cranky i dont really feel like talking to anyone. All i can think of is sleeeeeeep.

Come home quick, Mei!

Monday, June 15, 2009



- I'm doing this for a very good and dear friend of mine, Dinie. I'm not getting paid or whatsoever. I'm just helping him to promote his brother's sales.

Moving on.....

I was at school today, and was talking to Dinie like usual. He was telling me about how his Brother's company was doing some promotion and sales thing on Perfumes. He was telling me all sorts of perfumes, each type of brand, which season, each price, and after discount price.

I hardly wear perfumes. I just can't get the right smell! But I have one Ralph Lauren, and it smells like Vanilla. I used to love it, but now I kinda think the smell is a little bit too strong, and it gives me headaches.

Anyways, about the promotion sales.

They have all sorts of brands. I'll name a few I can remember. They have Escada, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren (=P), Creed, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, DKNY, and MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MOREEE! I can't list out all of them. There are too many! You name it =P

Click on photo to enlarge.

And trust me, it is 100% ORIGINAL perfume. Not the ciplak types you see selling in Ampang Point. Dinie's brother's Perfume Sales is no ciplak ciplak one! You can know by seeing the difference between the ciplak ones, and the original ones.

Lets say, you're eyeing on an Escada perfume, and it costs RM500 freaking bucks. And obviously you wouldn't want to buy it eventhough it's sooooo irresistable and tempting. But through this Perfume Sale, you can get it with a SUPER discounted price. If a perfume costs RM500, you can get it for about RM200! See, how cheap is that!

And you can negotiate according to seasons too! But theres no need to negotiate already, it's very much discounted! What's there to negotiate? =)

Besides that, if you already bought the perfume, and turns out it does not reach your satisfactory (or it doesn't stimulates you LOL), or you have doubts on the perfume, you can just call up one of the sales person and demand for an Exchange! How cool is that? So, you wouldn't be that worried if the Perfume turns out inadequate. You can just exchange!

For further enquiries, you can contact me, or the person in-charge of the sales. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phones or computer and start contacting them! (I guess I'd want some perfumes for myself too xD)

Aiman : 012-3334545
Wani : 013-9647151
Dinie : 017-8899667

Or you can email them at :

Click on photo to enlarge

May The Curse Be With You pt.2

Before I start, post title has got nothing to do with the previous May The Curse Be With You, or anything at all to do with this post. I just put it 'May The Curse Be With You' because... well, simply I'm gonna talk about cursing.

Today, in class, I'm not gonna specify whichever period it was. Something disturbing happened.

Lets just say, someone let out a statement which was not supposed to.

"Kenapa bising-bising ni? Tak reti diam ke? Nak ke saya sumpah kamu semua tak dapat A untuk PMR nanti! Apa kejadah bla bla bla.."


"Why are you all so noisy? Can't keep quiet? You want me to curse ya'll to not get A for PMR?"

Seriously, the whole cursing thing is becoming such a trend nowadays, and I still have no idea why. Probably it's just to scare us in a way that we'll follow everything they say. People rebel (according to Dinie), and it is true anyway.

There was once, we skipped some perbarisan shit, and got caught my the teachers. And he started lecturing us, and it got so intense, he nearly took the chair and threw it at us (or was it just an action? LOL). And he went on and on, and finally said he cursed us not to get straight A's for PMR, and if we did, he'd cut his fingers/nails. Wow. Very exaggerated.

I always thought, teachers, guidance, educators, tutors, etc etc, would want to see their own students to score well, and succeed in examination and in life. But whats with the cursings? Maybe sometimes we can be airheads and stubborn, but that doesn't mean we deserved to be cursed right?

Some people might not take the cursings seriously, but some of us do. Don'tyou think it's sort of wrong for teachers to curse their own students? I don't know abou what teachers/other people think about this, but I think it's wrong. It's okay to scold or yell, but cursing is going a little bit too far, don't ya think so?

Anyways I don't really wanna talk much about this here. Continue in private blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pupu: Taiwann

Bam Bam Bam! Taiwan trip was..okay, I rate it 6 / 10

the 4 marks is missing cause
-the tour guide was -.-
-I'm the youngest, the only virgin. HAHA
-Horrible bus ride too bumpy
-Everything,evewhere = Chinese. Can't speak english. AT ALL. okay.

Other than that it's good.
They gave us lotsa free time which I like. instead of going to stupid temple everyday okay we did went to stupid temple everyday but they give us free time from 6p.m :)

So the first day..the plane rocks socks. Cause we have our own personal tv. Usually my plane rides, only the very long ride's like 18 hours (Europe trip) or maybe 6 ( Japan) has tv.

My China trip last two years had a tv too, well basiclly we were sitting in bussiness class. hoho.

Ok so, the first day, tv had - Bride Wars! Cheerios~ Obviously i watched hehehe. then, they had normal tv shows too and I watched chuck. Hohoho.

we reached taiwan arnd night time, they brought us to dinner and then went back to hotel.

The next day, was the day i hated most. It rained 24 hours literally. It fuggin wet my coach bag which was not suppose to meet with water -.- and wet my damn new heels and pants. pfft.

My hot mum , see the water so effin clear. It's ze hot spring.

The farm place. hoho. This is the olden days house it seems.

We stayed there xD i mean not at that horrifying scary olden days house. They had chalet there, Their Tv programme rocks socks. The oni flaw is they change the canto language to chinese. But thank god they didnt change the english ones to chinese! LOL. They had 100 over channels. like our astro haha. They had HBO, Cinemax, Star world travel n dot dot.

And they dun censor the kissy kissy part lalala~ faham faham la what I mean :)

Well, basicly it was raining the whole day, i stayed in the chalet lalalar and watch the tv until bao bao~

Third day-

third day onwards it's like they ran out of rain as though like taiwan had already used their lifetime supply of rain. It was effing hot, hotter than malaysia.

The farm place, about to leave so snap snap snap photos, cause didnt manage to snap the day before. as said it was raining.

See duckies, so cute man. kept following me around -.-
After that , we went to another area.

see, 7-eleven, their slurpeee LOL

They brought us to some kinda Jade/ dunn0o what stone Factory, It was damn boring la, I mean if you always go tour, they will definitely bring u to all these kinda place wan.

This horse wouldn't move >_>

I don't see the beauty of jade but i see the beauty of meh mum LOL

Idk, what is this, but every1 was taking pic of it, so what the heck right?

Over there, the river. There are words like "Jesus Love Me" and there's a buddist temple behind wow.

fourth day

Outside our hotel.

I was getting married to this faggot -.-

and we went to some kinda temple (again -.-) yes I was impersonating the "High five and low five" god. EHEHE

Free time- makan makan. taiwan sausage (y) LOL look at my mum;s tummy HEHEHE

and basicly we saw square watermelon and it;s real.
fifth day-

temple crap again

snap oni la, big big god, which I dunno what god is he.

Then they brought us to see pea~cock~ HAHAHA pee-cock sounds better. pee from cock? get it get it? HAHA lame -.-

male peacock trying to attract female.

and then... u will wonder what the hell?

Why is it sniffing it's butt? @_@

This is, helluva graceful, prettier than snow white la.

sixth day-

My mum.

temple crap, I was advertising my nice hair. HAHA

Finally they brought us to the world's tallest building (currently)
KLCC more sexier though

KLCC nicer to shop also, LOL 101 Over-high class, They literally sell thing that are over branded like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Fendi.

They dun have cheaper things like Zara, Mng , roxy?! Not my kinda place to shop la.

seventh day-

The toilet place from Cheesie blog. the 7th day, we has free day :) So our hotel was walking distance to Ximending! yeay~ Must eat shit!

So I asked ppl about this restaurant and we found it! Woo Hoo


was very impatient to eat shit, but every1 was busy taking pictures xD

See la, Tiru Cheesie's pose

Toilet bowl as seats, Bath tub as table.
Creativity = 10

Cheerios to English Menu! HAHA

My mama and our local tour leader~

Even aunties like to camwhore~

My mum likes it too
Shit- you? Geddit? XD

Then we went to walk on our own after that, and I got my hair extended woots


eighth day-

Woke up helluva early and went to the airport,
Our Gate was awesomely cute, Helllo Kity Wonderland.

Sure, must camwhore dy

HAHA So cute man the telephone booth

Sven was there too!! Nah, This was just an old pic of his, he was the one hu told me abou the hello kitty place.

Super big n cute hello kitty~

camwhore camwhore
Mum wanna camwhore too. XD

Rainbow seat wey XD


Like orang gila tuh -.-

last but not least group photo

spot me? couldnt be difficult right? all Aunty uncle-.-

-poop poop-

Let me go homeeee~

Michael Buble.

WARNING : Vulgarity ahead. Please proceed at own Risk. I repeat, PROCEED AT OWN RISK.

Hello everyone! I think this blog is getting boring (it always is). And it's lack of pictures. But don't blame it on me, I have no pictures to post. (I've digged out many pictures from old albums, and used them repetitively.)

But the main reason is.....

I lost the F****** camera. It's very old news by the way.

I lost it on Thursday (the last day of exam), and I lost it in school. I have no idea which Bastard took it. But whoever took it was real quick. Heres the full story.

I know it was very stupid of me to bring the camera to school, since my school is filled with untrusted bastards (not shooting at anyone indirectly). But the reason I brought it because it was the last day of exam, and my friends and I were going out for lunch and movies after that.

Camwhoring was indeed essential.

I was doing a quick snap in the hall, for my (supposed to be) blog posts on Exam. But too bad. I kept the camera in the bag (another stupid action of mine), because I can't bring it into the exam hall.

So, thats the story I guess.

I thank Waimin, Iman, Nisha, Rajeshi, Christy and Gowrii for being there for me, and was so supportive. They managed to cheer me up, and make me feel better. So, thank you guys =)


Currently, I'm blogging through my cousins lappy. Johor is fine, I guess. But honestly and frankly speaking....errr typing, I'd regret if I hadn't came here.

It's fun to meet with my cousin whom I've never met, since a few years ago. She's studying in Germany. It was fun though. All of us were girl talking and stuffs.

I have so many things to say, but I'm tooo tired and my ass is hurting because the chair isn't comfotable AT ALL.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Removed posts

Hey everyone. I've deleted many many old posts. Like those with full of swear words, or bitching posts. Reason is because, I was just releasing my anger. So when I'm feeling much better, I'll eventually remove it.

Highlight of the day, I've finally deleted the post on Hafez. I've safely kept it into ze Private Blog. Now everyone can stop saying how mean evil and bitchful I am for saying such things about Hafez. I've forgave him too, but sadly he's too dumb to understand it and still keeps going on and on bugging me.

Back in 2007

I guess it was the saddest, hardest, yet most unforgetable year, ever. Well, it was first time trying to fit into new scool, new people, being the teacher's pet (attempt FAILURE, self destruct bla bla bla i die wtf), and fitting in with new circle of people. New enviroment blah blah yadda yadda too sleepy to type bullshits.

Theres so many things that happened in that year itself!

I know, i know, the Blog issue is over, but people still talks about it! I feel kinda pissed off sometimes due to the fact that I didn't really get to testify myself! with my own words, coming out from my own mouth. Only certain people spoken on my behalf, but I didnt really think it was enough. Because the whole testifcation was bullcrap(but it works hallelujah! ok la it's not bullcrap), and it wasnt made by me.

But anyways, I don't think I'm allowed to go on further crapping about the whole issue that happened two years ago, publicly. ahem ahem. So, I'm just gonna post it in ze private blog (hey that anger has to go somewhere!)


Jeez its 4am and Im wide awake! I must be catching the denise-sleeping-late disease, somehow she slept early tonight haha whatever im going facebooking

Monday, June 8, 2009

KFC Ampang Point

is so so so so so so so so so ONE word in Malay - TERUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember back then when I used to eat KFC a lot, the service there was OK, good, average, and BETTER compare to now. I know I know, I can't compare then and now, but still..!

Anyways, previously I was @ KFC, Ampang Point outlet, I ordered ONE Original Snack Plate, for my Daddy, and they gave me the SPICY one instead. I don't know where her mind was then but Im sure she doesn't even have a mind!

Next, not long ago I ordered two Pepsi, and they gave me one. Nasib baik they didn't charge for two. if not I'm gonna go there with my ball-kickin foot and start kickin everyone's balls.

And today, to be exact, JUST NOW, I ordered TWO large Potato Wedges, and one regular whipped potato. She gave me one large potato wedges instead. So I repeated myself, I want a two large potato wedges, not one. And she said I have to wait for seven minutes. People in Africa died of hunger, and you expect me to wait 7 minutes??????

Ok kidding about the Africa part. Ok it's true,but I dont wanna sound so ego. I was really kidding about the africa part!!

So anyways, I ujst told the lady, Rosfazilah the name is, to just pack my stuff and pay the cash and I can slowly walk off. And she gave me her super tulan pissed off face and canceled my TWO large wedges to ONE large wedges.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Abang Mohd Afiq bin Mohd Taib :P

you baik kan..

kan kan kan......

Jom kita pergi makan @ Saisaki.

HAHAHAHA. You know you want to :P

This is why I hate reconciliation.