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- I'm doing this for a very good and dear friend of mine, Dinie. I'm not getting paid or whatsoever. I'm just helping him to promote his brother's sales.

Moving on.....

I was at school today, and was talking to Dinie like usual. He was telling me about how his Brother's company was doing some promotion and sales thing on Perfumes. He was telling me all sorts of perfumes, each type of brand, which season, each price, and after discount price.

I hardly wear perfumes. I just can't get the right smell! But I have one Ralph Lauren, and it smells like Vanilla. I used to love it, but now I kinda think the smell is a little bit too strong, and it gives me headaches.

Anyways, about the promotion sales.

They have all sorts of brands. I'll name a few I can remember. They have Escada, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren (=P), Creed, Davidoff, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Gucci, DKNY, and MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MOREEE! I can't list out all of them. There are too many! You name it =P

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And trust me, it is 100% ORIGINAL perfume. Not the ciplak types you see selling in Ampang Point. Dinie's brother's Perfume Sales is no ciplak ciplak one! You can know by seeing the difference between the ciplak ones, and the original ones.

Lets say, you're eyeing on an Escada perfume, and it costs RM500 freaking bucks. And obviously you wouldn't want to buy it eventhough it's sooooo irresistable and tempting. But through this Perfume Sale, you can get it with a SUPER discounted price. If a perfume costs RM500, you can get it for about RM200! See, how cheap is that!

And you can negotiate according to seasons too! But theres no need to negotiate already, it's very much discounted! What's there to negotiate? =)

Besides that, if you already bought the perfume, and turns out it does not reach your satisfactory (or it doesn't stimulates you LOL), or you have doubts on the perfume, you can just call up one of the sales person and demand for an Exchange! How cool is that? So, you wouldn't be that worried if the Perfume turns out inadequate. You can just exchange!

For further enquiries, you can contact me, or the person in-charge of the sales. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phones or computer and start contacting them! (I guess I'd want some perfumes for myself too xD)

Aiman : 012-3334545
Wani : 013-9647151
Dinie : 017-8899667

Or you can email them at :

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