Monday, June 15, 2009

May The Curse Be With You pt.2

Before I start, post title has got nothing to do with the previous May The Curse Be With You, or anything at all to do with this post. I just put it 'May The Curse Be With You' because... well, simply I'm gonna talk about cursing.

Today, in class, I'm not gonna specify whichever period it was. Something disturbing happened.

Lets just say, someone let out a statement which was not supposed to.

"Kenapa bising-bising ni? Tak reti diam ke? Nak ke saya sumpah kamu semua tak dapat A untuk PMR nanti! Apa kejadah bla bla bla.."


"Why are you all so noisy? Can't keep quiet? You want me to curse ya'll to not get A for PMR?"

Seriously, the whole cursing thing is becoming such a trend nowadays, and I still have no idea why. Probably it's just to scare us in a way that we'll follow everything they say. People rebel (according to Dinie), and it is true anyway.

There was once, we skipped some perbarisan shit, and got caught my the teachers. And he started lecturing us, and it got so intense, he nearly took the chair and threw it at us (or was it just an action? LOL). And he went on and on, and finally said he cursed us not to get straight A's for PMR, and if we did, he'd cut his fingers/nails. Wow. Very exaggerated.

I always thought, teachers, guidance, educators, tutors, etc etc, would want to see their own students to score well, and succeed in examination and in life. But whats with the cursings? Maybe sometimes we can be airheads and stubborn, but that doesn't mean we deserved to be cursed right?

Some people might not take the cursings seriously, but some of us do. Don'tyou think it's sort of wrong for teachers to curse their own students? I don't know abou what teachers/other people think about this, but I think it's wrong. It's okay to scold or yell, but cursing is going a little bit too far, don't ya think so?

Anyways I don't really wanna talk much about this here. Continue in private blog.

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