Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pupu: Taiwann

Bam Bam Bam! Taiwan trip was..okay, I rate it 6 / 10

the 4 marks is missing cause
-the tour guide was -.-
-I'm the youngest, the only virgin. HAHA
-Horrible bus ride too bumpy
-Everything,evewhere = Chinese. Can't speak english. AT ALL. okay.

Other than that it's good.
They gave us lotsa free time which I like. instead of going to stupid temple everyday okay we did went to stupid temple everyday but they give us free time from 6p.m :)

So the first day..the plane rocks socks. Cause we have our own personal tv. Usually my plane rides, only the very long ride's like 18 hours (Europe trip) or maybe 6 ( Japan) has tv.

My China trip last two years had a tv too, well basiclly we were sitting in bussiness class. hoho.

Ok so, the first day, tv had - Bride Wars! Cheerios~ Obviously i watched hehehe. then, they had normal tv shows too and I watched chuck. Hohoho.

we reached taiwan arnd night time, they brought us to dinner and then went back to hotel.

The next day, was the day i hated most. It rained 24 hours literally. It fuggin wet my coach bag which was not suppose to meet with water -.- and wet my damn new heels and pants. pfft.

My hot mum , see the water so effin clear. It's ze hot spring.

The farm place. hoho. This is the olden days house it seems.

We stayed there xD i mean not at that horrifying scary olden days house. They had chalet there, Their Tv programme rocks socks. The oni flaw is they change the canto language to chinese. But thank god they didnt change the english ones to chinese! LOL. They had 100 over channels. like our astro haha. They had HBO, Cinemax, Star world travel n dot dot.

And they dun censor the kissy kissy part lalala~ faham faham la what I mean :)

Well, basicly it was raining the whole day, i stayed in the chalet lalalar and watch the tv until bao bao~

Third day-

third day onwards it's like they ran out of rain as though like taiwan had already used their lifetime supply of rain. It was effing hot, hotter than malaysia.

The farm place, about to leave so snap snap snap photos, cause didnt manage to snap the day before. as said it was raining.

See duckies, so cute man. kept following me around -.-
After that , we went to another area.

see, 7-eleven, their slurpeee LOL

They brought us to some kinda Jade/ dunn0o what stone Factory, It was damn boring la, I mean if you always go tour, they will definitely bring u to all these kinda place wan.

This horse wouldn't move >_>

I don't see the beauty of jade but i see the beauty of meh mum LOL

Idk, what is this, but every1 was taking pic of it, so what the heck right?

Over there, the river. There are words like "Jesus Love Me" and there's a buddist temple behind wow.

fourth day

Outside our hotel.

I was getting married to this faggot -.-

and we went to some kinda temple (again -.-) yes I was impersonating the "High five and low five" god. EHEHE

Free time- makan makan. taiwan sausage (y) LOL look at my mum;s tummy HEHEHE

and basicly we saw square watermelon and it;s real.
fifth day-

temple crap again

snap oni la, big big god, which I dunno what god is he.

Then they brought us to see pea~cock~ HAHAHA pee-cock sounds better. pee from cock? get it get it? HAHA lame -.-

male peacock trying to attract female.

and then... u will wonder what the hell?

Why is it sniffing it's butt? @_@

This is, helluva graceful, prettier than snow white la.

sixth day-

My mum.

temple crap, I was advertising my nice hair. HAHA

Finally they brought us to the world's tallest building (currently)
KLCC more sexier though

KLCC nicer to shop also, LOL 101 Over-high class, They literally sell thing that are over branded like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Fendi.

They dun have cheaper things like Zara, Mng , roxy?! Not my kinda place to shop la.

seventh day-

The toilet place from Cheesie blog. the 7th day, we has free day :) So our hotel was walking distance to Ximending! yeay~ Must eat shit!

So I asked ppl about this restaurant and we found it! Woo Hoo


was very impatient to eat shit, but every1 was busy taking pictures xD

See la, Tiru Cheesie's pose

Toilet bowl as seats, Bath tub as table.
Creativity = 10

Cheerios to English Menu! HAHA

My mama and our local tour leader~

Even aunties like to camwhore~

My mum likes it too
Shit- you? Geddit? XD

Then we went to walk on our own after that, and I got my hair extended woots


eighth day-

Woke up helluva early and went to the airport,
Our Gate was awesomely cute, Helllo Kity Wonderland.

Sure, must camwhore dy

HAHA So cute man the telephone booth

Sven was there too!! Nah, This was just an old pic of his, he was the one hu told me abou the hello kitty place.

Super big n cute hello kitty~

camwhore camwhore
Mum wanna camwhore too. XD

Rainbow seat wey XD


Like orang gila tuh -.-

last but not least group photo

spot me? couldnt be difficult right? all Aunty uncle-.-

-poop poop-

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