Sunday, June 14, 2009

Let me go homeeee~

Michael Buble.

WARNING : Vulgarity ahead. Please proceed at own Risk. I repeat, PROCEED AT OWN RISK.

Hello everyone! I think this blog is getting boring (it always is). And it's lack of pictures. But don't blame it on me, I have no pictures to post. (I've digged out many pictures from old albums, and used them repetitively.)

But the main reason is.....

I lost the F****** camera. It's very old news by the way.

I lost it on Thursday (the last day of exam), and I lost it in school. I have no idea which Bastard took it. But whoever took it was real quick. Heres the full story.

I know it was very stupid of me to bring the camera to school, since my school is filled with untrusted bastards (not shooting at anyone indirectly). But the reason I brought it because it was the last day of exam, and my friends and I were going out for lunch and movies after that.

Camwhoring was indeed essential.

I was doing a quick snap in the hall, for my (supposed to be) blog posts on Exam. But too bad. I kept the camera in the bag (another stupid action of mine), because I can't bring it into the exam hall.

So, thats the story I guess.

I thank Waimin, Iman, Nisha, Rajeshi, Christy and Gowrii for being there for me, and was so supportive. They managed to cheer me up, and make me feel better. So, thank you guys =)


Currently, I'm blogging through my cousins lappy. Johor is fine, I guess. But honestly and frankly speaking....errr typing, I'd regret if I hadn't came here.

It's fun to meet with my cousin whom I've never met, since a few years ago. She's studying in Germany. It was fun though. All of us were girl talking and stuffs.

I have so many things to say, but I'm tooo tired and my ass is hurting because the chair isn't comfotable AT ALL.

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