Thursday, June 18, 2009

We talked, we laughed, we laughed our ass off.

............ No. Iman did.

We were in the Science Lab, and I was updating stories to Iman about Chocolate Boy, like how I always update Pupu.

So, came to one point where Iman was expressing his thoughts. But to me, it sounded like he didn't expressed it fully. So, heres how it went.

Iman / Myself

Buuuuuuuut? (a long draggy BUT)
But what?
But lah!
But I didn't even say a but?
But I know you have a but!
No, I don't have a but!
(short pause, and then we started laughing like bunch of cuckoo-heads. It was so Punny!

I have soooo many things to say! And I'll blog like, tomorrow? When I'm super free, since it's a Friday, and it's considered as a Weekend to me, after school. Haha.

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