Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Busy busy busy

Yello. I just wanna take the opportunity to say sorry to those people I've been ignoring so much lately. I cannot help it because I'm sooooo damn busy!!

Even someone said I'm slowly fading away, what turf??

Especially one guy, I know I can talk about him because he doesn't know the existence of this blog (hahahahaah). Hmmmm. Anyways, he was saying how "What are you doing until so busy? Where got people so busy until like this."

Hello! You're looking at her now. Busy woman. Jesus I feel like I'm doing some selling chicken business wtf. I'm not la duh.

I've been concentrating so much on folios until I furgot to even live a life. Ok not til that extend la but, I am really concentrating on my folio.

And on MSN, I only talk to certain few people to ask about folios, or some, well, just talking to keep me alive while doing folio. Sorry lah.

I've been igoring text too. Especially the fler who said that I'm slowly fading away. Ape ni. And he got all merajukish because i hardly reply texts and all. DUDEEEE just because you're lazy and ever ever hardworking, or never even put an effort on doing something, den you don't let me be busy lah? Hishhhhhhhhh!

And to Wai Loong, sorry I ignored you like, forever. LOL and I noticed the PM on your MSN saying I don't wanna talk to you and all! But i really busy T_T

Well, hallelujah I'm done with my Geo folio, so I'm kinda free dy now. But now I'm concentrating on my resting time, SEJARAH folio, and Transformers two! Jeez man I wanna watch it so dar badly. Anyone??

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