Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tell me how it feels.

Imagine being seemingly scolded, accused, and yelled at? Especially if it's something you DID NOT DO.

I was accused for ;

- Not watching the Debate

- Making noise

- Not present during the final Debate round

- Walking around the school

- Used a teacher'a name for a fake permission.

All of them was UNTRUE. I was there during the prelim Debate and the finale. I wasn't making that much noise. We were in the canteen. Impossible my horrible laughter can be heard until the new block?! I wasn't walking around the school with no purposes. We had to look for teacher who needs help with the stuffs. And I did not use any teacher's name to FAKE any permissions!

And the best part, I was accused for everything! ME!

I had to deny everything and I had to prove myself right. I had to drag Waimin in the matter because I was with him! I was with Waimin and Stanley most of the time. Dinie was with Catholic High, and The rest was scattered around everywhere.

I still don't geddit! Why am I the only one blamed?! Why was my name, the only name that was brought up?! I'm not saying that she should blame my other team mates, but think about it. She simply accused me for God-knows what reason, maybe she hates me, I don't know! But it's so effing unfair that I was the one who had to (indirectly) receive all the blame (Waimin too), and I had to deny everything. And best, I had nothing to do with this!

Yesterday, Dinnish too, got some kao-kao screaming from the same person whom accused me. The best part, she did not gave Dinnish a chance to explain what was going on. Instead, she shut Dinnish off and yelled on top of her lungs, telling Dinnish and others to go back to class.

Come on, how evil can she get? First she screamed at Dinnish, second she made assumptions about Dinnish being a bolywood star flirting around (mind you, there was ONE girl and TWO other guys excluding Dinnish. So what, the other two guys, are GIRLS now? Funny.) Third and last, she did not even gave Dinnish any chance to explain!

And today, I was blamed, accused and yelled at for nothing. I'm a human, and I have feelings.

As a teacher, do plant some sense into you brain and minds. As an elder person, do look into the matter before simply accusing, blaming and yelling at someone. Even if you you feel pissed, at least listen to our side of the story instead of treating us like pile of shits. We don't deserve to be treated like this. And myself don't deserve to be accused, yelled and scold at. Waimin too, and Dinnish.

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