Monday, June 8, 2009

KFC Ampang Point

is so so so so so so so so so ONE word in Malay - TERUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember back then when I used to eat KFC a lot, the service there was OK, good, average, and BETTER compare to now. I know I know, I can't compare then and now, but still..!

Anyways, previously I was @ KFC, Ampang Point outlet, I ordered ONE Original Snack Plate, for my Daddy, and they gave me the SPICY one instead. I don't know where her mind was then but Im sure she doesn't even have a mind!

Next, not long ago I ordered two Pepsi, and they gave me one. Nasib baik they didn't charge for two. if not I'm gonna go there with my ball-kickin foot and start kickin everyone's balls.

And today, to be exact, JUST NOW, I ordered TWO large Potato Wedges, and one regular whipped potato. She gave me one large potato wedges instead. So I repeated myself, I want a two large potato wedges, not one. And she said I have to wait for seven minutes. People in Africa died of hunger, and you expect me to wait 7 minutes??????

Ok kidding about the Africa part. Ok it's true,but I dont wanna sound so ego. I was really kidding about the africa part!!

So anyways, I ujst told the lady, Rosfazilah the name is, to just pack my stuff and pay the cash and I can slowly walk off. And she gave me her super tulan pissed off face and canceled my TWO large wedges to ONE large wedges.


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