Monday, October 27, 2008


Hey people! P Sister's is currently having issues with avoiding from stalkers. No, not just stalkers, people who reads our blog, and proceed to tell people around what we talk about, and stuffs. And we're worried if our blog gets stalked, and as mentioned above.

So, any suggestions on how to avoid stalkers?

Besides changing link. Because the stalker[s] use blog hopping method, so, um. We thought of privatising our blog, but you know, we prefer it being public for everyone to read.

Any suggestions please click the 'Add Comment' link below. Comments in the Shoutbox/Chatbox will not be entertained. Buat menyemak dalam c-box saja.

Pipi :D

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--BluEpaNDa-- said...

Gossips and stalkers were everywhere, we can't stop'em all right? If thy wanna do so, let'em be...they're just jealous about you girls having readers and so much fun here. it's a waste if you make this bloggie private because of them. though I don't have some really nice suggestion, but I think that just ignore them and be what you're. SHAME ON THEM!!