Monday, October 27, 2008

Halfway there.

Heyyy everyone! Today, my post is going to be all me~ I'm going to brag and boast a bit. Hey, its not always you see Pipi being such a blowhard person, right? =P

So recently, I've been going shopping~ And i was satisfied! In fact, very satisfied! :D:D

Okay so I really don't know what to say, just let the pictures do the talking alrightttt.

Pretty! @_@

waaaaa* ahaha *droools more.

This Flippy match my top

That's the front view.

Oh, thats the back XD

I got that top for my birthday this year
from Dinnish and Vincent Chan. LOL.
thanks a lot and I really like it :D

Oh wait, I'm not done with my collection.

Surf Shorts! :D

Okay, I'm done with my boasting LOL.


Continuing with the post, I wanna talk about Keeping your promise. No Nabil, I'm not talking about you forgetting to topup =P It's promises you've made to someone, a group of someones, etc.

Firstly, I'd like to wish my dearest friend a very Happy Brithday.
(I mean Belated)

Happy (Belated) Birthday Rajeshi !
You're old now :D Old-er.

On her birthday, a buddy, so called promised he'd sponsor lunch. So Buddy requested for me to treat him his movie ticket. Because on Rajeshi's brithday, we went to watch HSM 3. Okay more on that later. Moving on with the story, on the day, Buddy demanded me to treat him movies but I ended up didnt treat him, because he came late, and I wasn't in a good mood at that time. No more PMS-ing :P

So after the movies, we went to eat lunch at Buddy's shop. So after ordering and while waiting for the food to arrive, Buddy said, "Hey you know what, my mum is going to be so pissed at me." So the others went, "WHY?!". Buddy said, "Because I'm not suppose to treat my friends."

At that minute and at that second, I said, "Lucky I didn't ordered anything." I didn't ordered anything because I ate too much during the movies, and i was on a mini Diet. So, yeah. I mean, he already said he wanted to 'sponsor' us right? Ended up, he didn't. And I was in luck. Lucky I did not treat him movies, if not I'll refund back my money. What kind of person is this, plus Buddy said that in a mean way. Hey, Buddy could use a better way to say it, right? Like,

I'm sorry, I'm not suppose to treat my friends.

But hell no. I mean, it's someones brithday summore. How can you say like that? Especially straight to the birthday girl's face! And the best part, Buddy is the one who said wanted to treat us all =_= I swear I am never going back to that cinema, and to that particular place.

To be frank, ok Ini kritikan membina. Harap-harap takde siapa terasa sehingga ke tahap menghiris hati ye.

The food wasn't that good. I mean, my uncle's one is better. The Pineapple rice is very retarded. I mean, they put real Pineapples into the rice, which make the whole rice taste akward. The Kampung Fried Rice was just okay only. I'd rather go to Cozy House :)

Oh talk about High School Musical. I never liked High School Musical. Probably the first movie did impressed me. But the second one had not impressed me at all, and at the same time, made me condescend High School Musical. HSM 1 is obviously the best among all. HSM 2, is very suckish. Sorry to dissapoint HSM fans. HSM 2 was very, OMG IT SUCKS. The songs were awefully retarded, and the graphic sucks. Everything looks fake. HSM 3 was, well, the graphic is better. The storyline was good, but the acting is, naaaaah. The movie made me laugh at all of those stupid scenes. But it was okay la, worth my RM9. But I won't bother buying the DVD or watching it again, y'know, Im not a HSM fan. So, hmmph yeah okay whatever :P

Love, Hugs and Kisses :P


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