Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Boys

Today school was such a waste of time. We didn't even learn much. Before recess was nuts. All we did was talk, crap, laugh, talk, fart, laugh. Talked until my lips turn yellow.

After recess all we did was discuss Maths homework, and English some Plural and Singular Verb sentences. Sounds easy? Even I got wrong. With the word Dump and Dumps. more like Dumping. It was a huuuuuuuge Dumping.

This weekend I'm fully booked. Thanks to my lovely boyfriends who pestered me to go to Farhan's Open House, which clearly one of his cousin happened to be my friend, and I hope not to 'ter-serempak' with him. Omg laaaa.

Anyways, today was indeed a jubilant day. I was so frenzied, cewah, with WM while reading the dictionary. Lumpsucking Scallywagger. Wahahahha I tell you my classmates are such preposterous, imbecile, funny, vexing and irritating. I simply love to talk to them, laugh my ass off about anything, and they dont take jokes seriously. I also can tell them stuffs, well, sometimes. Guys never listen. I have to make them sit quietly n listen to my monotonous blabbering. But it's nice la, I never get bored of talking to them. You know you can just talk whole day, and you can still want to talk after school. They're just to socially, and emotionally overstimulated plus their orgasmic feeling everyday which makes them crack stupid jokes.

I can go on continue jabbering about them forever.
(actually, I got nothing to post about)

I can feel this blog is getting dull. I shall update better stuffs next time.

Oh, Porky, hahah You commented on our History Part II that you wanted to know about our past relationships? Well, Pupu didn't want to. But I guess I could talk a bit about that. It involves many people, many complicating people, thats one of my
reason for not talking about this. Well, I could tell you on MSN or something? :)

with Love, Hugs and Kisses,


[p/s : Ben, I know you how much you like
my ultimate famous
Mee Kari Kepala Tikus
So here's to you dummy!
Sorry lah, not easy to find Mee Kari Kepala Tikus
Hor Andy? Not easy to find in Malaysia. Very limited! hahahahahaha]


--BluEpaNDa-- said...

Whee~~ nemai nemai~~ thx for having the will to tell me about your relationship stuff in msn~ thx~~ (i hope the words i used were correct.....ahahaha~ well, new learner for english~) and the rats....hmm...after cooking the Mee Kari Kepala Tikus, the tail can cook lou shi fun~~~ and body for BBQ~~~ muahahahaha~~ the pic is from thailand? vietnam? indonesia? china? myanmar? korea? lolz~~

Pipi & Pupu said...

I have no idea. Hahahhaa, use beautiful English!
Cewahhhh. Well I tell you when I have the time k?

--BluEpaNDa-- said...

okie~ I'll share mine if you don't mind?? or jz ask from pupu....= = I just realize that actually I told her many stuff of mine...