Monday, October 13, 2008

Pergi Main Rehat.

Meow Meow~
Today was the first day of my PMR.
Only Bahasa Melayu Paper I and II.
Paper I was..Kinda..Difficult whereas Paper II is kinda Okay.
Paper II, as for the Novel, I thought plot would be coming out.
When they informed us that we can open the question paper, I quickly flipped to the Novel section and the question was the stupid Latar Tempat.

I only know 2 Latar tempat and they asked for 3. I was like WTFBBQ!
I woke up 4 30 am today just to hafal the plot and teknik plot!
But I was satisfied with my Section C. Vanessa said that my story's dramatic and the examiner will cry while marking my paper. LOL

As for now, Im blogging while eating. Taking a rest from my revision.
I was studying just now and I realized that how much I don't know about the form 2 science!
Ahhh! screw it. I must at least get a B for science!!

After this, Im gonna go back to my studying.
and Curse myself for not studying earlier.

With Love and Depression,

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