Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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Sorry for doing this late, I didn't notice. Yeah right, actually hor, that Pipi hor, she hor, she purposely buat buat lupa wan. HAHAHAHAAHA Joke. Okay so here it is.

Name: Pipi
Sisters: 2
Brothers: 3
Shoe Size: 5?
Height: 158! Bangga gila I'm tall-er :P
Where do you live: Ampang!
Favourite drinks: Ice Lemon Pee. He he he, ice Lemon TEA la.
Favourite breakfast: Chee Cheong Fan, or isit Fun?
Have you ever been on a plane?: Yeah
Swam in the ocean: I loathe it. Salty and very geli la my feet.
Fallen asleep at school: Yea, omgeeeee.
Broken someone's heart: Hahaha Wai Min perasan gila. Well, no, got broken hearted laa.
Fell off your chair: A few times. It'd be extremely humiliating id i did it in school. BTW, i got the Best Fall of the year, not fall off the chair okay!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: No lah, not that desperate.
What is your room like: Well, very messy.
What's right beside you: Erm, lotsa stuff.
What is the last thing you ate: Going to eat Pork
Sore throat: Yeah, fever fever.
Stitches: Cannot remember.
Broken nose: Nope, hahahaha.
Do you believe in love at first sight: I guess so.
Like picnics?: Depends where what with who when how n etc LOL
Who was the last person you danced with: My concious
Last person made you smile: Vanessa, ahahhaa.
You last yelled at: Wai Min lah, he's so deaf I tell you.
Today did you kissed anyone: LOLOL I kissed a girllll...and I liked it.
Get sick: Recently.
Miss someone: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa.....No.
Eat: Diet!
Best feeling in the world: Wai Min pervert! Well, i dunno yet. Orgasms!! HAHAAH.
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: yea, chuck it at one corner...
What's under your bed: Boxes.
Who do you really hate: Betrayers, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, ala you name them la.
What time: 8.59pm.

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
  • Crying.
  • Drinking milk.
  • Don't wanna go school
  • Talking to Dora.
  • I have no idea.
5 things on my to-do list today:
  • Maths
  • Blog
  • Makan
  • Studyyyy
  • textinggg and sleep.
5 snacks I enjoy:
  • Pringles or isit Mr Potatoe?
  • Mamee monster.
  • I dunno lah, i cannot eat snacks or junk food anymore.
  • Furgot
  • My foot cream.
5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
  • Buy all the stuff I wanted
  • Bring Pupu go shopping
  • Help saving the enviroment and stuff. Consume money ar? Must buy plants wor..
  • Do extra extra charity
  • Buy new home for my Mummy and Daddy.. I larf Youuu
5 of my bad habits:
  • Talk too much and too loud
  • Pulls hair
  • Pinch pinch
  • Big mouth
  • Tickling others too much
  • You judge me.

    5 places I have lived/stayed a night in:

*I changed the question to countries I lived in, self edit. =)
  • Malaysia.
  • Bangkok
  • Christy's house.
  • Pupu's house
  • Selayang my second home.

5 things I will do after complete what I'm busy with:
  • Sleepovers
  • Brush my teeth.
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