Friday, October 17, 2008

Money can't buy Friends.

Hey everyone! I guess everyone must be wondering why am I always missing. Well, my dad took the CPU to his office to reformat it. Took a few days, and I have to say I have soooo many things to talk about Drama never ends. Lets start with Wednesday's issue.

I was bored, so I talked to my classmates, and they're were talking about money issues.

F1 - Friend 1, F2 - Friend 2, M - me

F1 : how much is your Father's salary?

F2 : oh.....*0,000.

M : wow.

F2 : Yours? [as in talking to F1]

F1 : I think *0,000.

F1&F2 : *calculating calculating

F2 : Wooohmygod!! Your Father earns more than mine....Which means you're richer than me! How can that beeeeee......

M : why should you bother whose Dad earns more than whos. *Literally smacks head

Okay, they even asked me how much my Dad earns. Well, I didn't say anything. Because I didn't know how much, and I couldnt care less about what they were talking about. I mean, why bother whos Dad earns more?

Now I know why my parents doesn't tell me how much they earn. Sometimes I could wonder or think about it, but to think of it NOW, I think I'm rather thankful that my parent's didn't tell me how much they earn. Because? I understand why now. Later on, their kids will be going to school, boasting around about their Dad's super high salary, and brag about it.

I know, I cannot afford expansive items, I cannot eat expansive food, super high-class food. When my friends talk to me about, how they're going to go Brazil, or London, or Paris or whatsoever country, and I dont get to, I tend to feel a bit jealous. Because I know, I cannot afford. I'm just happy the way I am living now. I feel so thankful that I get to go online, i have a handphone[which is common], I get to eat, drink, sleep, have a nice, cozy house.

But that is not why I hate people bragging or being boastful. It just get too annoying sometimes.
Anyways, even though I feel kinda jealous [sometimes], I still love to listen to their experiences and all. It's kinda fun. Annoying and Provoking when you repeat it like what? 5 times?

Love, and Hugs, no Kisses,



--BluEpaNDa-- said...

my dad earn *00 per month.....sobs......don mind bout what they said bout dad's's their dad's salary....not their salaries....thy may earn lesser thn you...xD cheer up~

Pipi & Pupu said...

haha Well, nothing sad about this. but yea, its not their salary hor!