Monday, October 20, 2008


Recently, my friend reminded me that this coming Wednesday my primary school is going to have children's day.
I'm freaking confuse whether should I go or not.
Well, I want to go because I miss my primary school badly and also I want to see that fugly principal's face after being sued by Cikgu Chong. *Salutes*

I don't wanna go because Poh Jin is not going. I dun wanna be sesat there!!
and if Justin Tan Jhen Wei(it's not like you know him anyway) goes I will surely go!
btw, that Justin dude. I had a crush on him during primary school =D
So, I wanna see how does he looks like now.

It's a sad issue. When his name is mentioned huhu T_T



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--BluEpaNDa-- said...

oh....poor baby mei ji....don't cry...........WAKAKAKAKAKA~~~