Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fake Up.

Hey people. Pipi is gonna rant on something today, which is about Newspaper articles.

I personally hate reading Malay newspaper because it's so full-of-shit AKA Fake. A few months ago, happen that my friend's birthday party flyer, appeared on ***** Newspaper. On the flyer, it says "One night stand. No drugs no sex no alcohol. Haha, Just kidding" I mean, it's obviously a Joke. Plus I knew the people who went to the party, and they're not those cheapskate type of people.

***** Newspaper said, it's a one night stand party, and they did it once or twice a month. Bodoh gila, Woi brithday orang ni setiap tahun berjuta kali ke? Bangang.

Plus, they even "paid" a person to fake it that the person went to the "one night stand party" everytime, and he had sex there. Like a sex party, you know what I'm sayin? And so, I called my friend, asking him, you know that fake bastard on the paper? And obviously, that fella on the paper was some stranger. Stupid right, I mean, who on earth has so many birthdays? Who would wanna waste money on so many birthday parties? IDIOT.

Next, the Freedom Festival 2008 in PD. When DJ Tiesto came to malaysia. another Fake Newspaper wrote in, saying that it was disturbing the people living nearby, and it's filled with drug, alcohol and some shit like that, which is also, NOT TRUE. Because another article, written in the SAME newspaper saying that, it was a clean and safe festival. Because it's taken care of the Security Guards.

Thats why I hate Malay Newspapers. Sometimes when I read, the title looks interesting and eye-catching. But after reading it, can believe or not? If theres such thing so many kids getting rape and had sex, why don't they show it on the news, on television?




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