Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pupu:Pissed Off!

Reason number 1: Okay, here goes! The form 3 students for the librarians were direhatkan for the past few months until PMR's over. So this week, we started our duty again. Yesterday, was my duty day, as usual, I would do the books. So I went to shelf number 1. The books were retardedly arranged. It wasn't even arranged! The books were slanting and the over-sized books were on top of the slanting books! So I arranged all the books and straightened it. I took the over-sized book and put it in the shelf for over-sized books. As I was putting it back into place. There was tiny books in the over-sized books Shelf and I was like WTFBBQ! Then I went to check the other book shelves. It was all retarded! All the books are like crowded in a place and slanting everywhere. So, I told Julie with my pissing off tone and she told me to tell the Ketua hari. Julie told the Ketua Hari, he pretended to listen and gave us his I-Don't-Give-A-Damn look. He is a freaking useless ketua hari! He just sat in the counter and chit-chated with this typical indian girl which was a new librarian(form1) andfuck she didn't do her duty. Julie Helped me with the books. We arranged all the shelves books.On the bright side, there's this another typical indian, she did her sweeping very well. An applause for you (-:

Reason number 2: Okay, on Wednesday I went to tropicana with my mum. We are members there for quite sometime. So we decided to go there for workout. When we enter the female changing room We were amazed! There's Jacuzzi and Japanese bath! I forgot to bring my bathing suit that time. So I was pissed off. As for today, I remembered! I brought my bathing suit. Guess what?After the workout, They fishing close the damn Jacuzzi and Japanese bath! So I was like "WHAT THE HELL?!" Screw this. Bengang! Didn't have the mood already! I stomped off to the shower room with my pissed off face.

Okay! Fullstop! The End!

p/s: I'm addicted to
`Just Dance- Lady Gaga ft Colby O Donis.
`Womanizer- Britney Spears
`Mind in the Gutter- Chris Crocker (trust me! This song is rocking!)

With Love and Pissed-offness,
Pissed-off Pupu.

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