Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss Pupu tooo =(

Hey Everyone! School today was tremendously monotonous.

Yesterday was very fun, I will blog about it later on, when I'm much more free.

Like I said, yesterday was fun, and I came home extremely fatigued. When I got home, I forced myself to study. Exams' on the waayyy! I was so tired I tell you I could doze off on the spot. Then I forced myself even harder to iron my school uniform, took a shower, eat, read newspaper and slept. I slept quite late, and with my fatigueness, which make me woke up late this morning.

Usually, in the morning, in the Pondok, where Pupu and I always lepak around in the morning, but today there was no Pupu. So I waited for Iman instead. Without Pupu was so boring. Usually I talk to her, talk talk talk talk talk until Im so freshed up for class and everything.

Since there was no Pupu, I sat alone, hoping for Iman to reach faster, and I was sleepy.

I was extremely tired and sleepy the whole entire day, not to forget I was having PMS. Mood swinging around like a moving car (?).

Tiredness ,


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