Monday, January 19, 2009

Pupu: Jesus Christ.

Okay, I'm not being me this year, idk why.
Stupid class made me like this.

when I rehat or whatsoever, u all will go
why u like pmsing?
See la now u merajuk so fast
why u look so emo
etc etc etc

Okay, I'm not Pmsing
nor merajuking
nor being emo!

I hate emos.

I hate 4sc1 not the subjects.
Okay, I don't hate the people as much now.

You guys don't know how I feel den don't jump to conclusion can not
form 4 is quite stressing.
yeah yeah, i know u guys will like
"eh, mei ji know how to stress one meh?"

It's not funny lor okay.
recently, im going thru with like major headaches .
So Im moody
not because im pmsing
or being emo
or being sensitive


I'm going to Penang this coming saturday.
no I'm not excited
In fact I detest penang. and people there
all very kiasu and retarded.

I feel isolated there
my aunts treat me like shit
like im a pile of shit from the road side

okay, Mum always accuse me for vituperating them.
What about me?
what about how i feel?
They started it.
They treated me like a pile of shit last time, and I didn't realize it
like until,12?
I was like. old enough to think more logically.

I ask myself, why are they being so mean to me?
Why they treat me and the other cousins differently?

They give them big big stuff and I don't get any
They kena layan baik-baik, while i was treated coldly

obviously, I'm jealous, curious

If u were in my shoes.
I'm sure u would be wondering?

and, the answer is..because I'm from KL?

what-the fishcakes!


After that, I never want to go back to penang again.
I wasn't even welcome to stay in my aunt's house last time.
Ever since, My mum always stay in a hotel, or my uncles.

Golly gee!
So! I'm going to see them again.
Last time we always go back to penang like every holidays
After 12 years old, We only go back on CNY.

yes, $$.

and Each time i go back.
It would be like

Me: Aunty..("respect them")
Aunt: oh. (give disgusted look)




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