Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's decided!!

I'm booking everyone (refer below) to my 15th Birthday outing! No more parties, just outing!

I am gonna treat/belanja everyone a movie, but what movie we havent decide yet!

Date : 31st January 2009, Saturday
Place : Pavilion or anywhere nearby
Time : 5pm above.

Anyways, I am officially inviting (alphabetical orders)

Dwayne (CNY-ing)

Ji Mi (he's coming!!)
Joon Hong
Justin Choy

I don't have to mention Pupu right, of course she's the first person to invite!

If everyones wondering why I didn't invite my classmate, I did! But most of them, all of them actually turned down on me. Nemai! U people owe me a present for not coming.

And I don't really belanja people wan okay! Usually I'm very kedekut with money, except with my husband ♥ Hahhaah.

Sorry if I didn't manage to invite other people. Maybe you did not invite me to your party! pfftt.

And Wai Min, it's been 2 years straight you did not attend my party, including this year. You owe me big big big big (present) dude :)

To those who're invited, or those who're not invited, please check back this page often.
Maybe I decide to uninvite you, or those who're not invited hoping to be invited, invited. Cewah.

p/s : my birthday is on the 27th! so don't forge tto wish ahhahaa poyo gila siot i mintak orang to wish me.

p/p/s : Okay to those who're not invited but WANNA BE invited then be nice to me in school or on msn or text! Then I will invite. really!!

1 comment:

Dila said...

i know what movie you can go watch.
go watch underworld 3.
i know one of the person on your list would like that.