Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pupu: Blogging from penang.

I am having the worst time ever in my life.

and this is gonna be the longest 4 days ever.

Time is passing so slowly. FUSH!


24th Jan 2009.

Woke up at 5 30 and started our journey at 6 00.

Heck is was freaking jam. we reached like around..erm lets say..1. oo pm? what in the fishcakes.

Seriously, I was/am the most annoying person in the car.

I kept complaining how retarded penang is. I bet if u were there u would be fed up with me too.

How can u blame me? This "island" (City wannabe) is like, the place I loathe most. My aunts and freaks here made me hate this place.

They are so freaking malevolent.

I went to my aunts place for "Family Dinner", Well, that's what they called it. But I don't feel like I'm apart of their family.
At least, they don't want me to be one of the family member in there.

Okay, It was liddis.
I went to my First Aunts house. and I greeted her.
Me: "Dai yi" (big aunt)
FA: *buat tak tahu*
Me: *thought that she didn't hear me and walks infront for her*
Me: Dai Yi!!!!
FA: looks away.

What the Fook?!

Okay nemai, Jade(Aunt's super hyper dog) ran towards me and bermanja-manja kat depan I. It comforted me. I was playing with it. I feel not-so-pissed-nemore. Jade is like a super old dog. She had jade since when I was like 7 or something.

Each time I visit it goes so hyper! :D

But the Last I visited (excluding yesterday) was like IDK when.

so Jade is like. 11 YEars old?
In Doggie world is? 11 x 7?77? what turf.

It's old now. and IT's not as hyper as before. but still HYPER.


After awhile, Jade walked away, I think it got exhausted .

I played with my phone for the wholee day, then suddenly, my second aunt came.

Me: Yee yi! (Second Aunt)
SA: oh..hello.
SA: stares at me awkwardly as if my zips were unzipped

SA: Your daughter very dark.
Mum: She was dark since before -.-

What is wrong with her?
trying to find something to insult me is it?
Last time I wore shorts she said

"Aiyah, KL people memang lidat one"

Ok so, I was wearing Jeans then cari benda untuk insult me.

Brother came down,

Bro: Hi yee yi!
SA: Wahhh! Leng zau already hor! You got fairer?

What turf. so unfair right.

Wonder why she layan him better not?

Cause my brother's a penang boy.
He was born in penang.

I told u! They layan me like shit because im from KL.

Let me tell you what , I am Hackin proud to be a city girl ! I AM PROUD TO BE A KL-Kia!

Unlike u people. born from penang. An island that is trying so effing hard to be a city.



FA scooped rice for every1.
When she was scooping mine, I said thank you.
She look away.
What the eff?????

Malevolent bitch
Despicable woman.

When we were eating Dinner. She layan her other niece(my cous) so good.

After the dinner, we were leaving already, So I went to her and said Bye and thanks for the Dinner.

Me: Bye Dai Yi and thanks for the dinner.
FA: oh. walks away.

What on earth did I ever do to her? I killed ur husband now is it?

I effing hare Penang people now! Fucked up Bias shit.

I told my mum what happened and she said.

"you still have to respect her"

I always DO!

I am being so nice to her and I get shits in return. what turf.
she doesnt wanna except my respect. probably she wan me to layan her like tahi also.
Then oni she will at least layan me better -.-


Most Penang people are retarded. Well at least my relatives are.

I didn't say all!

only a few of my mum's friends are nice.


You know what's worse?
My uncle's House.
Read properly I didn't say my uncle. I said my uncle's house

No Astro.

No Internet.

No Line in the room?!

I had to walk to my uncle's kitchen to text.@!$#$#@@#$


Btw, I'm like in my mum's friend house right now.

Blogging here.

Felt so much better after releasing my tension

2 and a half days more.


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