Monday, January 26, 2009

Pupu: What turf..

Geez. great, tmrw we were suppose to head back to KL. I wanna go back so eagerly!

But no, my mum had to go to my second aunt's home tmrw. Great, my journey home had been delayed for like few hours already.



Just went to my aunt's house to "collect Ang Pao"

my second aunt came quite late, and Golly Gee.

Last time my aunt used to say, more like complain about me wearing pants.

Last time when I was very small, I always wear shorts then she will go
" KL people is lidat one la"

Padahal, today her own daughter wearing shorts.

What turf?

Elle said, she orang kampung now only know how to wear shorts.
LOL agreed.

It made my day. :D

Thanks Pi, I laf you. Happy CNY

I gave my Ang pao to my brother.
Because I don't want Their money.

First Aunt and Second Aunt.
They are both Bitches.

My first aunt is 50.
This is my CNY speech for u:
Your last year having period. Have fun going under menopause.
Or maybe u menopauseD :O

Second Aunty:
Once an orang kampung will always remain kampung.
You always try to find something to insult me now it's my turn.
I wanna say congrats for ur daughter for being wild in aussie.
See, orang kampung nampak orang City jakun pulak now kena force to balik penang.

yes, I know I'm very mean. I dun like them. Jesus Christ.

They started it. -.-

Going to kuantan Wednesday night :D
Can't wait!~ Woosh! :D


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