Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank U speech

Hey everyone! I'm back from Johor, and I just celebrated my 15th Birthday! Actually, it's still my birthday! Today! I thought my birthday was going to Suck kao kao, since I don't get to be with my friends on the day itself. But no, it went great! (i guess)

Anyways, back to the topic, I received many Happy birthdays from my cousins, aunties and uncles even before my birthday. Ok a few hours to my birthday only!

Then 12.00a.m, I was halfway doing something, I cannot remember. I blewed the candles off my cake a few mins before the clock stuck 12, and by the time it reaches 12, I'm already on the sofa reading and replying texts.

My first wish (in text form) was from How Ken Lee! So fast ah you type! and thanks for remembering my birthday!

Next was from B*. Probably the longest text I've ever received on that night, morning. LOL.

Next was from Andy! thenfrom my 8 years bestie, Pravin Raj!

Thanks Billy, Wei Long, Tamy, Barry, Mahir and Azam!

OMG, you must be wondering, where's Pupu, Jimi, joonhong, Jian and Waimin's text right?!?! For your info, they wishes me damn late! Eish! And I have to remind Jimi that todays my birthday! Eish, such Mother. And Jian was the 3rd last person on my list to wish me. HAHAHAHA. WOI.

After I slept, and woke up, i received many many texts again! From Pupu, Wai Min, Iman, Jimi, Justin, Ben Ruben Christiano Ruben, Julie, Joonhong, Safiah, Dila, Nabilah and Jian. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, really, really, thank you so much people! And sorry I gotta ask who are you and such, it's because I changed my phone, and I don't have some of your numbers. Incase I missed out some of you, do tell me! I feel so touched~

And presents, so far, I only received about 3 presents.

First is a ticket to Jason Mraz's concert!!

Second is an Angpau from my first auntie.

And today, when I got back home, I was checking the mailbox, and there was a letter for me. It wasn't a letter, it was a card. When I saw the handwriting on the envelope, I knew who it was. No doubt. When I opened the card,

It was from Stephanie Yong!

I was so shocked I literally jaw-dropped! I didn't expect her to give me a card or something. No wonder, in school she was sorta pestering me to give her my home address.

To Stephanie,
I don't know whether u'll read this or not, but honestly, so far, the card you gave is the best present. Eventhough it's just a card and not expansive clothing item n such, I really appreciate the thought. I mean, I don't expect anyone to give me expansive stuff, (but I would love it) hahah.
We had our bad histories before, and really I wanna repeat this, I never ever expected her to give me a card. And B.T.W, she sent it through pos! WALAO. I'm starting to love you already. Thanks Stephanie! love love.


Anyways, for 31st Outing,New list coming up!



Ji mi


Please be aware that the outing starts from 5pm til very very EARLY. Pupu and Christy is sleeping over :D Can't wait!

Hoping for nice presents from them, HAHAHAHAH.

Love ya'll!

- pipiELle-

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