Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pupu: My Wife's Birthday.

Sorry, I Didn't get to blog about this yesterday. I didn't had the chance to come online

27th of January 2009,
My wife/fiance Turned 15.

My wife's/fiance's Birthday outing last year :D
Woosh, met new people on her birthday.

Jimi's Church buddy! richmond.

He gave her a SK-II Balloon as her birthday present. woosh!


Let's look back on what we both did in between her last year's birthday and this year's


Swimming at my Area. Woosh!

Lepak at the playground.

Lepak in Pavillion's toilet.

We've been doing that not only last year. LOL

Camwhoring during merentas desa!

Spent our CNY in someone's house.
Jimi, you still owe us our ang pao from aunty. -.-

found products with our name on it. O_O

Dinie Belanja-ed us lunch after shcool. :D

Ran away from Dinie's performance and camwhored.

Met Baron for the first time

Slept over with my place :D

crashed Joon Hong's crib

Elle going to Chung Hwa for the first time :D

Ponteng School and Went to Pavi
Last Day of School
Supposed to be pei jian's birthday! But Ended up becoming a trip to selayang :D

Lepak Lepak

Makan Ice-Monster :D
She got pregnant too. *whistles*

Finally found out where they sell Squeeze pops.

Makan Chilis

Met Justin for the first time

Had our New Year Celebration Together


Crashed Christy's Crib
Gotong Royong in School


She found two new boyfriends.
She dun wan me dy D:

Happy Birthday Pipi!!(and CNY too)

Even thought we had our bad times, but we had good times more than bads :D
I still laf you!!!!!!
and I trust you!! I tell you everything because I trust you! :)
Sorry, Because I wasn't here for you on ur actual birthday D:
It's not that I don't want to It's because I can't.
I really really wanna celebrate ur bday with u on ur actual birthday!!

and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

Can't wait for 31st! :D:D


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