Monday, January 12, 2009

Pupu: Photoshopping tryouts.!

Okay people!
Lemme tell you something, I do not photoshop my own pics.
No seriously.

But I'm going to show u my "skill"
More like xiaxue's
Thanks to Xiaxue's photoshopping video.
It helps alot.
And I've been doing experiment on people's pictures.

My very first pic I photoshopped.
Was Pipi's.
I tried to make her look lala. LOL.

My experiment.First time photoshopping.

Look abit weird.
Nemai , every1 has their first try!

I don't remember who was second and stuff.
But I'm gonna show u my other collections.

Face abit flat. nemai~ Look prettier.

Hair Looks fake. -.-

Lala. But she's not. x3

See, I made her look so much better!

and Again! She's Poh Jin's Sister by the way.

This is one of the best. O_o.

oo. This one. I like this one. Tun Hong Likes it too.
He even used it to fake his "girlfriend"

My favorite!

Wei Long LOL. Looks abit fake.
But I think it's okay. He looks more like an ordinary boy instead of looking like a nerd.



1 comment:

--BluEpaNDa-- said...

i like most Pipi's pic unless the 1st...LOL...and about that spec removing pic....the face hor...use burn tool and dodge tool to make the darker and brighter part...jz some advice...LOLOL