Thursday, January 8, 2009


The all new Thinspiration.

Free topic! Grabbing the opportunity to talk about something interesting.

But I can't find a topic!

A few people suggested ideas, some with great ideas but very few strong opinions. And mostly common stuff or issues happening, such as landslides, floods, etc.

I don't want to be doing something that everyone's doing. Or something too simple or too juvenile (as Wai Min says), neither to be doing something too mature or OTT (Read : Over the top.) Something which is Me, my life, or just something around my age.
And no Dwayne, I do not take porn as a suggestion.

and my presentation is to be presented on either Wednesday or Thursday.

I'm running out of time. I need to plan, think, crack my brain into pieces, and lastly I needa memorize the essential points.

So, so so, any suggestions?

If you have anything in mind, then do inform me on the shoutbox or IM me. Easily drop a comment lah?


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Denise and I, we're constantly kvetching about how Youtube is being such a bitch. It's been days and hours long that the "server" is down. And I don't see Pupu or other friends having such problem. Damn. And everytime I refresh the page, the stupid stupid stupid Http/1.1 Internal Server Error keeps appreaing. j

I was halfway watching The Secret Life of an American Teenager (Season two finally out!!) and when I was continuing on Part 2, Youtube started dying on me. Damn youuu!

Plus, I needa watch some vids for my oral presentation. Thats if I finally find my topic. But still, I need my inspiration! Resource! Whatever.


So today, I mean, yesterday 10th January 2009 (17 days to my birthday), my school had the lamest gotong-royong ever. Seriously, I don't know what Gotong-royong is in English, or is Gotong-royong also used in English?

Nevermind. When I heard about the gotong royong to be held on the Saturday, I let out a loud groan, and intended to skip, and give some lame shitass excuse, like, dental appointment or something. Until the teacher announced at the podium during assembly saying she'll penaltilize us by cutting our merit marks. Darn it!

I don't want my marks to just go bye bye like that. For your information, my marks is still in good condition, 100%. Last year, the Pengetua (Headmistress) announced to us that our penalties for 2009 will be brought forward to 2010,2011, and so on. And no more giving us 100% merit for each year anymore.

Anyways, the gotong-royong was very monotonous. Pupu and I spent most of the time looking for a way out.

We didn't wanna end up plucking grass or just standing there like fools waiting for miracle to happen. Finally, Lee Fun was assigned to distribute the food, so Pupu and I decided to do it. Because

  1. We get to walk around the school and waste time

  2. We don't have to pluck grass

  3. we get to avoid from vexing teachers.

Cut the story short, after we finished distributing food, half an hour later, the three of us (Pupu Christy and I) were using the back way, ready to go home. Actually, we weren't suppose to go home until 11.30a.m, but heck!!

Who cares, I've done my part and I'm out ;D Plus, having me there will just slow down everything.

Karma is really a bitch again. We went back through the back way, Christy and I got bitten by red-ants. Fuck.

Went over to my place, ate brunch, and next thing we know, we're heading over to SPCA Ampang!


Let me tell you exparciately. When we arrived to SPCA, we went to the office straight to give our forms. And I tell you, the lady was so fucking rude.

It was about 12.15p.m, and the lady told us to come back at 1pm. And the way she told us is so not in a nice way, it's like saying, go and don't come back! Then I was like, "HUH?" okay then, we'll just walk around or find something to do.

Since it's our first time doing something there, we don't know what we're going to do, and the lady asked us, "What do you wanna do here?" So I distinctly told her, it's our first time here, so we don't know what to do and we'll let you people decide. And she told me off, "You don't look interested anyway so I'll just sign and stamp your form, then you can go home." But we didn't go home, we came back again at 1.

She totally ruined my mood. Maybe I looked tired after all the red-ants issue and walking home and stuff. But we did our job, and she was nice to us at the end.

The dogs there, they're veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery welcoming, and I don't think I have any more phobias on animals anymore. Except bugs, I still hate them. Dammnit!.


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