Monday, January 12, 2009

School :)

School's been very fun.

With my everyday jokerzzzzz sitting behind me and homaigosh. They can crap the whole freaking day and I can laugh the whole day.

And oh yeah! I finished my oral presentation at the eleventh hour, siap I hafal the very the important points. And btw, my title is "Thinspiration". I'll talk about my oral presentation AFTER I present it. So you know, I spent until about quite late to do final touch ups for my presentation, and also with the help of Little miss Big D.

In the morning, reached the pondok with Christy, I was saying out my oral speech to Christy, and she find it interesting ;D Whoa! Siap hafal everything you know.

Bell rang, yadda yadda skip the boring part, went to class and found out that my English teacher came late, and she got a meeting to attend! Damn! I was feeling relieved yet pissed off. I mean, I've done everything and suddenly she didn't show up? Worse, she postponed our presentation until AFTER the Chinese New Year, what the curry rat head. Ooh whatever, at least I have more time to re-do my presentation and perfectize it.


Usually, in the morning, we have to do our five minute reading, which is a total waste of time. I use the same book every day and so does other students. I mean, tak berkesan also what they're trying to do.

But then for this week, we haven't been doing any readings because teacher's are always standing at the podium doing their speech about Society, sports and games n such meetings. So, we don't have to read.

Usually, I'll borrow a story book from Rajeshi, since she's so darn semangat, and I leave my books under my table. A few days ago, she came late to school, and I got worried about the five-minute reading. So I talked to Iman.

Iman - Me

Weih, Rajeshi's late!
Yeah I got no book to borrow, darn it!
Eh, second thoughts, I don't think there'll be any five minute reading pun, sure teachers menyibuk wanna talk infront.
Yea meh? how sure are you?
Ala, confirm ok!
Ok fine, lets bet. If there's five minute reading, you'll owe me 1buck, if there's no five-min reading, I'll owe you.
*L.O.L* Okay, set. Dengan segala hormatnya, saya menjadi saksi akan apa yang telah disebutkan *ok I malarkied*

Skip skip. Then the prefect told us to sit down and start with our five minute reading, and I went 0.0 I'm gonna owe Iman 1buck! Then then suddenly some teacher start giving speeches and woooot! I was so relieved ;D

And Iman really paid me!!


Jokers will always remain as one.

Jokerzzzzz - Me

Eh, only Mark can make me gay man, seriously.
*turns back* OMGOSH! I heard it!!
*Laughs* Don't blog about it!

Actually, that happened quite some time already. Hmmmmm, *cough cough*, familiar with this line? wakakakka. XD

During free period English,

Marshall - Waimin - Rajeshi and I - Christer - Divish

Eh, how do you spell toilet ah? IL or EL?
Doink! IL la, takkan EL kot. Then you pronounce as toelet ah?! *Laughs*
*Laughs even harder til tears rolling down and stomach pain*
Weih what happen to them both?
*Laugh summore*
Wei damn bad la you all. Just because he dunno how to spell toilet.
Ok ok shaddap already :(

Oh goshhhhh!

Then in Ujana Ilmu, Iman usually sits beside me, and the other day, my sister happened to go to school to see Mrs. Mano. I saw her walking.

Iman - Me

*pokes Iman* Eh, it's Denise la!
Where got, you pentipu.
*Denise passed by again*
Eh! Denise laaaa, try and tengok carefully *pokes Iman again*
Where got!
Ok fine. If really there's Denise, u owe me one buck, which makes it two cuz u owed me this morning's one buck *grin

After five minutes, Denise passed by Ujana Ilmu with Mrs Mano, and I won two bucks. Easy money :)


School is tiring also, but lesser than ever. Thanks to the meetings and all, school's been ending at 1.10 pm, and not 2.25pm!

Homeworks bertimbun-timbun like a pile of hairs you know. and Maths is so damn hard, I'm trying to catch up with everything. I know I know, I'm not that smart and I don't have high IQ's and such. I needa work harder.


Someone - Me

What makes you so happy being in school?
Hmmm, him (:
Nevermind -_-


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