Friday, January 30, 2009

Pupu: Kuantan :D

Kuantan was awesome! Sure, there was a lil bit boring moment there but overall It was Okay.

I mean I get to spend time with my cousins.

Well, I never experienced spending time with my cousins before D:

This is my first visit to my Dad side's cousin.

My mum side's ,they are very..-.-

I met my 7th uncle. For the first time. he's very friendly :D

And omg~! Eva's doggie is so effin cute !!!

It's name is BiBi. or Ah Bi hahaha,

It's very hyper and friendly! When there's guest it will bark and wag its tail
It's like callin you to pet her @_@

and She likes to lick people.

OMG! I really want a dog right now!!!! D: So I can pamper the dog and play with it and stufff but this effed up condo had this stupid rule about having dogs -.-


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