Monday, February 2, 2009

Pipi : Sexercise.

Today in the lab, during science....

Teacher : Class! 3 Jujur please do not forget to finish up your Sexercises ok! And don't forget to................ *when she can't even complete her sentence..*
Teacher : Class! Wha.....
Teacher : What did I say?
Me : *LOLing* Teacher, you said SEXercise!
Teacher : Alamak...

HAHAHA Weeee. What a way to cheer us up from boredom huh, teacher? :)

Anyway, my teacher ain't a perv. She's just not feeling well and most of the time we couldnt get her. Hahahah. But it was, really funny. Sexercise, huh.

*beep beeeep* Incoming text : Rajeshi
pls do your sexercise 4 the form1 science paper I gave you.

Tak boleh belahh! .


Anyways, I've been busy these days and I just recovered from a slight fever. I have maaaaaaaaaaaany things to talk about (I think?) And I'll update when I'm free.

I needa do my delayed, pilled up homeworks (neverending siot!!) and I needa adjust my sleeping time from one night stand to school sleep time. Gahhhhh!


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