Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm....okay? I think............

LOL. I slept a whole 7 hours today, just for my nap. Well, usually I do 8, but due to my mom bisinging, and no, she wasn't making noise cuz I slept so long. Damn long.

Today, can say each subject in class, or out of class, I just gotta sleep. 15-30 minutes.

I have no idea why, and it's not suppose to happen. U see, recently, after my B'day celebration, I came down with a slight fever. It's gone, but now I'm constantly 24/7 having flu.

Not just that, even my voice changed!! It sound so horrible, and each time I talk I feel like slapping myself. Aaaaaah.

So, in the morning, before I go to school, my mom would tell me to take 1 Clarityne (Scientific name Loratadine whatever) and it is so NOT suppose to make me sleepy.

But somehow, today's time table changed before recess. BM was first, instead of Science. In the bilik tayangan, while the boys were doing the LCD thingy, I slept. I didn't know what was going on, all I knew is my head was heavy, my eyes are tired, and I just wanna sleep. I did, for a bout 20 minutes, until Pravin gotta wake me up twice.

Science, ZZZZZZZZZZ again. No lah, I didn't.

After recess I slept again somewher in some subject I furgot.

*See now my left nose hole is blocked*

So, I decided after I go home, shower, eat, take in the clothes n such, and off to sleep.

Oh yea, school ended early today. Was suppose to finish at 2.25pm, but instead I cabut around 1.20pm. No teacher,no relieve teacher, so whatever.

it's a good thing today ended early. I get to go home early n sleep early.

And I took 1 sleeping pill. Joking, one tablet of something which willl make me sleepy.


Denise called me and she told me to get her bank acc number. Fuck. Can't wake up.


PIG LA U DENISE. Lucky i still did if not kena marah kao kao. U see how mean she is, dahla kacau my sleep. Then she came back!! Mother -______________- and she brought her kawans so I gotta go to the room to sleep you know, incase MANA TAU GOT SOME BASTARD TAKE MY PIC WHILE I'M SLEEPING AGAIN. HAHAHAHAHA.


Okay, I'm done eating, and nobody's talking to me online. Iron my uniform and Ima go tidur again. Babai! Take care everyone!


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