Friday, January 2, 2009

How did I spent my new year?

Happy New Year everyone!

Many asked me, how did I celebrate my New Year?
(where did I went? who was I with? what did i do?)

No, I did not celebrate it at home.

And no, I did not celebrate at home and watch fireworks on TV.

No again, I did not stayed at home, waited until 12 am to wish people, and go to bed.

Nope, I did not spent my New Year sleeping.

And No, I did not spend my New Year onlining.

In fact, I did not spend it alone.

(Then what?)

I went to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara! Wush! It was Beyond-Godlike! My best day ever <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5286412684225624834" border="0">
I spent the day with my precious one Pupu, and my triplets beyawsome (ex) High school seniors, Ji Mi, Jian and JH. Tun Hong and Denise was there too. Felix was there too, but he was like chipsmore.


I woke up freakishly early, and I don't usually wake up this early for outings. I got myself cleaned up, blow-dy my hair, got dressed, and the Driver Jimi was already waiting at the guardhouse.
We went to Kuala Ampang to pick Jian up, and homaigosh he was wearing white. S white pants. FOR ONCE!

On the way to The Curve, Jimi The Driver, and Jian the directory, got lost. Which ended up making three long U-turns, and 2 freaking illegal turns! Really, rules are meant to be broken.

We're lucky enough theres no cops or CCTV hidden somewhere. Phew! Reached The Curve, met up with Pupu, JH and Tun Hong. When we reached there, the first thing we wanted to do was eat.


We went to eat @ Vivo Pizza, The Curve. And homaigosh it taste real good!

The food was great, the price was not bad, BUT. the price for the drink, I mean, our (Pupu and I) is not really worth it. We ordered 100 Plus, for RM2.90, and it didn't came in can form. Theres wasn't a can at all.

But nevermind. Jimi and JH played Reversi while waiting for the food.


Pupu was playing with the Reversi chips.

I was busy looking for my mirror.

And the rest was just, looking, talking, eating, laughing, chatting, breathing.


After lunch, we walked to Cineleisure Damansara, which is a street away from The Curve. We bought movie tickets to go watch The Spirit @ Cathay Cineplex. Pupu met up with her long lost buddy Felix the cat. I met him before, three times plus this, and I noticed Felix looks taller, skinner, and much better looking now ;D And the guys, JM, JH, Jian, and TH decided to go bowl.

After that, it was time to go watch The Spirit *OMG why is this sentence so lame*

The Spirit.

The movie was just O.K. It wasn't boring, at the same time it wasn't fun. It's not my type of movie, not my calling. Too much action and shooting scenes. At least it worthed my RM6.

Pupu was complaining, talking and throwing popcorns throughout the whole movie. She complained to JH about how boring it is, and how very fake it is. I have to make her shaddap. Failure attempt :( But baby, it's a movie. It's all acting. It is suppose to be fake :)
My husband is so funny.


After the guys went foosballing, we went back to The Curve, and oh my gosh, we went jakunated over the Info directory computer machine thingy. We we're playinga round, typing craps and taking photos.

Poor poor Tun Hong gotta face these jakunated people. All he did was just stood there, lookign weirdly at us, hoping people will not know that he's one of us. Poor poor TH. HAHA.

Finally, we got bored of the machine. The Curve actually, really, got nothing to do. I'm broke, and trying to save money, so I insisted I didn't wanna go shopping. Window shopping. But Pupu, TH and I ended up going to MNG and Naf Naf. Then thats it. I give up!

The others went to buy second round movie ticket, but we can't get what we wanted. Then we ended up going back to Cineleisure, met up wth Felix (again) and we still can't get what we wanted.

Then Miss Denise came! the Diva was late. She was suppose to go with me, but she didn't tell me she got some Undang thingy for six hours. So, she's late, adding the traffic jam she gotta face. Poor you.

Then then then, we went Dinnering @ Heaven. No, I didn't literally mean Heaven Heaven. But the restaurant is named Heaven. Funny you know. Lets say, a friend called and asked where am I. Takkan I wanna answer, "Oh! I'm in Heaven." Weird!

*I think she noticed I was taking her photo
then she smiled at nod her head at me
OMG so friendly! T_T"

We noticed the restaurant because there's a lady, a cute lady singing. Two guys and a girl. They were actually not bad, but needa improve on the volume. As in, not too loud please. During the time we're ordering, we can't even hear what the waitress said and vice versa.

The food. Yes The food was actually not bad. We didn't ordered that much dishes because after the fireworks we wanted to go Supper. So, needa save some space for Supper!

Oh, yes! I almost furgot. I met my long lost old exBFF Suzana. I call her Zana btw. She's getting prettier now :) And way taller! She's like a girraffe. I'm like, wearing 3inch heels, and she' still taller than me! WTFISHHHH. And she's wearing flats!


After dinner, we had another round of bowling, Felix and Denise joined too. Except Ji Mi. He decided to sleep, since he was tired and sleepy. He's driving lah brader. I don't wanna end up dead from a car accident because the driver slept! hahahaha. touch wood -_-'

And guess what? I broke my record. During my first time ever bowling, I scored 48, and after that I never reached more than that. Most also 46. But two days ago. Was awesome! I scored 81, and I won over Pupu and Denise :P Kick butts! Fo shizzle.

After bowling, we went to sit outside of the bowling area, and we started camwhoring, laughing, and talking. Oh, and Piggy back race. The race was so fun, and I ended up feeling like vomiting after the piggy back.

Maybe its just what I ate, and I was being jiggled n wiggled up n down like I'm jumping. That explains. Fo shizzle. haha.

We we're waiting for countdown, and finally! Fireworks. It was the best firework I've ever seen, and we were so close to it. Never been this close before. Damn, I love you all.

(My daddy is a CHARM cheerleader!)

Too bad, Dila Daddy didn't get to go :( She missed out all the fun. But it's okay Daddy! We still love you :)

After the fireworks, The Curve wasn't that happening anymore. It turned scary @_@
Because theres drunk people there, and theres a few that looked like was on drug, holy crab I just wanna get out from that place and fast!

Theres a looooooooot of people, and we decided not to walk using the down way, to avoid high and durnk molesters, and to avoid those people with "faux-snow spray" in foam version. Yucks.


Finally when we got to the car, dumped all the bags in the boot, and everyone gotta squeeze in one car. Ji Mi drived, and JH sat beside. The rest all was squeezed at the back seat, oh, I feel like a Sardine already.

And the cars who passed by us, saw us cramming like crap, was laughing at us! Gosh, but we didn't care :)

So, In the car, we went nuts. We were singing to the songs, played on fly.FM! Fly.FM is the best radio station ever!

I used to listen to Hitz.FM. But somehow Hitz is getting suckier. Their songs is mostly rap, or hip hop. Not really up-to-date. Fly is great. The best!

Reached Ampang quite fast, Had supper @ McDonalds Petronas, nearby my house, opposite ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur). Opened some delayed X-mas presents, played cards, laugh, and went to crash my crib.

Tun Hong left earlier. Bai bai Tun Hong.

Crashed my crib, camwhored on the road, and the guys left aorund 4am. Pupu and I were talking a bit, and next thing we know, we're dead asleep.

Spot me!


Programme line-up

Mon-Fri 6-10am: The Pagi Show 6am- 10am (Fabian Jesse James/Phat Fabes, Ben Jern Loh. and Nadia Mishmore)
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm: Must Have Music Request 10am - 4pm (Hunny Madu and Steve DasGupta)
Mon-Fri 4-8pm: Fly FM's Rush Hour 4pm - 8pm (Juliana "Jules" Tang Suet Ee and Prem Shanker/Su'prem'o)
Mon-Fri 8pm-12mn: Fly FM's Night Flight 8pm - 12am (Basil Chandrakanth and Hafiz Hashim)
Sat 4-8pm: American Top 40 (Ryan Seacrest)
Sat 8-12pm: Fly FM's Five-O
Sun 9am-12noon, Mon 12mn-3am: Fly FM's Freaky Fly 30 (with Hafiz and Basil)
Sun 7-8pm, Tues 12am-1am: Fly FM's Campur Chart (Hunny Madu)



Alor Star/Penang/Kota Bahru 92.8
Ipoh 92.7
Johor Bahru/Singapore 97.6
Klang Valley 92.9
Kuala Terengganu 94.8
Kuantan 93.2
Kuching 95.3
Malacca 93.0
Seremban 95.0
Taiping 93.6
Kota Kinabalu 100.8 is also available through audio streaming on's website and on ASTRO Channel 852.

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