Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday, I accompanied my sister while she drives. It was her so called practice, and trust me, it nearly got me killed BIG TIME.

We were at some turning point, where she was suppose to slow down and turn slowly to the left.

Instead, she zoomed fast and I was literally screaming in the car! She said she wanted to go for a second round and all I can think of is kissing the ground.

But hey, I thought.. Give her a chance, and I did. And I did not die. Or else I’ll be onlining from above. Do they have WiFi above??? *thinks.

So anyways. This is what I ended up doing in the car.


Yep. I brought the laptop down to continue watching my 90210.

But turns out, I can’t even concentrate! Gosh.

I left shortly after, and while my sister parks the car, she nearly got herself killed too.

She need me.


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